The New Nuffnang X+Follow Me There!

Good news! Nuffnang has already fixed their malware problems with the previous version of Nuffnang X, and they just rolled out a better, brighter, and more secure system so we can all stalk our favorite blogs anytime, anywhere!

What is Nuffnang X?

Basically, it's a Blog stalking app where you can follow all your favorite Nuffnang bloggers! All blog updates will be aggregated by Nuffnang X so you can stay updated on the latest posts of the bloggers you follow. Also, you can favorite their blog posts and interact with them in here!

Incidentally, I just want to invite everybody to follow THE BEAUTY JUNKEE on Nuffnang X so you can have your daily dose of beauty in your tablets, smart phones, and other handy techie thingamajigs. :D

I have also installed a Nuffnang X badge on my sidebar. Just click it, then it will redirect you to my Nuffnang X account! :)

If you don't have Nuffnang X on your phone or tablets yet, then visit NUFFNANG X for the free download.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. hooray for bug fixes!

  2. ikaw ba un naalala kong naging blogger of the year ng nuffnng?

  3. it's good to hear from you, so I can stalk your site without malware probs.hihi:)

  4. grabe tlga ung malware problems n un XD
    buti ok na :)

  5. Eloise: Yes, last January 2013 :D

    Jenny: True! But I downloaded the app when it was fixed already so I didn't have to deal with malware problems. :)

    Ohms: Thanks! :D

    Arya: Yes! Hoorah! :D


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