The Last- Minute No- Stress Gift Guide For Men 2012

Finding man gifts is quite the hardest task for me every Christmas season because the challenge has always been finding them gifts that they will truly appreciate. While the old adage goes "it's the thought that counts", that doesn't mean I can just give ANY kind of gift, eh?

If you're in the same sitch as well, then here's a little guide to finding the perfect man gifts for the dear men in your lives. I had interviewed a couple of guys before and according to them, these are some of the gifts they love receiving:


- Granddads would always appreciate a new polo shirt! To make it a little more exciting, instead of going for the classic colors such as black, white, red, navy blue, and brown, go for brighter ones such as neon green, canary yellow, electric blue, or emerald green since it's the color of 2013!

 SPEND: Lacoste Classic Tee (Around P3,500.00++)

SAVE: Giordano Classic Polo Tees (Around P700.00+)


- Your teenage brother is starting to care a lot about his appearance. (and girls too!) As the big sister, let him know that you're supporting him in his journey to manhood by teaching him the importance of having a good skin care regimen. Or if you're the youngest and you have elder brothers, these skin care sets would be great gifts for them too!

SPEND: Kiehl's Ultimate Man Holiday Set (P3,086.00)

SAVE: Etude House Love Homme Set (Around P800.00+)

Click READ MORE and see the rest of the list here!


- Dad could use a little protection around his eyes when he's driving or commuting. Give him a nice new pair of shades to show him how much you truly care for his health. Forget the classic square frames--go for a wayfarer or a modern aviator!

SPEND: Rayban Wayfarers (Around P7,000.00+)

SAVE: i2i Hagen Aviator Sunglasses (P249.00)


- A sporty jacket or a laid-back hoodie will definitely keep him warm, and looking stylish too!

SPEND: Nike Drifit Athletic Jackets (Around P4,000.00++)

SAVE: Uniqlo Hoodies (Around P1,000.00+)


- This gift suggestion is inspired by my BF's love for functional backpacks. He brings a lot of stuff with him hence he loves a huge backpack with tons of compartments. A new backpack will truly be appreciated by your sweetheart so he has something new to use at the gym, school, or work.

SPEND: Northface (Around P4,000.00 to P5,000.00+)

SAVE: Jansport (Around P1,800.00 to P2,000.00+)

There you have it! Check out The Last- Minute No- Stress Gift Guide for Women HERE.

Disclaimer: These photos are not mine.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. its really hard talaga! pano they dont really like things like sa girls makeup~ more on gadgets sila XD pc parts mahal XD

    thanks for this post martha i forgot to buy shades! haha! i will def buy that i2i panggift :)

  2. Thanks for the tips, Martha!!!! Really helps!

  3. Almonde: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! You're welcome! :D Merry xmas!

    Jenny: Go ahead dear! That i2i shades look really fab. Merry xmas! :D

  4. Its hard to shop for guys, because, they are such simple creatures, and we might end of getting extravagant useless things. Thanks for this...

  5. you definitely right, I'l just gave adiferent polo shirts to my brother, and they just love it-and requesting for another cash..haha:)

  6. I agree! I bought my lolo a bright white and red shirt and he loves it.


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