FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Matte lipstick technique, all about lips, and FMF's first Youtube version!

Woot! Woot! Woot! Finally, I've updated my Youtube channel! And this is also the first- ever video version of our Fan Mail Fridays segment!

Our question for the day is from Jen Diaz, a new reader of The Beauty Junkee. She asks:

Hi Ms. Martha! Ever since I started reading your blog, I have always admired how you wear your lipstick. It looks so polished and natural with those clean lines. Not messy, clumsy or all-over-the-place. Especially when you wear your matte lipsticks. Which brings me to my two questions, if i may. 

First, how do you put your matte lipstick on? Is there a trick or technique to make it look that way on one's lip they way it look on yours? I have been wanting to try matte because of its color payoff and lasting effect but every time i try one on it looks clumsy, all-over-the-place and separate (if you know what i mean) from my lips. Are lip liners a must? 

Second, I have thick or plump lips. The bottom plumper than the upper, and the upper darker than the bottom.  I keep having the feeling that putting on lipsticks exaggerates them so that's why I have avoided lipsticks for a very long time - that and having very dry lips. But I want that to change. Ms. Martha, what kind of lipstick finish works or is best for lips like mine? What colors should I gravitate to? Will matte lipstick work for me? Again, are lip liners a must for lips like mine? 

Thank you Ms Martha for taking the time to consider my request. Hope to hear from you soon. More power and God bless!


Hi Jen!

Here's how I wear matte lipstick. It was just an accidental discovery, as I like experimenting with my tools and makeup. I've found out that it really keeps my matte lipstick the way I want it to be, so I've adopted this technique as part of my beauty regimen especially when wearing matte lipsticks.

Regarding your other questions, actually, it was part of the video but Youtube rejected it because the video came out too long! :( So I'm just writing some of the answers here:

For dry lips, please read HOW TO PREVENT MATTE LIPSTICK FROM DRYING OUT YOUR LIPS. In here, you'll learn about the essential tips in order to keep your matte lipstick and your lips in pristine condition.

BEST LIPSTICK FOR DRY LIPS: Go for lipsticks in the following finishes: Satin and glossy. Lip liners come handy with these kinds of lipsticks because it prevents them from bleeding around your lips.

LIP HYPERPIGMENTATION: It depends on your skin tone. If you have morena, tan, or dark skin, the darkening of your lips can be caused by genes as people with warmer skin tones have high concentration of Melanin on their skin. But if you have fair skin, it's possible that you have a skin condition, so please consult with your dermatologist regarding this matter. I have fair- skinned friends, and some of them have caucasian blood even and I don't remember them having dark lips--it's either they have light pinkish or rosy lips. Lipstick can also be the culprit behind the darkening of your lips, most especially if you have sensitive lips as some ingredients such as perfume and alcohol can darken the lips.

TIP: Use a lip concealer (It's hard to find one as it's not really a popular makeup product locally. If you can't find any, settle with cream eye concealers) to neutralize the pigmentation on your lips. A sheer layer is enough. Anything excessive will dilute the color of your lipstick. Please visit M.A.C and Etude House because as far as I know, they're selling lip concealers.

BEST COLOR FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE: If you have fair skin, go for midtone colors with slightly warm undertones. If you have dark skin, go for bolder colors with blue-based undertones. Bottomline, lipsticks should give your lips color, and should not wash you out. But you can play around this rule--it's not really an enforced makeup rule, but just make sure that you're comfortable with whatever lipstick shade you are wearing. And if you feel good in a particular shade, wear it! And make sure the shade fits the occasion! :)

Hope you enjoyed the video and this post! An awesome weekend to everyone! :)

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  1. Thanks, Ms. Martha! I was also about to ask about the lip hyperpigmentation... =D

    I also do the same trick... use eye/face concealers... ^__^

  2. Cool, I apply my lipsticks the same way (regardless of the lipstick being matte).

    Learned the technique from a makeupartist on youtube, forgot the name. S/he makes her clients stretch out their lips to keep them steady.

  3. ay bongga, hehe matry nga yang technique na yan.

  4. Rae: wow! thanks for the info. Ever since I started using lipstick, this is how I've been applying it. ;)

    Jenny: thanks! :D

    Angel: Thanks for sharing dear! :)

    Jenngay: Go ahead dear! Let me know how it works for you :)

  5. Martha! I remember the name of the makeup artist--"Rae Morris"

    I think she has a few makeup videos.

  6. This is really helpful! I'll try this technique in applying matte lippies :D

  7. super helpful! pls make more videos :D

  8. TRUE! you wear matte lipsticks really great :)


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