Fan Mail Fridays: The Beauty Junkee's Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products of All Time

Hi guys! To end my Friday, I'm going to answer this cute question from 15-year old Sheena, who's a new reader of my blog. Sheena asks:

Dear Ate Martha,

Hi, I'm Sheena. I'm 15 years old and just like you, I love makeup so much. I just found out about your blog 2 months ago, and I'm already hooked! I really love your blog because all the products that you are raving and have raved about are truly great. How did I say so? I bought most of them! Thanks to you and your blog, I get to know which products are really value-for- money.

I just want to ask, what are your top five most favorite products? You have raved about a lot of stuff, and I just want to know which products you consider worth keeping. My birthday is coming next month and as early as now, I'm already writing my wish list! I want to buy new makeups that are really, really worth the time and effort, and I figured that your top 5 would be a great recommendation.

I hope you have a great day! I really love your blog, and I won't get tired of saying this. I want to meet you soon, or maybe go makeup shopping with you! :D

Lots of love,


 Hello Sheena!

Awww, how cute! Thanks for your lovely message. And wow, nice to meet a very young makeup junkie! You're like the makeup- loving sister I longed to have. :) Makeup shopping sounds cool. I'll look forward to that!

Geez, my top 5?! I categorize thee as a Ms. Universe question because it 's hard! As a self- professed beauty junkie, I have so many favorites that I can't count them all with my fingers and toes!

But hey, let's work with 5. Let's just say I'm stuck in an island, and all I have left with me is my makeup bag. These are the things I want to see in it:


Ever since I tried this moisturizer, I never tried anything else. I love how it keeps my skin moisturized all day. Its texture is semi- thick, yet it somehow feels lightweight on my skin. Whenever I have this on, I feel that my skin is so healthy. I also think that this is an intelligent product because it adapts to weather conditions: When the weather is cold, it feels thick. When the weather is hot, it feels sheer. I know, it's weird to know that I treat this product as a living thing. I guess I've just been using it long enough (3 years, baby) to know its every single capability.


The most perfect brow product evah! Let me put it this way, it's like the LBD for my brows: It dresses it up and makes it look glamorous, yet without being fake. Medium is the best brow powder shade for me as well. Ever since I started using it, I've gotten so much compliments for my beauty arches. I therefore conclude, it's not the brows--it's the brow product! I also love the fact that it comes with mini tools!


It is not iconic for nothing indeed. This oil cleanser really makes my skin feel so clean, but without the tight and dry feeling. It literally leaves no trace of makeup on my skin. I'm lovin' the pink one because it has Salicylic Acid in it, and it helps stall any impending breakouts. It doesn't really cure zits once they're there, but it just keeps your pores squeaky clean that zits have no reason to grow on your skin. Bottomline, it cleanses like no other makeup remover! Oh, and it doubles as a facial wash too. Such a versatile product!


I've said it once and I'll say it again: Shiseido has THE BEST Powder Foundations on this planet. Coverage is awesome: It does not need the help of any concealer to cover any facial discoloration. The lovely texture of the powder just melts naturally onto my skin and gives it an improved appearance--it's not like other powder foundations that just sit on top of my skin. For me, Shiseido's powder foundation has the best quality. Staying power is great too! When the time calls for gorgeousness but I have no time to use liquid foundation, I use this. It's my secret weapon to looking fab in a flash!


Nothing can ever replace MAC's Russian Red in my heart. Red is my favorite lipstick shade, and Russian Red is the perfect red for me. It can be worn during daytime or night time, or when the occasion is simple or grand. The color adapts so well with any event, outfit, and skintone. Whenever I have Russian Red on, I feel that I am at my most beautiful.

These are the products that I'd purchase over and over again. Without question these are the products I'd recommend to anybody in heartbeat.

There you go! Hope to see you soon, Sheena! And I hope you have enjoyed this article, my dear readers! Do let me know what your top 5 ultimate beauty favorites are in the comment box below!

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  1. I super love this post ;) I don't know why but I think all Beauty Junkee fans have this feeling of buying whatever you post :)) and I've always trusted u ever since I started reading lots of beauty blogs :D I remember way back when I wasn't that convinced (cos I think I'm not good haha!) to blog yet I just read your blog and ms. shen. you guys are really inspiration to us!!! <3 no one can ever replace you guys in my heart (why has my comment become a speech?) lol

    I just love reading your blogs every single day of my life :D

  2. Great Top 5 list! Nako tama ka pang miss universe nga ang tanong. Ang hirap sagutin! Haha!

  3. a young make-up junkie like me!

    I love this list. Ms. M, you are a makeup LEGEND. :)))

  4. Love this post too :) Lahat ng picks mo sis talaga naman karapat dapat sa top 5 :)

  5. galing ng post na to.kung ako d ko masasagot yan haha

  6. Raych: awww, that's so sweet dear! :D Thanks for making my blog a part of your life. (drama much?) lol! :D

  7. aww how cute was the letter from Sheena :) Oo nga Ms. Martha super convincing ka nga tlga, iba ang powers mo compared sa ibang beauty bloggers, like rayc ako din ang top beauty bloggers na inspiration ko are Ms. Shen and you. Most of the time mga products na gusto nyo ang binibili ko. Convincing tlga at di naman ako nagkakamali lageng swak hehe

  8. Jenggay: Thanks for the compliment dear! Glad to know that I'm an effective writer! LOL! :D Please keep on supporting me and Shen's blog, and the other beauty blogs as well! :D

  9. I love the Kiehl's moisturizer! But I like all the products!


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