Merry Christmas :D

Here's quick post on the lovely presents from Vibelle and Karat World. :)

The new Overnight Repair Lotion for nighttime, and Ultra Healing lotion for daytime. :) I also got a cute travel pillow, and it matches my room! This would really come handy when I'm reading while lying on my bed. :)

 This is the first time I have received something so precious in my blogging career. Karat World, one of the leading local jewelry companies in the Philippines has just sent me something great!

 It's a gold cross pendant! Upon seeing the lovely cross lying within the box, I immediately had a stroll down memory lane, wherein gold cross pendants hanging on gold chains were some of my staple accessories during my childhood years. Ah, I'm feeling nostalgic now! I'll talk more about Karat World and their holiday promo this week. :)

Finally, Rustan's has sent me their newest skin care brand, Pulp De Vie, a natural+organic skin care brand from France. Their products look so fun and youthful. I wonder if they're good as well. I'll use them soon and will let you know how they work!

Have a great Monday! Christmas is very near! Are you done shopping for Christmas gifts already? :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! how lucky. you must have been really good this year. hehe. :))

  2. merey xmass ms m! ur very blessed

  3. yay i love the purple neck pillow :)
    those are fab gifts :)
    i rember when i was about to take the boards i always buy those cross things, maybe i should bring those again back :0

  4. Hey, that's great news. I've been looking for an emerald ring. Hope they have one.

  5. curious about new skin care brand...looks very interesting though.^_^

  6. hi ms. martha! I am currently using the johnson's baby milk lotion for everyday use. how would you compare it to the jergens ones? btw, pulpe de vie looks promising. I can't wait for your review :)

  7. wow, that's a lot of presents! lucky you :)


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