Review: Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick in Sous Le Vent

Here's a review on Guerlain Shine Automatique in Sous Le Vent

Price: P2,200.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Guerlain counters in Rustan's malls


Apart from the iconic Meteorites, I think Guerlain's dewy lipsticks are some of the hidden treasures of the brand: They're elegant, luxurious, and they have the prettiest delicate lip shades I know. 

They're pricey-that's a fact, and it would be plain ridiculous to splurge on pale, gloss- like lipsticks but if you're lemming for awesome sheer lippies, Guerlain is your brand.

I'm talking about Shine Automatique, a new line that replaces the Kiss Kiss Gloss lipstick (?)  range. Shine Automatique is a collection of hydrating, soothing, shimmery lipsticks with a sheer finish. What makes this lipstick line special is its crystal pigments: Unlike regular white pigments used in entry- level sheer lipsticks, crystal pigments are translucent, much lighter in terms of weight, do not dilute colors, and yield a more radiant effect to the lips.


Why did they call it Shine Automatique, you ask? It is because the lipstick comes in a golden automatic tube with a slide mechanism- it is an innovative packaging, and lets me use the product with much, much ease.

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There's not a lot of product inside, but I guess it's not all about that when you buy a lipstick from Guerlain. For me, part of the purchase is the beautiful, classy, and opulent packaging that comes with it-It's something you'd get because you want to indulge yourself. 


Sous Le Vent is a muted peach with a strong beige undertone and micro gold glimmers. The glimmers are not really noticeable once they're on the lips, and they look astounding under natural light-they sort of give my lips this 3D effect. It has a light rose scent.

In terms of coverage, it's very light and sheer yet it somehow manages to even out the tone of my lips and improve its overall look. It covers my lips with the right amount of dewy shine in one swipe and even if I layer it on, it still looks natural and stays lightweight. Consistency is not wet nor sticky-it is very smooth and just gives my lips a comfortable slip. For something that has a glossy texture, it amazingly stays put for a long time: It comes off gradually when eating or drinking and if I don't use my lips, it stays intact for a good 3 hours before its moist particles start to evaporate and color starts to fade. It's a good daytime lip product and for those days when you just want to look clean, simple, and pretty. I would recommend this product to glossy lipstick lovers, and those who are simply looking for a light and moisturizing lipstick. I'd also like to add that its overall quality and shade selections are good for teens too.

I own a couple of Guerlain lipsticks and I can truly attest that the products live up to the name and reputation of the brand. However, it's not for everyone because it is very costly. But if you want to spoil yourself a little, or you're looking for a small (and useful) reward for a job well done, I would recommend this!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i thought nung nakita ko sa fb lipgloss XD
    ang ganda ang natural tignan kaso its pricey, its not practical to splurge on it.
    anyways it looks perfect on your lips.

  2. I love the packaging! Very unique. I think the shade is perfect MLBB. Reminds me of my Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig without so much dewiness. I love how natural the effect is. I just wish it is more long lasting because it is really pricey. :)

  3. this extravagant lippie is so beautiful! I love how it gives the 3D effect on your lips attested in the picture above. I also love its classy, innovative and elegant packaging, also the slide mechanism which is not seen in most of the lipsticks available in the market. It comes so pricey for a single lipstick but worth a try! It looks good on you Ms. M :)

  4. i just love the color.. i want to have like this!

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    beauty care

  5. Cool! Its the first lip product that I know na may automatic tube slide but to be honest I would not spend that much money on a single lip product I'd rather buy Mac or Bobbi Brown :D I've been lemming over Guerlain's Meteorites since its first release but found it too steep; i bought Body Shop's Puff on radiance instead :D

  6. elegant sa packaging this was pricey , there's also in Maybelline that same with the rsult, much cheaper than this one.:)

  7. maganda nga sya sayo... ang mahal talaga ng lipsticks nila ano... ang maganda sa shade na yan yung tipong mapapatingin ka sa lips then biglang yung direction ng tingin mo mapupunta sa eyes... kaso 3 hrs lang for that price pero mag retouch na lang

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  8. wow, this is expensive of course coming from Guerlain. but it is gorgeous on you Martha! :)

  9. The packaging looks luxurious :) Syempre coming Guerlain, they really do elegant packaging. And the shade is so natural. I agree on Katie that this particular shade looks MLBB on you Ms. Martha :)

  10. ifhink it's kind of pricey. But I love Its MLBB effect. your lips look supple and chaps at all.µ a nice to have but ill try to look for a more affordable alternative

  11. this is nice to have however its something that is impractical for a working mom like me

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