FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 reasons why you're not losing weight even if you're working out

It's Friday once more! I just got this very good question in my email and I'm answering it for everyone today. It's from one of my new readers, Chesca. She asks:

Hi Martha!

 I just discovered your blog recently and I'm already loving it because you're the only beauty blogger I know who promotes physical wellness! After all, you cannot consider yourself truly beautiful if you're not healthy from the inside out!
 I have a question and I hope it'll be picked in your Fan Mail Fridays blog posts: I started exercising around August of last year and I already lost a good amount of weight, around 10lbs. to be exact. From 140, I'm now down to 130. (134 if I'm undergoing my monthly cycle. Blame it on water retention!) I'm only 5'1 and I know that I'm still overweight for my height, so I want to go down to 115 or 118lbs. The problem is, I'm having a hard time losing weight from 130lbs. I exercise three times a week by means of jogging. I try to eat healthy, although I have to admit that this is the part that I have to improve on as I cannot resist sweets!
 My question is: Am I doing something not right in here? I've lost weight already just by jogging so I decided to stick with this exercise but seems like it's not working anymore. What do I do? Hope you can help me. I would really appreciate it if you do!
To a sexier year to the both of us!
Your new reader,

Hi Chesca!

Thank you for being a new reader! I always love having new readers, so welcome to TBJ! And I just wanna say, I LOVE YOUR QUESTION! :)

Before I proceed with my answer, please take note that I am in no way trying to be a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician here. Also, I am in no authority to answer questions regarding health concerns. (Please see your doctor for that) All the tips that you will read in this Fan Mail Fridays segment is based on my personal journey to fitness, and from what I've learned by reading books of fitness experts such as Martin Berkhan, Brad Pilon, and Joel Marion to name a few. I'm also a gym rat, and I had a few conversations with trainers as well so whatever you'll read in here is inspired by personal experiences. :)

The biggest fitness misconception is that exercising regularly should be good enough. This is true, although there are definitely more things to learn beyond this old adage. So I'm presenting to you 5 reasons why you're not losing weight even if you're working out.

Click READ MORE and see the 5 reasons now!

SCENARIO: So you started doing this workout. During the first few weeks and months, it's very effective and you think you've found the best exercise program in the world. You've lost a couple of pounds and it's pretty amazing! However, after a few more months, your body is not responding to your workout anymore, and losing the last 20 or 10lbs. seems like taking forever! What's happening!?

Without further ado, I will tell you now why. :)


- A lot of people don't know that workouts, at some point in time, need to progress-this is the only way for you to get rid of more weight. What does this mean? It means that your repetitions should increase, as well as the difficulty level of your workout. If you keep on doing light jogs or if you just stick to a 2lb. dumbbell, then don't expect massive results.


- The point of exercising is to introduce a kind of activity that will shock your body so it will be forced to use up its stored fats by converting it into energy. But not so fast--your body has a mind of its own. Do you sometimes wonder why there are people who love walking, yet they're still pretty big? That's because the body can get used to a certain kind of activity, most especially if you do it for a long period of time. So Chesca, that means jogging is already natural to your body, and it (the body) has found a way to work around the exercise's demands without having to give away a huge chunk of its precious fat cells. My advice, introduce 10-second sprints after every 10 minutes of jogging. I would also advise that you switch to another workout, or add 1 or 2 more different workout programs so your body will have a hard time predicting your next activity, thus you'll be able to lose more weight better.


- In relation to the 2nd reason, most people are also doing the mistake of working out for a prolonged period of time, thinking that it will make them lose more weight. Hey, I've got news for everybody-This is an obsolete exercise belief already: Studies have shown that the body doesn't really respond too much to prolonged, steady exercises because it gets used to all the activity as well. Well, it still makes you burn calories, but not as much as a 15-minute intense workout. So be wise and save time by doing a short but intense workout rather than doing an hour of steady exercises. FYI, doing a steady workout for more than 30 minutes burns your muscles too.


- Although you hate to admit it, you are not giving it your all when you're exercising. People tend to focus on the limitations of their bodies rather than their willpower. Truth be told, you can push yourself to the limit in each and every workout, but only if you choose to. The willpower comes from the mind, and the mind directs the body. So if you truly, madly, deeply want to lose more weight, improve on your willpower first then everything else will follow. (Don't tell me you're giving your best shot. Because if you truly are, you wouldn't be asking this question in the first place. Am I right or am I right? :D)


- I even want to believe that it's more than 50%. Regarding this reason, I cannot stress it enough. When your body has lost 10lbs. or more already, it's already a sign of threat, thus it increases its defense mechanism by holding onto its fat cells so the best way to go about it is to tighten up your eating habits. I'm not saying you skimp on meals--you just have to eat healthier. As Shaun T, founder of Insanity workout, would put it: "Your abs is 80% made in the kitchen."

That's all! I hope this helps, Chesca, and I hope my readers have learned something very useful today.

Final tip: Instead of sticking with the rule "Exercise regularly", bear in mind this better and more motivational adage whenever you're faced with challenges in your personal journey to fitness:


Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. i love this post Martha!! at nagnotes ako.. haha Godbless

  2. I love this post Martha. Bookmarked this post already. You are truly an inspiration. Can you share more workout tips that we can do at home please? ♥♥

  3. very nice post, compelling talaga, im lucky na small boned lang ako pero ang problem area ko ay un tummy, omg, first to bloat last to flatten when i gain weight. i've never really had a problem with weight dahil underweight ako most of my life, pero may limit din ang body, i used to eat 3 cups of rice every meal just to gain weight before, now my problem is un tummy! tama ka youre so so so right disciplinee at willpower talaga. i keep on making excuses para wag magworkout, hahah honestly, when i saw your boracay pic with your bf from last year, namotivate ako magpasexy, pero not a good enough motivation dahil here i am typing instead of sweating it out. ill just settle for incidental exercises siguro, un maglalakad lang instead mag cacab or tricycle, nice pics mis m!!!

  4. Oh the pain... Haha! I know the frustration when you plateau and then the yoyo effect pa! My only consolation now is that I'm keeping the pounds off. Slowly but surely haha.

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  6. Thanks for the tip Ms. M! But is the more struggle?in losing weight?or gaining weight?since I'm into latter.

  7. Agree. With Ms. Martha you need to go to the process on paining after that you will gain a body that you ever wanted. Like me I'm currently in the process of dieting/ losing weight, It's so hard but after that you will be happily for the output.

  8. Thanks for the great post, Martha. :) No wonder you look fab, sobrang disciplined! :)

  9. Very well said Martha :) NO PAIN NO GAIN :)

  10. A very helpful post again. :) I totally agree, no pain, no gain. :),i hope you could post more about workout tips. will look forward to it. thanks for this wonderful post, Ms. Martha. :)

  11. geez kaya pala im not losing weight anymore because my body is used to it na!
    no pain no gain!!!!

  12. Thanks girls! Glad you loved this post.

    Dang: Heya!!!! I miss you! I haven't seen you since forever! :D Thanks for dropping by, and see you soon, ha! :D


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