Nail Art Tutorial: Vanilla Cupcake and Orange Creamsicle

Hi guys! Finally, after more than three years, I've decided to create a nail art tutorial for my blog! Why didn't I do this a long time ago!? Well, it is because I never did believe in my drawing abilities, and it is only now that my nails have finally gotten longer. (I nail bite)

And I think I'm hooked! After I've accomplished my first ever nail art, I've finally understood why everybody's hooked on it: You feel so successful most especially if you've created something nice!

Anyway, I won't talk about my nail art aspirations anymore. Let's get down to the tutorial! :D

I christen thee, Vanilla Cupcake and Orange Creamsicle nails. This nail art is inspired by most favorite dessert, (Vanilla Cupcake) and my HG cologne when I was younger: Jessica Simpson's Desserts Body Mist in Orange Creamsicle. (Have you guys heard of or tried this brand?)


Old gel liner brush and Nippon Esthetics Micro Precision Tips



Laura Mercier in Lavender Cloud
China Glaze in Salsa
Color Club Art Club in Electric Blue
Max Factor Max Effect in Lollipop
Caronia Nail Polish in White (Not in the picture)

STEP 1: Paint your digits with Max Factor's Lollipop and Models Own's Beach Party.

This is what I did when I was bound to draw the cupcake: I took a sheet of paper, and dropped polish colors onto it. It's very economical, not to mention it saved me time.

STEP 2: Using the gel liner brush and Laura Mercier's Lavender Cloud, I drew an outline on the bottom half of my nails. This served as the cupcake lining.

STEP 3: I filled in the bottom part using Lavender Cloud.

STEP 4: Using Caronia's white polish and the gel liner brush, I drew a dome outline on top of Lavender cloud.

STEP 5: I filled in the dome outline using Caronia's white polish.

STEP 6: Using Color Club's Electric Blue, I dotted the white dome.

STEP 7: Using the rounded end of Nippon Estethics' Micro Precision Tip and China Glaze's Salsa, I've put a small dot on the top and center part of the dome. It served as the cherry.

TIP: To prevent the brush from turning stiff and accumulating too much polish, dip it in acetone and swipe gently on a cloth to remove polish and to soften the bristles.



Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat
Bayo Nail Polish in Brownie
Caronia in White
Models Own in Beach Party from the Hed Kandi Collection

STEP 1: Using the gel liner brush and Bayo in Brownie, I drew a wave outline on the bottom half of my nails. This served as the chocolate dripping.

 STEP 2: I filled in the outline using Bayo's Brownie.

 STEP 3: For the vanilla sprinkles, I've used Caronia in White and the gel liner brush and randomly dotted the chocolate drippings.

FINAL STEP: When my nail art has dried up completely, I've used Caronia's Fast Dry Top Coat to seal the colors.


 Nail Art truly makes your hands look so interesting. It is such a conversation piece, not to mention it really compensates for the lack of hand accessories as well. LOL!

Allow me to congratulate myself: I know, it could still get better but for a first timer....HEEEEYY.

That's it! I hope you guys have enjoyed it! Lemme know your comments below! :)

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  1. omg Martha! Its soooo cute!! I love it!

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  2. wow it looks yummy and irresistable...i hope i could do it myself.^_^

  3. cutie.. you're good in nail art na rin :)

  4. you need to improve with apply methods. Design and color choosing is very good.
    Have you tried Toenail Art design?

  5. Pretty!!! Must try this soon!!! ^__^

  6. Sincere: Wow, thanks! Glad you liked it even though it's crappy haha! :D

    Gellie: Super! :)

    Marjorie: Thanks dear :)

    Angelamhiere: Thanks! :)

    Iya and Purple: Thanks dear! :D

    Scarlet: It's my first time, dear. :) But I will check out your recommendation. Thanks! :)

  7. Hangkyut hehe. Ganda ng concept, I'm sure you love cupcakes din kasi hehe

  8. Adorable! I have kind of shaky hands, though, so hmmm...

  9. ahhhh too cute! i love cupcakes <3 wish I can do this! haha

  10. Jenggay: super! I'm a cupcake monster! :D

    Raych and Jenny: thanks girls! :D


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