Review: Laura Mercier Eau De Gourmande in Almond Coconut Milk

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Eau de Gourmande in Almond Coconut Milk

Price: P2,250.00 (Part of La Petite Patisserie Quartet)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Laura Mercier counters in Rustan's Malls


The problem with sweet smelling fragrances is they all smell too syrupy for my liking. While there are some that smell nice in the beginning, they end up smelling synthetic on my skin, unfortunately, and there are even worst cases wherein they literally smell like a car freshener!

So when I tried on Laura Mercier's Eau De Gourmande in Almond Coconut Milk, I instantly knew that it's one (if not the only) of the best sweet fragrances out there because it's totally wearable!

FYI, apart from her makeup range, Laura Mercier is also known for her sweet- scented bath and body products. According to fans, the brand creates the most sophisticated gourmand fragrances ever. I couldn't agree more!

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Almond Coconut Milk is a concoction of coconut with a trail of almond, honey, and milk in the top notes. It has a tropical scent at the top because its Coconut note is quite strong. (If you're not a fan of coconut- laced fragrances, you will not like this) Shortly thereafter, the strong Coconut scent is tamed by almond and milk, giving the perfume a cake- like fragrance. I could barely smell Honey though--it just lingers softly in the background. 

The heart is graced by a bouquet of soft white flowers, which I think is the fantastic inclusion in this perfume because it makes the sweet fragrance more tolerable: The sweet smell is nice, although I have to admit that it could be a bit too much if it stays that way. The white florals prevent the fragrance from being cloying. 

Finally, In the base notes, I could smell amber and a hint of white musk. 

Overall, the fragrance is warm and a bit opulent. Staying power is very good: It practically lasts a good 8 hours or more on me.

Most sweet- scented fragrances lack maturity, so this one is really a keeper for me because it  exudes an air of elegance. Also, I know that such fragrances are supposed to smell like food, but I still prefer it smelling like perfume that's why I like this one very much.


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On another level, this fragrance evokes the idea of a cozy home in Christmas time, where the fragrance of warm and delectable Christmas pies linger in the air, and laughter and celebration abound. It brings to mind a perfect holiday scenario!


The fragrance comes in a delicate and skinny flacon: It's very easy to carry, although it doesn't look and feel sturdy to me. Sadly, it's not for individual sale and you'd have to grab it along with its complementing Shower Gel, Hand Cream, and Body Lotion in the La Petite Patisserie Quartet set.

Here is the entire set. Frugality aside, you gotta admit that this set looks worth the dough, and it's definitely an impressive gift to either your mom, sister, best friend, or favorite aunt.

If you like something creamy, light, and pastry- like, I would suggest Creme Pistache--it's from the same brand and it also comes in a set.

Please visit RUSTAN'S PHILIPPINES for more information about the brand.

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  1. i love coconut scents. id live to try this but i think its quite pricey . im currently using vs merry vanilla twirl. amoy coconut n vanilla. its a better version of snoe butterscotch vanilla scent.

    do u have a cheaper recommendation for something dats tolerably coconutty in scent?

  2. I guess it was so fruity, i so love the coconut smell, package will be great for gifts.:)

  3. while im reading this i remember my ate, her perfumes smells just like this.
    its sad it wasnt on sale separately and the packaging of the gift set was not cute enough for my liking XD


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