Review: Nanny Rose Queen Bee Four Slices of Raspberry Cheesecake Lip Balm

Here's a review on Nanny Rose Queen Bee Four Slices of Cheesecake Lip Balm

PRICE: P99.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Watson's stores nationwide


FOUR SLICES OF RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE?! Srlsy. I'll take it. I love cheesecake! Or maybe not. Oh carbohydrates, why do you have to be so cruel! Thy sheer cruelty set alight a revolution within my blood--Obesity, thy name is Insulin!

Okay so before I do a Shakespearean monologue here, I'll just talk about a guilt- free way to enjoy cheesecake: It's Nanny Rose's Four Slices of Cheesecake lip balm.

 Thank you, Nanny Rose, for keeping those "belt bags" away.

 It's an all natural lipbalm. And look, it has no Petroleum in it! Instead, it has Beeswax, a natural alternative to Petroleum. So what's the fuss about Petroleum? The side effects of Petroleum jelly have been observed of late. Indeed, it does moisturize the cutaneous surface but if used excessively, it prevents toxins from coming out because of the impenetrable barrier that it yields. Beeswax is a softer, more translucent base and its sheerness is enough for the toxins to escape from the skin.

 It's in a lightweight, tin can with a screw top lid, and it has this pretty vintage appeal. I would just like to commend Nanny Rose for their products, especially the overall design and packaging: Pang-International!

Here's the product on my lips: It has a very yummy milky-berry scent, and it gives my lips the right amount of shine. It doesn't feel sticky, and consistency is never overwhelming. It's also great to wear when the weather is humid because it is so lightweight. Texture is a bit waxy though. I've used it for 2 straight months and I would say that it has kept my lips soft during wear by taming down the flaky areas, although it only lubricates. It's not enough to put an end to dry areas. 

But at least it's sheer enough to be used underneath lip glosses and lipsticks with a moisturizing finish. However, this has to be reapplied frequently during wear because the lubricating effect only lasts up to 3 hours max, at least on me. I also wish it had SPF in it.

Overall, it's okay. It's very affordable, looks presentable, smells very delectable, and it works decently. It's a great everyday lip balm, and I recommend it to those who have sensitive skin, and who like their lip balms discreet!

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  1. 99 php for a lipbalm??? and it's on cheesecake flavoooor! wooow :D can't wait to try this! my list is getting longer cos of your reviews :))

  2. wow, these are the products that i like: mura na and looks effective pa

  3. I love the packaging of the Nanny Rose products :)

  4. It looks nice! I always see this at Watsons. Im glad it works as great as it looks!

  5. wow, this is affordable and I agree with you on the packaging! It doesn't look cheap :)

  6. The name so made me hungry! Now, I want cheesecake! Hahaha!

    P99?! I must have this. I like the sound of the flavour pa naman!

  7. pag nakikita ko to sa watsons d ko alam kung bibilhin ko o hindi..omg kakabili ko lng ng petroleum jellu :(( ganun pala yun..ty for sharing martha :((

  8. hinde sya mukang 99 lang. Thanks for the review :)

  9. as a lip balm collector...its a big WOW!!! I gotta grab one.^_^

  10. Hello girls! I hope you'll love this product! Do let me know how it works on you guys! :D


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