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Here's a review on Charm Retractable Blush Brush

Price: P500.00
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Other Locations: Please inquire via Charm Makeup Brushes on Facebook


Ugh. Being sick sucks. All those sleepless nights have finally caught up on me and I'm currently dealing with a runny nose, aching body, and cough. It's definitely not the best thing to welcome the new year. So guys, please take care of your health, exercise, and load up on Vitamin C!

Anyway, I'll talk about one of my fave blush brushes at the moment-it's Charm's Retractable Blush Brush. It was given to me by my beloved partner in beauty, Facebook chat, and all the cutest and silliest things in the world, my Charizard, Sophie of Beautynomics.


It comes in a fabulous gold steel tube. I like anything and everything gold, so I give the packaging 5 stars! Aside from that, it also has an ideal width: it's not too slim and not too fat, ergo I can hold it properly and easily, although I think its length is a little long in my opinion.

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Charm's newest brushes are made from super soft, high quality vegan (aka synthetic) bristles-no animals were hurt in the production of these brushes. The circumference of the brush is just right and it hits my apples right on the spot.

So how does it differ from other regular retractable blush brushes? Charm's version has slimmer and thinner tips, ensuring a soft focus, oh-so-natural, and airbrush- like finish. If you have heavy hands, you will love this brush because it helps control the amount of makeup you'll apply on your skin. Makeup artist Jigs Mayuga loves this brush!

As always, Charm's brushes are generously packed with bristles!


Aside from blush application, it can also apply highlighter and bronzer. It doubles as a small powder brush too!

This is perhaps the sturdiest Charm brush I'ver ever owned because it didn't shed in the first wash. Amazing!

Despite my issue with the length, I still think that this is a travel- friendly brush because it is lightweight and compact. Most of all, it is downright affordable! If you want to sport effortlessly beautiful, smooth, and natural- looking makeup, then what are you waiting for? Grab this brush now!


For inquiries and orders, please visit CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES on Facebook.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. get well soon martha :)

    i really love charm and i cant say anything bad to their products either :)

    how do you wash your retractable blushes?

  2. I only have one Charm brush, it's their first ever retractable kabuki. I have it for quite some time na but I tend to reach for it more compared to my new ones. I'll consider this the next time I go brush-hunting. :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  3. They have retractable blush brush na din? nice! maybe someday every charm brush will have its retractable counterpart lol! :)

  4. , love charm! I have the kabuki brushand It's been a staple in my kit ever since. I love the packaging. I have the pinkfat top brush. H's so easy to spot because ofthe girly color the brstles are Lso dense! Love it

  5. I have their Retractable Flat Top Brush. Unfortunately, after 4 washes, it is now shedding uncontrollably. :( I can still use it though. I recently bought their regular flat top brush and some eyeshadow brushes, I hope it won't shed that soon. I would wanna try this one but I hope it won't shed after 4 washes. Maybe there is something wrong with how I wash my brushes. :(

  6. nice may retractable na pala sila.:btw,Get well soon Ms. M!

  7. Sick girl here too! Starting to pop vitamin c tables too ._. Get well to both of us, Ms. M :)

    lucky girl you got this brush for free! I haven't got any of Charm brushes but I heard from some raves that they are worth buying for! Hope to try at least one brush from them :) I love retractable brushes! ♥

  8. Jenny: Hi there! Thank you for the concern! I wash it just like how I'd wash my non- retractable brushes. :)'

    Desire: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :) Glad to know you're enjoying my blog. I guess you should check them out! They're really worth the moolah. :)

    Ohms: Even before, they already have retractable brushes naman. :) Thank you dear! :)

    Kate: Hi there! Oh noes! Sad to hear about what happened to your brush. :( I'll bring this up with Sophie. Perhaps that's just a bad apple. :( But thank you for letting me know. :)

    Eloise: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Jaja: That would be lovely! :D

    Kim: Hi there and thanks for sharing! :D I still keep most of my older charm brushes. Aside from the fact that they're still alive and kicking, they're quite memorable to me as they're one of my first- ever makeup brushes, and it always feels so hard to dispose them! :p

  9. i love the packaging! Another great brush from Charm! yay! :)

  10. Take good care of yourself Martha! Is this a vegan retractable brush?

  11. I have their uber cute pink retractable kabuki and like this retractable blush brush, it's also dense :) It's uber soft pa din until now :)


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