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Ever since I started using hair leave-on products-particularly these two-they've become an important part of my regular hair care routine. Once you start coloring your hair, the undesirable dryness is inevitable and will become part of your life so this is where treatment products such as these come in.

Bedhead's After Party and Kerastase's Elixir Ultime are my most favorite hair leave- in products. They're both amazing and super popular in their own right, but one will always be superior to the other. If you've been eyeing both products, but you're torn on what to get, then let this Beauty Battles blog post help you out.

After Party (P1,720.00) is a personal favorite of Angelina Jolie, as well as various beauty editors and aficionados internationally. It garnered raves in Makeupalley, and is tagged as one of Marie Claire magazine's 25 PRODUCTS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Elixir Ultime (P2,260.00), on the other hand, is what Kerastase is known for-it is the world's best- selling hair oil, selling 1 bottle every 1.2 seconds on a daily basis. Both products are meant to tame flyaways, smooth hair, and add shine.

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Both products are housed in a plastic bottle. Bedhead's bottle is a pain to bring around: It's too long, a little chunky, and the bulb- shaped cap is too space- consuming. Kerastase's bottle is more travel- friendly between the two. However, the problem with Kerastase is, its main pump does not come with any cover, and there's always the risk of spillage even if it has an open-close option. Bedhead's pump has a separate cap, and it's the type that doesn't get pressed down easily. I'm all for portability so the point goes to Kerastase.


Bedhead is just a plain hair smoother, while Kerastase is infused with outstanding, beneficial oils that will help improve your hair's texture in the long run. I'd have to give it to Kerastase because it's not only  a beautifying product, but a treatment as well.


Bedhead is made from a unique, light, non- oily type of cream, while Kerastase is made from a combination of various, lightweight oils that mimic the hair's natural sebum. Bedhead could feel a little thick if layered on and takes a while to be absorbed, but Kerastase stays lightweight all- throughout and dries up quickly. I prefer anything light so another point goes to Kerastase!


Bedhead has A yummy fruity scent, while this particular Kerastase Elixir Ultime has a scent that is inspired by Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. I love Coco Chanel Mademoiselle so Kerastase wins here!

Bedhead acts instantaneously on the smoothing department, and it works well whether you want to wear your hair down or in a sleeker up-do. Meanwhile, Kerastase takes a while to produce its initial effects on the hair and it can't really hold any hairstyles in place-it only works best on free flowing hair. I like sporting the classic ponytail and I find that After Party is the best product to use on this type of hairstyle, so one point goes to Bedhead!


Bedhead is just a plain smoothing product, while Kerastase can be used as a hair conditioner alternative, heat protectant, and detangling product. I think it's obvious which product has triumphed in this department. :)


The win is based on the usefulness of the product and how it has affected my hair's texture and overall look. Kerastase just did it for me because it has significantly improved the condition of my damaged hair ever since I started using it. Both products actually suit my fine, straight hair, but I find that it fares better with Kerastase Elixir Ultime. 

The Best Hair Leave- In Treatment is:


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. At first glance I know the award will go to Kerastase. Just imagine the ingredients infused in a single product and effectivity at its finest. Bed head, on the other hand, is not a so-so familiar brand to me and just knew about it when SR provided a product sample. However, on your product reviews, it shows that Kerastase gains more vote in some factors except on its ability to hold styles. Thumbs up for this beauty battle (and also a review for me) Ms M! This is one informative post, as usual. ♥

  2. Ms. M.. Just a quick question, do you think it's advisable to use these kinds of products everyday? I'm just a bit curious on how it will affect my hair in the long run.. Thank you.. :-)

  3. òuch ANG sakit s bulsa ng kerastase hahahahah. tthank you for the indepth review, may self restraint pa ko pero matagal ko nang pinagiisipan bumili ng kerastase pero un yellow. whats the difference between the pink and yellow variants? I first tried it from salon beauvoir while they were blow drying my hair and it was nice. i dont think naman na it transformed my unruly hair pero it smelled nice (coconutty)

    for now, im still lovng snoe split end mender. its a good touch up for the hair kaya lang i dont think it has any sort of hhair treatment.

    kung mapapromise (promise talga?) ng kerastase na they can revive my hair, go ako diyan ill buy it! hehehe , trust me, pag umeffect sa hair ko, it must be really good

  4. For me, After Party is better since it's a non oil type of cream (and I got oily hair) I don't like the scent though. I've been using this for just a short period of time, I'm currently using vitresse :) Smells great!

  5. The more I hear about Keratase, the more I want to try it out.

  6. Beauty Battles are such cool posts Ms M! Thanks for the point-by-point comparison. No wonder Kerastase is more expensive, it acts more than a simple leave-on. I'm not a fan of the price although I understand that it matches its merits. What I like most is its being a detangler and a heat protectant at the same time.

  7. Btw have any of u tried un hair capsules from ellips? It was recommended to me by mis monette fo salon beauvoir to revive yhe ahir daw. It says it has argan n maize oil s packet kyalang i dont think its potent enough. It smells good though

  8. im not familiar with Bed Head.. though i only learned abut it when i read it to ms rowena's blog.. keratese is more famous brand and i love your type of post ms martha.. Ilove this beauty battle.. you can clearly see the difference between two product..

  9. no wonder Kerastese is expensive, it must be really worth it :)

  10. Yay! another great product from Kerastase! :) But I am gonna skipped this one their shampoo is enough for me..he he he!

  11. Issa: It is! I have 3 bottles! :)

    Jec: If you're gonna ask me, get the elixir ultime instead. :) Their shampoos are good, but it's something that you wash out, rendering them less effective if compared to elixir ultime that stays on your hair longer. :)

    Eloise: Yeah, I think I've tried that before and I found it a lil' oily so I stopped using it even before I saw its effects. Corn Oil is naturally so greasy so it has to be diluted with other oils. :)

    Kris: And a hair treatment too! :D

    Arya: Yes! :D

    Girly Girl: It is because they're THAT good! I swear by these products and I'd really recommend them to you any day. :)

    Josie: Heard that Vitresse is actually good. But I'm just so inlove with my elixir ultime. :)

    Eloise: Welcome! Elixir Gold is good for all hair types, and it's the mother oil, according to Kerastase. :) I love its scent too and it now comes with a complementing cleansing line! :D

    Well, Kerastase has managed to minimize the damage on my hair so it's really good! :D Trust me, my hair was cracking and snapping with minimal tugging before, but not anymore ever since I used Kerastase. :)

    Rhain: Welcome! :D

    Marjorie: In general, it's advisable to use leave-in treatment everyday to protect your hair, as shampoo and conditioner will not suffice since you wash them out, leaving your hair bare and vulnerable to environmental damage. :)

    Desire: Thank you as well! :D

  12. Super cute ng bottle and color ng Bed Head, kaso super expensive.


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