All- New Pond's BB Creams

Pond's has launched their all new BB Cream line. It's a dream not only for those who are on a budget, but also for the fans of the brand's Flawless White and Age Miracle range.

The launch was held in a secret place at Forbes Park. The setting was so lighthearted and dreamy, and everybody wore florals and bold colors to welcome the dawning of summer!

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Pond's presents two new additions to your makeup regimen: Age Miracle BB Cream and Flawless White BB Cream, skin care- infused makeups that combine the concealing powers of liquid foundation and healing properties of the Age Miracle and Flawless White skin care lines.


Contains the Gen-Activ Formula to reduce pigmentation in just 7 days. It also contains Super Optics, pigments that help give you a lit-from-within glow, and SPF 30 PA++ to shield skin from UVA and UVB rays.


Infused with the Intelligent Pro- Cell Complex Formula that helps minimize the appearance of aging.

Both products were made to suit the summer season in our country: The texture is lightweight and the powdery finish will help combat facial shine. I kinda' like the texture of these BB Creams because they're very sheer and non-greasy. These BB Creams will complement either your Flawless White or Age Miracle regimen.

Here's Catriona Gray, the newest face of Pond's. She serenaded us with wonderful, indie songs with her angelic voice. My, this girl can really sing!

Apples Aberin, one of Pond's icons, hosting the event.

Photo Credits: Pond's Philippines Facebook

Pond's has also launched their Beauty Council for 2013 during the event. Janine Tugonon, Laureen Uy, Jing Monis, Tweetie De Leon- Gonzalez, Jigs Mayuga, Catriona Gray, and Kelly Misa, together with Pond's Philippines will help you out on your beauty and skin care woes all year long!

Thank you Pond's for this everyday makeup kit! I'm currently road-testing the BB Creams and I'll let you guys know how they are!

For more information about these new products, please visit POND'S PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yaaay! Can't wait to get my hands on these babies, too! I have religiously used Pond's. I used to go with the Flawless White line, but now that I'm a quarter of a century, I am using the Age miracle line. Eager to know how well these BB creams would fair! xoxo

  2. I have always used Pond's because its products always deliver and VERY AFFORDABLE too!

    Can't wait to try their BB cream! I just wish that it will work for oily - combination skin of someone like me who is not always with air conditioning. :p

  3. Ponds has AGE MIRACLE BB+ Cream & w/ SPF 30+ pa..great I wanna try this this also....I needed this hehehe.. :)

  4. I've been seeing a lot of it in drugstores lately. As usual, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!


  5. Excited for your reviews about this, Ms. M! I wanna try that FLAWLESS WHITE BB+ CREAM for moi and the Age miracle BB Cream for Mother :)

    Glad that ponds made this for I find their product pretty much affordable. I love their toners and creams. And who wouldn't love their Cold Cream! Timeless makeup remover ♥ Thanks for sharing Ms M. Sure you have fun esp with that makeup kit :)

  6. I saw this in sm department stores a month ago and I was quite ecstatic that Pond's went with the BB cream craze... Looking forward to your review Ms. Martha!

  7. Ponds are really affordable. I just hope this flawless white BB+cream will work for me. I'll be waiting on your thoughts on this Ms. M :)

  8. I used to like Pond's Flawless white but after a while I think my skin got used to it that it lost the desired effect on my skin so I switched to another cream. I'm hopeful about these new BB creams though. I think I'll purchase the BB+ Flawless White even if I'm still halfway with my current face cream. I'll alternate the two.

  9. Wow i remember un pinds dati nung elementary pako may pinapamigay s school un pink whitener. Id love to smell that kasi mabango lahat ng ponds.

    Pero i dnt think il be buying that soon. Hehe wait ko muna for your review. I just wish yuj packaging nila ay iniba kasi mukha siyang skin care line at hindi makeup

  10. Looks interesting! sana yellow toned sila

  11. I been used Ponds products inmore than ten years, and i'm glad how it works to my face.I'd love to use that Flawless white BB cream than other BB creams, i'm looking forward to your great review.:)

  12. Thanks for this post, I can't wait to try their new BB cream!

  13. Nice, very summer ang launching ng BB Cream from Pond's! Will try this out.

  14. i will definitely wait for your reviws...i'd like to know if it suits our complexion :)

  15. saw the two bb creams in watsons: not for me though :(

  16. Will definitely wait for your review...though Ponds break me out, I wish the bb cream won't...:)

  17. Wow here's everyone's favorite- ponds. Ganda ni Catriona Gray!! Haha can't help but comment sowee :)
    Anyway, I have stopped using liquid keme na on my fez eh kaya I'm a bit hesitant trya use this but I got to see the this first from Kelly Misa's blog and it looks promising naman.
    Yes please post your review!

  18. im not much into foundations/bb creams.. my first one is from Neutrogena..

    pero lumelevel up na ang ponds because they have bb creams na..

    thumbs up ponds =)

  19. Jemimah: Hi there! Will let you know how it works! :)

    Rhain: Same. :)

    Josie: Yes! Catriona's really pretty, but I was more amazed when she started to sing!

    OrganizedJunkie: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Yes, noted! :)

    May: Yup! Pond's starting to foray into makeup. :)

    Redshoetraveller: Noted! The creams of Pond's break me out. :/

    Arya: Shades are too white for me. But I like the quality! :p

    jec, issa, iza: Noted girls! :)

    Kris: This is a good everyday base, especially for those who don't like wearing liquid foundation. :)

    Jaja: More on Olive. :)

    Mayla: Go ahead and get it, dear! :)

    Dane: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :) Lucky you! I'm okay with Pond's facial washes, but not the creams. :/

    Detsy: It has a semi-matte finish so it's good for oily skin. :)

  20. I tried the Flawless White BB cream, and I'm not very happy that it has a dark shade. Their Pearl cream's shade is what I prefer since my skin is a little pale. I hope they produce a BB cream w/a lighter shade because we all want to glow.

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