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Here's a review on Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara

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I'd like to believe that the ancient Egyptians are one of the most trendsetting civilizations in the world for they have invented one of the timeless makeup looks in the history of beauty-what else? The dramatic eyeliner. In general, the ancient Egyptians wore makeup as a sign of holiness, specifically the heavily- lined eye because they believed that it would protect them from eye diseases and ward off evil spirits. Inspired and fascinated by the secret preparations and traditional ingredients found in ancient Egyptian Cosmetology, Australian makeup brand Eye of Horus has created a line of mascara, eyeliners, and eye kohls for sexy, smoldering, divine, and stand-out eyes. 

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What I got is the Goddess Mascara, and it is from the November box of Glamourbox. Eye of Horus said that this mascara is patterned after the formulation of the ancient Egyptians. However, I think it's already made with modern preservatives, and they've omitted natural Kohl-which was traditionally used by the ancient Egyptians as a darkening pigment for their eye products-since it was proven to be toxic. Needless to say, the formulation is not traditional as advertised. Nevertheless, it's still good because a majority of the ingredients are natural, and it is Paraben-Free.

Tube is a little chunky, but it has a sexy, vintage feel to it. :D

The wand is made from plastic. (?) It's flexible, thus enabling you to navigate through your lashes with ease. This wand can lengthen, separate, and volumize lashes: The tip of the wand has packed bristles, which makes it good for volumizing lashes, while the middle part up to the bottom of the wand has evenly- spaced bristles, which makes it good for styling and lengthening lashes. My description may have sounded a little complicated but nope, in actual, it's easy to use-just use it like how you'd normally use a mascara wand. I've also noticed that it prevents clumpy application.

Will it make me goddess- worthy? Let's see!

Bare Lashes

One Coat

Second Coat

- The consistency is smooth, and it dries up very quickly. During my first trial, I've noticed that it made my lashes feel a little stiff, but I got used to it eventually because the stiffness is the tolerable kind. 

Application technique: Apply mascara starting at the base, and move slowly towards the tips to ensure even application.

Third coat

The mascara has awesome staying power: It stays put all day without flaking and smearing. It makes lashes look fuller and more defined. It slides off easily with warm water but strangely, the mascara does not yield to makeup removers. However, I think I won't buy it again because I could find a cheaper product that can do what it does. But it's good for people with sensitive eyes and for those who are looking for a natural mascara with superb staying power.

Eye of Horus Mascara is available in GLAMOURBOX.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. got it in my november glamourbox too and i totally agree with your review ms martha :) i have no idead how much it costs though...other high end mascaras ive tried leaves a stinging sensation in my eyes..but this one didnt and yep staying power is superb :)

  2. this is interesting. I always wanted to sport Egyptian eyes ang sexy kasi tignan :)

    Martha question, which is better, yung fairydrops or ito?

    Beauty Colada

  3. 1st and secnd coat looks natural lashes. how do you put mascara martha? is it just below? or even the above lashes?
    i just tend to put mascara on below part of lashes because im having a hard time putting it in above. :/

  4. wow! Glamourbox has a very promising products I can't believe you're really getting more that you paid for.

  5. takot ako sa mga mascara with strong staying power, the removal process is what i hate the most! the good thing about subscribing to beauty boxes is that you'll never know what to expect. ok yu size niya un nga lang it does not work very excellently. im currently using etude house proof 10 and its so easy to use and really delivers!

  6. I haven't used mine yet. I think,with its quality, it is very pricey. I agree that we can find a way cheaper mascara that has a better quality than this. At least I was able to get mine in my November Glamourbox. .^_^.

    Katie Kate
    Broke But Happy

  7. this is pricey, I over mind cheapper one to my eyelids, but not on face, lips and skin.Yet it's helpful!


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