I've finally found the perfect nude pumps for morenas!

In one of the beauty events I've attended, Phoebe of Bite.Luxe.Snap.Wander and I have talked about the lack of nude pumps that fit morena skin tone. We both agreed that nude pumps should be discreet, blend with your skin tone, and make your legs appear longer and slimmer. Unfortunately, most nude pumps that are being sold in every shoe boutique and department store locally are either too cream or Ecru in color. They're actually nude but on girls with darker skin tone, they just look like light- colored shoes.

From then on, Phoebe and I have initiated a search for the perfect nude pumps-for our skin tone, of course. We both decided to update each other if ever we find the perfect nude pumps in our opinion since Phoebe and I almost have the same color. A few weeks after that conversation, Phoebe found one from Via Venetto: It's a lovely medium beige pumps with a semi- matte finish. She gladly told me about it, and I've scheduled a trip to Greenbelt yesterday to grab the same pair.

 I parked my car right at Greenbelt 5 because Greenbelt 3's parking area was jampacked! Can you believe that I had to wait for 30 minutes to find a slot!? Anyway, when I reached the ground floor of the mall, I saw this small store called 158 Designers Boulevard. My eyes zoomed in on this very fabulous pair of patent nude pumps. Just by gazing at it, I knew already that it would match my skintone. So I went inside, tried on the pair, and fell madly in love with it. The search for the perfect nude pumps has finally come to an end. God made me park at Greenbelt 5 because he led me to my perfect pair of nude pumps! :)

 The brand is Jessica Simpson. I've heard so many good stuff about the singer-actress-businesswoman's shoe line and I've been meaning to check it out too. Glad to know that we finally have it locally. One of the SAs said that JS can be found in Rustan's too. If you don't wanna look, just head on over to 158 Designers Boulevard, Greenbelt 5 and check out this fab shoe line. In fairness, Jessica Simpson has taste for shoes! The designs are very stylish, and the shoes look really classy!

Click READ MORE especially if you're a medium or morena- skinned gal and find out why this pair is perfect for you!

The color of this pair is nude warm beige. Most of Jessica Simpson's shoes have a genuine leather upper lining. My feet vehemently detest shoes that are purely made from faux leather by aching and shaking so I really prefer something with leather material. (That's why I rarely buy shoes because leather ones are expensive!) The exterior is patent, and the base is made from man made leather and other materials.

 If you have wide feet like me, you'll love Jessica Simpson's shoes. Most of the shoes have a wide opening, and it eventually tapers at the tip. On this shoe, my toes are kinda' compressed inside, but they don't feel congested. In fact, the space at the end part of the shoes lets me wiggle my toes freely.

 Another thing to love: It has an anti- slip base! It's made from rubber and it contributes to the overall softness of the base. :)

 Here it is on me. It looks a lil' obvious that I'm wearing a pair of nude pumps in here but from afar, it is almost invisible. It looks so sexy and elegant at the same time. It's priced at P3,650.00--For something that's made with genuine leather, it's already cheap! As with all brand new leather shoes, this one bites a bit and still feels kinda' hard but eventually, I know that the leather material will soften up. The height of this pair is at 3-4 inches and I wish it had a mini platform on the front part. The height is not really a major issue for me because I have arched feet and I fare better with heels than flats.

The caveats are not really major in my opinion. Overall, the shoes feel nice when worn and I can still walk and stand in it for more than 1 hour. This is such a keeper, and I highly recommend it to my fellow morena sisters! A Nude pump, in my opinion, is an essential closet piece because it will literally go with anything! When in doubt, go nude! (No pun intended) But make sure you get something that's close to your skin tone!

I'm eyeing three more pairs from Jessica Simpson: A black peep-toe wedge, a Royal Blue Suede Strappy Heels with black lining, and a Red Suede pumps.

I will end this post with my cute find from Papemelroti, Glorietta 2. It's a mini office supplies multidrawer box made from recycled material.

I've ditched my Muji stackable plastic container for this one. My work table looks so much neater now! It comes in different sizes and designs too. :)

Have a great Monday everyone! :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's a beautiful pair of pumps :) I agree about Jessica Simpson shoes, they're classy and reasonable.

  2. such pretty shoes! and i love your desk :D papemelroti will forever be in my heart! i've always loved them ever since i was a kid :) They have cute products and really affordable!

  3. nice pair of heels,and knowing you still eyeing for another 3??? kidding aside...your gonna be like Imelda Marcos with lots of shoe collections. And your right the price is reasonable knowing it is good.nice post!!^_^

  4. drooling..... 0_0 kainggit naman ang shoes!! nice catch Ms. M! :)

    oh and me too! I love dropping by at Papemelroti! most of my office stuffs are from them. :)

  5. omg i have problem with those shoes where it is small i have wide feet ftw.yay! love love this!

  6. Hi Ms. M! I'm a new reader and I fell instantly in love with your blog! I just have a question, what are some good makeup classes here in Manila? Good, yet swak sa budget please, as I am still a college student, and I just recently discovered a new found love for makeup :) Thank you!

  7. Gorg shoes!:) I used to collect note pads, and inspirational messages in a box at Papemelroti way back then!:) By the way, I love the letter M on the wall!:) Gusto ko din nun! haha!:)

  8. perfect! love it :)


  9. it's gorgeous Miss Martha! Love your nude pumps, perfect :)

  10. Gorgeous shoes!!! ^__^

    I must invest on clothes and shoes soon... I must prepare myself for my future school teaching job! ^__^

  11. whoa! JS pumps! That's pretty awesome!!

  12. ngayon ko lang nalaman na may JS shoes na pala.. and i agree.. this pump is really fit morenas =) yay!

  13. i have wide feet too. makes it hard to wear sandals sometimes.
    btw, the pumps look really great!

  14. Crissy: True that! :)

    Ariadne: Hello and welcome to TBJ! I love your name! :D You can try those small makeup classes held by local makeup brands. I've been seeing a lot lately. But if you're gonna ask me, for quality education, Maquillage Professionel is the best. :)


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