Inglot Satin Lipstick in 103 Review

Here's a review on Inglot Satin Lipstick in 103

PRICE: Around RM50 (Around P680.00+)
BOUGHT FROM: Inglot Store, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please refer to Inglot's official website


This particular shade is a blind buy: During mom's Malaysia trip, I asked her to buy me a random red-orange lipstick from Inglot. I'm not really the type who'd let anyone choose a shade for me, but I figured that it's nice to surprise yourself once in a while. And my oh my, my mother has taste! I had low expectations with what she got but when I 've opened up the tube, I gushed at the color because it's so pretty! Nice one, mom!

 Looks like jelly in a tube! The formulation of this lipstick is satin, and it yields a moist finish.


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 103 is a bright red orange shade. It's so opaque, and I like how it conceals fine lines. Staying power is great, as it lasts a few cups of coffee and one full meal. It glides on smoothly and imparts a good amount of color in one swipe. I only use around one to two layers because its consistency is kinda' thick, and it has a tendency to feel heavy. For a more lightweight coverage, I use a lip brush. It virtually has no taste, but the only let down for me is the Lychee taste. Nope, I never really liked Lychee- flavored stuff--not even the fruit.

The lipstick does not settle into fine lines, and is non-drying. This is perhaps the truest red-orange lipstick shade I've ever owned: Most red-orange lippies tend to look dark red on me, and I'm happy to know that the color of this lipstick stayed true on my lips. I love it! Need I say more?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow it's so very red....a real nice taste from your attractive these lipstick is...^_^

  2. the product looks promising! haven't tried any inglot lipstick yet. this one looks good on you! :)

  3. I'm a sucker for anything red-orange shade! It's so retro and chic!!:) Love your lipstick!! I really hope that we have Inglot here in the Philippines:(

  4. I hope we can have Inglot in the Philippines. I've read a lot of raves from Inglot and that shade is just GORGEOUS.

  5. Alam ko na una kong bibilhin pag may store na yung Inglot dito! :D

  6. ive seen beauty bloggers from other countries with inglot and i like the color..yay so loving the color

  7. The colour is absolutely lovely! So bold! <3

  8. the color looks so good on you, martha. hands down to inglot. even their eye shadows are so pigmented and beautiful :)

  9. so good on you! I love how inglot makes such great pigmented products.

  10. Jean Tan: True! How I wish we have Inglot in the country. Let's all organize a novena for this! LOL!

    Jenggay: true!

    Raych: Thanks dear! Yup, Inglot's pigmentation is truly commendable. :)

    Alexis: Yup! And I'm lovin' its boldness! :D

    Gellie: Which reminds me, I have to grab their eyeshadows soon! :)

    Jenny: Lucky them! They can purchase Inglot easily!

    Jaja: Yes dear! I'm proposing a Novena for the distribution of Inglot in the PI. Care to join? Hahahah! :D

    Chrissy: I can imagine how this would look on you. Betty Boop! :)

    Purple Clandestine: Thank you! :D

    Dana: Hello and welcome to TBJ! Thank you for the compliment! :)


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