My Lipo Cavitation Adventure at Skin Sanctuary Part 1

Christmas and Summer: two of my most favorite seasons. However, I hate the fact that one comes right after the other because it has always been a struggle for me to recover from all that holiday pig-outs and get back on the fitness track. I just started exercising last February to get into my bikini shape, but two months may not be enough to shred all that holiday weight so I thought of trying out LipoSolve at Skin Sanctuary to supplement my workout regimen.

LipoSolve or Lipo Cavitation is the next best thing since RF. (LipoSolve is just Skin Sanctuary's term for this aesthetic treatment) Unlike RF that only shrinks fat cells and gets rid of them temporarily, LipoSolve selectively implodes fat cells using ultrasound waves and gets rid of them permanently. It's practically safe because it's non-invasive, and the Ultrasound machine imparts low frequency waves and targets fat cells only. To give you a clearer idea of how it actually works, the negative and positive waves are being passed to your body through rays of light as the machine navigates through your body, zaps the fat membranes inside, and you excrete the melted fat through urine and feces right after or a few days after the treatment, depending on your body. You can choose which part you want to treat: It could be your torso area, arms, legs, love handles, hips, and even the face. Ideally, one should get at least 6 treatments to see significant results so that's what I got.

Click READ MORE and see the results of my first three treatments!

Skin Sanctuary is located at San Antonio Village, Makati. They're quite new and this is their first branch. The size of the place is just right, interior is pretty straightforward, and most importantly, clean. When I got there, I was happily ushered to this comfy waiting area by Cang, Marketing officer for Skin Sanctuary. Shortly, my therapist for the day had greeted me with a warm smile and escorted me to the private room intended for Lipo Cavitation treatments. I didn't feel like it was my first time as everybody was so accommodating!

I passed by the common area to get to the private room, so I thought of taking a pic for you guys to see. The common area is a series of rooms separated by thick curtains, and this is where the facial treatments are usually done.

Ohai durr. This is my dearest friend in the theatre, Jay Gonzaga, having his Microdermabrasion treatment. He's also a T.V. actor and model, and currently, an ambassador of Skin Sanctuary.

Photo Credits: Skin Sanctuary Facebook

Here's a much better photo of Jay with Via Antonio, also a T.V. and Theatre actress, and ambassadress for Skin Sanctuary. If ever you guys are reading this post, I miss you both!!! :)

Here's the private room. It's small, but it's not congested and doesn't make you feel claustrophobic or anything.

Here's the Lipo Cavitation machine. They only have one machine in the salon, so you might want to book an appointment to avoid waiting in line.

Oh, the holiday belly! LOL!

I decided to use my 6 sessions on my abdominal area, the part of me that is susceptible to fat. Here's a run-down of the procedure:

1. First, the therapist has measured the upper, middle, and lower sections of my abdomen for recording purposes. She has also used a washable marker pen to determine these parts.

2. A super cold Ultrasound gel is applied on my torso before the actual treatment-it acts as a barrier between my skin and the heat emanating from the machine. The machine imparts a warm, soothing sensation to the skin. If the machine feels hot and a little uncomfortable already, I ask for more ultrasound gel.

3. The therapist has used various hand combinations such as strokes, presses, and rubs, with some form of considerable hand pressure. She said that this is to allow the waves to penetrate my body effectively. Most of the time, the pressure is tolerable, but sometimes, the tender areas of my belly would feel a little pain, but at least my therapist would ask me if I was feeling okay or if I wanted her to lessen the pressure for a bit. I also heard ringing sounds as the therapist navigated the machine on my stomach. I asked her what that was, and she said that the ringing sound meant that the machine has detected fat on a specific part of the body and zaps it-The louder the ringing sound is, the higher fat concentration there is. She also told me that I was the only one hearing the sound because it was all happening inside my body.

3. After the treatment, the therapist has cleansed the treated area and measured my abdomen for the post - treatment results.

LipoSolve lasts for only 20 minutes, and it is advised to be taken after every four days to give the liver some time to excrete the melted fat cells.

Check out the results of my first three sessions, plus my observations:


I lost 10cm, which to me is a very good number. After the first session, my tummy felt a little sore due to all that pressing--it's as if I did a tough workout for the core! On the same day, particularly after dinner, I took a dump and I've noticed that its consistency was a little soft and tender. (I hope you're not eating while you're reading this!) The peeps at Skin Sanctuary have informed me that soft stools are a sign that the liver has excreted some of the fats already--There are other people who even excrete really tender and oily stools and it goes on like that for a couple of days, while some excrete oily urine. As for me, my urine wasn't oily and I had only excreted soft feces once and it went back to normal the next day.


I went back for my second session during the height of my Insanity workout, which explains why my results here are pretty marvelous. This goes to show that you'll see and feel dramatic changes if you do LipoSolve with a good fitness regimen and diet. My core still felt a little sore after the treatment due to, again, all that pressing. It wasn't an issue to me anymore since I kinda' got used to it, although it depends on your pain tolerance. If you've noticed, I lost a little less in here as compared to my first treatment. It is because when the body feels that it's losing a lot of its precious fat cells, it tends to hold on to it. It's a natural process of the body and it will eventually get used to all that fat loss so don't worry, you won't get sick or anything. :)


This was my pretty bad session amongst the three because I got sick prior to it due to stress and I thought maybe my body was adjusting to the intensity of my Insanity workout, hence I had to stop working out for a week and eat a lot to replenish my body, but I've noticed that my abdomen got slimmer. I also had a hearty lunch prior to my third session that's why my pre results have ballooned to crazy numbers, but the post results were pretty impressive. I realized, it's best to take the treatment before eating your very first meal so you could track your real results, as food can pack on a lot of water weight instantaneously. By this time, my therapist had also noticed that my abdomen's size has significantly decreased. Well, nice to know that I wasn't being delusional lol!

Here are some important FAQS that you need to know regarding Lipo Cavitation:

Is it safe for pregnant women?

- No. It is because the waves can cause damage to the developing fetus.

Is it safe to do even if I am under medication/just had an operation?

- Prior to the treatment, you'd have to fill up a client survey-in here, you'll be asked about your health conditions, medications, and what have you. After you accomplish the survey, the people at Skin Sanctuary will evaluate it and will let you know if you're safe to undergo LipoSolve.

Can I have it during my menstrual cycle?

- It depends on you, but Skin Sanctuary would advise you to take it after your period. During the monthly cycle, your body feels extra sensitive and you might develop some bruises on the treated area due to the pressure of the treatment.

Fat is the source of energy in the body. Will this treatment diminish my energy level?

- No. It does not have an effect on your overall energy level. I did this treatment while I was doing Insanity and I didn't notice any significant reduction in my energy. In fact, I felt better and more passionate about exercising because the results were visibly fast!

L-R: Cang, me, and Sigrid, one of the owners of Skin Sanctuary.

Lipo Cavitation at Skin Sanctuary is at P2,500.00 per session, which is actually pretty cheap as other derm clinics offer it at P3,500.00/session. They are located at 1047 Metropolitan Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City. You may give them a call or drop them a message at 0949-4345239.

The good thing about Lipo Cavitation is you really see and feel immediate results. I would say that I like this treatment better because my results with RF were one step forward-one step back, whereas with Lipo Cavitation, I really saw that my girth was significantly reduced. It's a good thing to take if you want to look good in a bikini the fast way, but of course, you can't rely on it fully-you'd still have to couple it with exercise and most importantly, eat healthy. As Joel Marion, creator of the Cheat To Lose Diet said: "You can't out-train a bad diet."

There goes the first three chapters of my LipoSolve adventure! I will update everyone on the last three soon.

P.S. Will edit later. Have Barre3.

For inquiries, please visit SKIN SANCTUARY on Facebook.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow you lose a huge number of size in your abdominal area, Ms M! That's impressive in just 3 sessions. Hope to see the part 2 of this post. Haay if only I can afford this kind of magical solutions in the market :|

    I just remembered September last year, I lost a lot of pounds because of the intense diet I found in the internet. Like all I eat in the day is just apple and vegetable soup plus lotsss of water. It's effective but I got sick on the 2 week of doing that diet. So I stopped and get back to my normal health. and obviously, I got my undesired weight again :| Hope to go to the gym but I don't have much time to do so. I still have a duty and still have to do our thesis (since I'll be turning 4th year this june) all throughout summer :|
    But I'll try my best to lose some pounds. You're my inspiration Ms M. I want to achieve your sexy and fit body. I don't want to be thin/ skinny din naman like others dream. Project Body 2013! :)

  2. Is the price the same if you ask for it to be done on another part of your body? I want to do it for my thighs!

  3. Thanks for sharing Ms M, this is very informative! When I saw your photo on FB I couldn't wait to settle and read your blog. I haven't tried any treatments like this but because of you, I'm motivated to try this. Siguro pag nakuha na naming ang mid-year bonus :). I have specific problem areas as well which need targeted solutions so I think Liposolve is a very good option.

  4. I never tried any treatments like this before but by looking at your first 3 sessions results this makes me wanna try it. :) Abdomen is also my problem area...haaaays!

  5. Desire: Oh, that's crash dieting-and it only yields temporary results. best way to go about it is to really lose weight the right way and that is to eat right and exercise. Hope you achieve your fitness goals this year. :)

    Jec: Try this dear. Promise, the result is fast and visible! :)

    Kris: Hi there! Glad you found this post helpful. :) Let me know how it works for you when you try it. :)

    Ari: I think so. :) They haven't informed me about specific rates on Liposolve though, But best is to ask them via FB. :)

  6. The hardest part about trying to achieve a sexier healthoer body is eating responsible . Sadly hindi ko kaya un. Goodluck ms m. So excited to see your results.

  7. wow you loose a size.that's achievement, you would be the next Angel Locsin..hihi, btw, I would suggest it my friend,advocating a "Balik-Alindog 2013"Hehe

  8. impressive results! "lipo" nowadays is much much safer and effective than before

  9. the midsection is my biggest problem area (among other parts lol)! The results are impressive Ms. Martha!I agree that balanced diet and enough exercise is still the best way to loose weight but a non-invasive procedure will sure be a lot of help!

    I'm just curious on how many sessions can a person undergo? if ever that person gained weight again, can LipoSolve be done on here again?

  10. i forgot to say in my previous comment: Doray! I'm a fan! :p I can still remember you saying "di pwedeng sabihin" in one of the past uaap cheerdance competition. LOL

  11. Lipocavitation is really pricey but you can find best deals in Ensogo or Metrodeal on clinics that offers this kind of service. I bought 10 vouchers for 10 sessions and it only cost me 2000.00! So it's like 200.00 per voucher. I haven't visited the clinic yet because I'm waiting for my monthly period. Well just in case I'm pregnant I might just give the vouchers to a friend. I heard a lot of good reviews about LC. My friends attested to that. It's summer and I have to lose this flab. I love wearing bikini pa naman. Thanks for sharing this Martha. xoxo

  12. Detsy: Yes, it can be done over and over again, but the best thing to do is to try to maintain your weight once you have lost all the dreaded pounds. I'm sure you don't want to waste money over and over again, do you? :)

    Haha! Via, Doray, bing, bing-bing--she's one of my closest friends. :)

    Marielle: Hi there! You're welcome, and thanks for the tip too. Actually, Skin Sanctuary is offering the liposolve at P799 per session as a promo. :)

    Jec: Maybe you can try this one time. :)

    Arya: That's true-and a lot less scarier. :)

    Ohms: LOL! :D

    Eloise: Haha! Agree. Yes, will update you guys on my last 3 sessions. :)

  13. Looking closely at your results in the three pics, Havent you noticed that your beginning numbers for almost each session are all the same?

    1st session:
    Upper = 85
    Middle= 88
    Lower = 90

    2nd Session during your Insanity Workout
    U = 79 (the exception)
    M = 86
    l = 90

    3rd Session (the headscratcher)
    U = 87
    M = 89
    L = 90
    Your Third Session i call the headscratcher because your measurements at the start of the third session are actually even higher than your starting measurements of your very first session!

    So does cavitation really cause permanent fat loss? or ahemm did you start eating more that even cavitation
    cant handle?
    Its either cavitation is only temporary or you ate too much before your third session.

  14. It is unbelievable, I am very fat and didn't know about this treatment. It is magic for fat people like us. Thanks for shearing your experience.

    non-invasive cavitation liposuction

  15. Thank you for such wonderful and interesting article.

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  17. The result you`ve achieved is amazing. My sister had a vaser liposuction last month and she got pretty good results, too. She stopped exercising and I am sure she will gain her weight back. I am so glad that I have found your post. Now, I am going to show it to her. Greetings!

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  19. Euromed offers Ultrasound Cavitation in Dubai which gives you a safe low-cost high-tech nonsurgical body reshaping. Its a replacement for surgical fat reduction procedure, it's a completely non-invasive technique with minimal downtime and provides instant Results.

  20. I heard a lot of good reviews about LC. My friends attested to that. It's summer and I have to lose this flab.


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