Review: J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner

Here's a review on J&C Superclean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner

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To all my professional MUA readers out there, (this also goes to every makeup junkie) I know how hard it is to nurture a LOT of babies-makeup brushes to be exact-and sometimes, your busy schedules do not permit you to clean them as often as you want to. Cleaning makeup tools is a very important practice in the makeup industry so I'm sure you'll all agree when I say that at least twice to thrice a week, you should rinse your brushes clean. But the essential question is, who has the time?

With this in mind, I am happy to introduce J&C Makeup Brush Cleaner, a quick- drying, fast- acting, and easy-to-use makeup brush cleaner that will temporarily get rid of dirt from your brushes so they're fresh and ready again for your next makeup adventure. This product is the baby of Jenny and Celine, the brains and beauties behind ARC PR. Read more about them in the Charm Sonia X J&C Superclean Makeup Brush Cleaner launch.


The good thing about this product is that it has Spearmint Oil. What's the fuss about it? 

- In case you guys didn't know, in a medical study in 'Microbios' published sometime around 2001, Spearmint Oil was proven to have good antimicrobial effects, blocking certain pathogens such as H.Pylori, Salmonella, and E.Coli. Needless to say, this product will help get rid of any bacteria lingering in your brushes, especially on animal hair bristles.

- Liquid face bases usually contain oil, and it is the reason why you can't remove them (the liquid face products) from your brushes completely. FYI, Oil is the only thing that can remove oil, and the spearmint oil content in this makeup brush cleaner will soak off persistent liquid or cream foundation from your brushes.

Click READ MORE and see a photo and live demo of this makeup brush cleaner!

In this photo demo, I am going to clean my Artist Studio Powder Brush.

As you can see, it's quite dirty!

 I have sprayed the product thrice around the brush--that's enough to drench the entire thing with the brush cleaner. In here, I am rubbing it gently on a sheet of tissue.

 Voila! In less than 10 swipes and 3 minutes, the brush is clean! It only took 5 minutes for the bristles to dry up completely.


1. Affordable
2. Accessible
3. Dries up quickly
4. Has a comforting, spearmint scent
5. Has antimicrobial properties
6. Does not stiffen bristles
7. Leaves bristles with a very light fragrance
8. Good to use on synthetic or animal hair bristles
9. Comes in a tote-able bottle


None, actually. I was about to list down "Has alcohol content" as a con but I've realized that most skin care products contain Ethyl Alcohol as an ingredient, although it's very minimal. However, for this product, the main ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol (which is why it is the first product in the ingredients list) and it could dry out your skin in the long run if it touches your skin everyday. It's a con, but not so much, you see. Just don't abuse this product!

Here's a live demo of the product. Enjoy watching!

In comparison with another makeup brush cleaner brand I've used, Parian Spirit, I would have to say that the scent of J&C is more tolerable than the former, and it's more affordable too.

In conclusion, I would say that this is a great product because it cleans brushes with minimal time and effort. This is a good, quick cleansing remedy for overused and super dirty brushes. But don't forget to clean your brushes with soap and water if you have the time, as nothing beats the cleansing power of this duo!

Please visit J&C SUPERCLEAN SOLUTIONS on Facebook for your inquiries and orders.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have heard about this cleanser, but I want my brushes to be hospital-grade clean,so instead of cleansers, I use 90% ethyl alcohol, and soak them for about a min, they really are cleaned up after that, and I feel like they are sterilized, the brushes did not shed or bleed. Thanks for this review!

  2. i cant remember where i see this product first, rappler maybe? ..
    i still prefer my johnson & johnson's baby shampoo :)
    but for those who doesnt have time to wash this is great on the spot cleaning~
    bacteria accumulation is a big no no~

  3. Most products use alcohol as a carrier. It evaporates quickly, so there's really no problem with it when it comes to brush cleaners. It's a different matter, though, if the products you apply directly to your face contain alcohol.


  4. Grabe, there's a lot of quality local products na, I'm very proud :) I'll buy this as a spot cleaner for days that I dont have the time to deep cleanse but yeah I still prefer deep cleaning but for spot cleaning this will do.
    Jaja of Beauty Colada
    ♥Join my Christmas Giveaway HERE

  5. Dapple: Hi there and thanks for sharing us your way of cleaning brushes! will try that soon! :)

    Jaja: Yup! Local beauty brands are starting to rise and I couldn't be any happier seeing our local beauty industry blossom. I feel it's gonna get better and bigger next year! :D

    Aviva: Thanks for sharing this fact. :) That goes to skin care products, I guess. :)

    Jenny: Thanks for sharing! I like using shampoo too, specifically on my animal hair brushes. :)

  6. I'm super curious about this but I'm so worried about the fact that the alcohol might be too harsh. I already had brushes that got destroyed from a brush cleaner before. :(

    How were your brushes after using these?

  7. chrissy: ouchies! sorry to hear about that. Brushes are still in good condition. :) been using this a lot. :)


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