Review: EnCara Perfect Cover BB Cream

Here's a review on EnCara BB Cream

PRICE: P999.00 (Now on sale at P499.00)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Makeup by Aila Apollo's page


For Aila Apollo, a makeup artist/entrepreneur, to carry ONLY this particular product in her makeup store, that only means one thing: This product has truly impressed her. Actually, a lot of local and international beauty bloggers are raving about EnCara's BB Cream so maybe it really is good. Thank you, Aila for sharing with me one of the products that you really swear by. It's always cool to learn about new products.


- Highly moisturizing. It prevents dry skin, making it soft and smooth
- Whitens skin. It contains whitening agent to lighten skin
- Conceals unwanted facial areas. It acts as concealer for dark spots, under eye circles, baggage, etc.
- Makeup Foundation. It acts as a foundation by preparing the skin for makeup and creating a flawless finish


- Sun Protection (SPF 20)
- Pearl Extract, Ginsen Extract
- Hypoallergenic
- Ideal for dry or oily skin
- Anti- aging and moisturizing effect
- Sweat and water resistant

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 The product comes in a lightweight squeeze- type plastic tube. I also like its gorgeous steel gray-burgundy metallic cap.

 Here's a skin swatch. It only comes in one shade, a medium beige shade with heavy yellow undertones. Finally, another BB Cream with the right undertone for our skin tone! Methinks that this shade can fit girls with NC/NW30-NC/NW40 skin tones

As you can see, the BB Cream is quite creamy--it has a slightly thick consistency yet it doesn't feel too sticky, and a very moisturizing texture which makes it great for cold weather use, and for people with dry skin. It has a fresh scent, although barely perceptible. Coverage is medium: This will work best on people with minor skin discolorations.

See how the BB Cream has fared on me:

 Bare skin

  One layer of EnCara BB Cream

It's a wee bit lighter than my skintone, but at least its yellowness somehow adjusts it to my natural undertone. In pictures, it leaves a faint white cast, yet it does not look too off in my opinion. What I do is I only apply a sheer layer on my skin and set it with a shade matching loose/pressed powder. With this technique, the white cast disappears. Of all the BB Creams I've encountered, this one has the lowest SPF content and that works for me because I've always had an issue with the chalkiness of BB Creams that are loaded with SPF.

As you can see, the BB Cream has evened out my skin tone, and I love how it made my skin look softer and smoother, and how it has improved its texture. It also helps tame down skin redness. One layer would suffice because its pigmentation is very good for a BB Cream.

 EnCara BB Cream set with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Pressed Powder

In my opinion, this is already foundation with the benefits of a BB cream. You can even use it on its own! This product helps cut your preparation time in half because it's a foundation, concealer, sunblock, and BB Cream in one.

Staying power is good: It stays put all day with minimal fading. However, I find that it makes my face a bit oily which is perhaps due to its thick and moisturizing consistency. This product may not be the best bet for people with oily skin.

I love using it during daytime or if I don't have to go to a very important occasion. What I wanna say is that it is a good everyday foundation/BB Cream. For important occasions, I still prefer traditional foundation. For me, this is one of the best Korean BB creams out there, second to my all- time favorite, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion, because its undertone is yellow and it has superb concealing and skin- improving abilities, although I wish it comes in other shades. I also appreciate the fact that this BB Cream stays true to its claim: It delivers like a champ in the coverage department. If you're looking for a BB cream with great coverage, grab this!

You may purchase EnCara BB Creams through MAKEUP BY AILA APOLLO on Facebook.

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  1.! I'm extremely happy to know that you like Encara! =) thank you so much for trying it out and for using it for your every day... Encara makes you look super radiant! Hihi! <3

  2. has a a nice essential features as well....and it's really to rave about.^_^

  3. ive seen this in may beauty guru .
    wow i love itt

  4. This sounds promising :) I've avoided BB creams because they're usually more cool-toned, making my face look ashy, apart from the white cast in person & in photos.

  5. Wow!:) I've read a lot of good feedbacks about this product, but you wearing it makes me wanna grab one! hehe.. It compliments your skin tone and it does evened out your skin!:)

  6. this is one great product!! perfect for asian skin.. I want to purchase one!

  7. WOw, another bb cream to love for morenas. Sana meron din para sa fair skin :(

  8. this is my first ever bb cream and i loved it! :)

  9. I have this too and I super love it as much as you do! :)

  10. Wow, thanks for the review. Another BB cream to look to take note of. :)

  11. wow, i love how it brightened your skin! this is worth checking out :)

  12. I want to purchase unfortunately i don't have idea where to buy here in Bacolod. I looked for it at watsons but they don't have such :(

  13. Aila: Thank you for giving me a sample as well :)

    Black Barbie: Hi there! Please click the Makeup by Aila Apollo link at the bottom of the post. You can order from this site. :)

    Issa: Thank you! :)

    Yette: Agree. :)

    Gen-Zel: I just like it. Hehehe. Laneige is still my super fave. :)

    Gellie: Oh I could see why. :)

    Kath: Hi dear! I think it will suit nc30 skintones. :)

    Jamie Ross: Hi there! Please order via Makeup By Aila Apollo on Facebook :)

    Carla: Hi there! This is good so please check it out most especially if you love wearing BB creams. :)

    Harmony and Eloise: Thanks girls! :)


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