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I truly believe that the iPhone has paved the way for funkier, more stylish, and edgier cellphone cases. From being a simple phone accessory, the cellphone cases have turned into a major fashion statement and the rest is history. There are some who value design while others still value practicality and reliability. As for me, I value both: I want my iPhone cases dressed in something fashionable yet without the bulk and with the protection and handiness.

 I think I've already found them in Xtreme Mac's array of iPhone accessories. It is a pioneering brand of  protectors for Apple gadgets since 2001. Xtreme Mac is famous for their sleek, dependable, and trendy cases that truly complement the minimalistic design of Apple's famous gadgets such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. No wonder it has gained a cult following and continues to be one of the top choices of Apple enthusiasts.

Another thing I liked about Xtreme Mac is their twin packs: Value packs containing the same case in entirely different colors. This allows me to interchange my iPhone's sleeve depending on my mood and outfit of the day. The best part is I don't have to spend more by buying two individual cases!

Here's an example of the Twin Packs: This set is called Hard/Soft Layers protection. It contains two soft cases--a patent semi- sturdy jelly case and an ultra soft matte case--and a black hard case that fits the two jelly cases.

Click READ MORE and know more about Xtreme Mac's Twin Packs and win one for yourself or your loved one through my giveaway! :)

My iPhone fits in easily inside the case minus the face- twitching tugging, pulling and pushing, which I experience most of the time with cheap cases.

Xtreme Mac's Twin Packs is like having four cases in one!

 I can choose to wear both cases...

 ....or just one. However, I can't use the black case on its own because it's made to only complement the jelly cases.

Right now, I am sporting the hot pink case+black hard layer. You might think that it's bulky but nope! Not this one! The cases are very lightweight and they don't feel 'thick' and heavy in the pocket!

I am very happy with my Xtreme Mac cases because it has everything I need: Style and Functionality. Add to that, these cases don't look and feel cheap at all! I'll definitely buy one again!


I want to share this happy discovery of mine with you guys so I'm giving away a twin pack of cases from Xtreme Mac.

One lucky reader will win the Customize case, a twin pack of hard covers with jelly borders.

I think this pack is even better because it's like you have eight cases in one pack!  You have the option to use either the hard case or jelly border, or mix and match them!

And look! It comes with a free screen and back protector too!

I'll stop beating around the bush now. Here are the mechanics:

5. Take a photo of yourself and your iPhone 4 or 4s and post it on your Facebook profile with the following sentence:
"Xtreme Mac is perfect for me because (your answer). Join @The Beauty Junkee's and @Xtreme Mac PH 's giveaway and win a case from Xtreme Mac worth P1,000.00+! (link to this post)"
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Mechanics should be followed to the letter. Incomplete entries will be forfeited.

That's it! Very easy mechanics, right? :) Giveaway is from November 15, 2012- November 30, 2012. This is another quick giveaway so if I were you, I'd join now! Good luck everyone! :)

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