The Scent of Power: Lady Million EDT by Paco Rabanne

 Last Saturday, I was invited by the kind peeps at Prestige Brands Philippines to a very intimate launch of Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDT.

 The launch was held at SM Makati. Btw, Lady Million EDT is out in leading department stores now. But let's get to know this fragrance better first:

 Lady Million EDT is a fresher, subtler version of the original Lady Million EDP: The former is an opulent fruity-oriental composition that evokes sheer power all throughout, while the recent one is a beautiful warm floral with a softer drydown, yet it still evokes a sense of domination.

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 "Perfume should be as imbued with meaning as it is light to wear."

- Paco Rabanne

 Lady Million EDT is available in 50ml and 80ml sizes.

 There were Paco Rabanne girls clad in outfits that seem to be inspired by the ladies of James Bond. Here's a pretty PR girl posing for The Beauty Junkee.

 I was asked to play a Casino Royale style board game. And I won! Muahahahah! :D

 Me and my Paco Rabanne prize.

 With Mary Anne and Pilar of Prestige Brands Philippines. Shoutout to Kat and Pats, members of the same company as well! :)

 Supermodel Dree Hemingway, grand daughter of Ernest Hemingway, is once again the face of Lady Million.

Lady Million is for the extravagant, dazzling, brilliant, and competitive woman--she knows her way to the top, and she definitely knows how to get what she wants. An embodiment of sheer power, she sits on top of the world and lavishly enjoys the finest things in life--from the finest jewels to the finest men. A true femme fatale, she leaves everybody bedazzled by her magnetic sensuality and bewitching beauty.

The precious flacon of Lady Million is inspired by diamonds-symbol of fame, fortune, and power.

Thank you Paco Rabanne and Prestige Brands Philippines for this lovely gift! Definitely one of the fragrances I need to remind myself how powerful my womanhood is! Harharhar! Lol!

Lady Million at Paco Rabanne is at P4,000.00 (50ml) and P4,900.00 (80ml).

Here's a bonus video. Watch this cool TVC for Lady Million EDT:

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  1. Ganda ng packaging. Gold kung gold hehe

  2. the perfume looks so expensive! wow :)) btw, you look gorgeous here :)

  3. wow this was really a MUST have perfume..gosh,i have to grab one real soon.^_^

  4. Jenggay: works for me because I love anything gold. :)

    Raych: thank you dear! :)

    Purple clandestine: Go dear! I'm sure you'll love it. well, if you love warm fragrances like I do. :)

  5. packaging palang parang amoy sexy na.hihi


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