Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Lasting Creme Lipstick in 60 Fuchsia Fever

Here's a review on Estee Lauder Pure Color Lasting Creme Lipstick in 60 Fuchsia Fever

Price: Around P1,200.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available at Estee Lauder Counters in Rustan's Makati, Shangri- La Mall, and Powerplant Mall


I believe that the Pure Color lipstick range was relaunched a few months back, although I can't tell you guys how the first versions were as this is the first time I'll try it!

Estee Lauder had successfully combined the rich, soothing, moisturizing consistency of creme lipstick, the superb pigmentation of matte lipsticks, and the staying power of waterproof lip tints in their brand spankin' Pure Color Lipstick line. You might go and say "Sure. Heard something like that before. Knew something like that before", but hold your horses- I did, too, and I actually went as far as trying them out and I could say that most of these brands would fail at the staying power category, and this lipstick just lives up to each of its promise!


Click READ MORE for my detailed review, and know why I call this my Elegant Fuchsia!

I like anything gold, and that's what makes this lipstick a winner for me.

Fuchsia Fever is a midtone fuchsia shade with a violet undertone. It practically looks good on any skin tone, and has a tinge or fragrance to it-somewhat similar to the nice aroma of cookies. (Now ain't that good?!)


It has a buttery, light texture and soothes flaky areas once you put it on, and one swipe is bursting with full coverage goodness! It transfers fluidly and evenly onto the lips, unlike other creme lipsticks that I'd need to rub for a couple of times for them to look decent and settle properly. It doesn't dry out my lips during wear. Bravo to its staying power: It doesn't fade mysteriously if I don't use my lips, leaves no color transfer on cups and table napkins, and comes off gradually after one or two meals-and even if it has come off completely, it leaves my lips with an even, moisturizing stain.

I've been using it almost everyday because it's such a pretty color, not to mention it's a standout amongst my Fuchsia lipstick collection. I call this my Elegant Fuchsia because it doesn't have that flirty, daring, laid- back nature of other Fuchsia colors. Fuchsia Fever is a shade that exudes an air of understated sophistication and whenever I wear it, I feel a little more lady- like--That, plus the support of its luxe gold tube. If you find most Fuchsia lipsticks a little too generic or a little too casual for formal events and settings such as your workplace, you'll like this!

It's my current favorite creme lipstick because it's such a lightweight, soothing lip product that doesn't compromise color, and I think I'll be buying another tube. I kinda' remember that this line has got some pretty good reds, so that's what I'm checking out next!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow it's good on you Ms. M!I wanted how it looks so elegant and this creme lipstick would indulge everybody,I like how it smells and its packaging.winner nga!

  2. I've fallen in love with fuchsia lipsticks nowadays. Such a great everyday color for me.

  3. It looks great on you! The packaging vaguely reminds me of a YSL lipstick packaging. I want moisturizing lipsticks even though staying power is not very excellent. But as you say, this one is moisturizing and has good staying power so that's a winner in my book.

  4. wow ms martha another one to be added on your fushia lippie collections hihi..

  5. You are truly wonderfully made, Ms M! Ang ganda lang ng shade sayo, it looks really good and I can say this can be worn on daytime. I'm influenced so much of your posts that I'm loving fuchsia na din lately and I'm planning to build a collection of it! I'll also include reds, burgundy (aside from fuchsia). The price is expensive yet it's worth it. Impressive rating from an impressive blogger. This would def be included in my to-buy list! Thanks for sharing Ms M... Have a blessed holy week :)

  6. Hmmm i should refrain from reading your beauty posts napapabili ako hahahah! Pero seriously dat color looks lovely on you. I wanna have that cloor kaya lang pang revlon lang ang budget ko muna. Kaya lng baka pag naswatch ko yan mapabili ako agad. Dats a good summer cokor kasi

  7. I start to think of you whenever I hear or see the word fuchsia. Pretty Martha!

  8. I want it aaaaah! but I'm just not sure if I can put this through! hahaha! I agree i love that gold tube! looks so elegant..:) I cant wait to read about that red lippies too Ms. M.

  9. Naks you look sophisticated! blended well lahat :) Pati blouse mo feminine bagay talaga sa fushia lipshook mo.
    Anyway, ang mahal! 1200.. Pero ito hanap ko eh creme lipstick + waterproof lip tints.
    Infairness iba yung shade nya compared sa ibang fuschia lipstick, i think thats the the reason why it looks good on you kahit morena na, may violet undertone nga naman. The packaging is so lola though, classic lang. What do you mean it has buttery6 texture? Parang oily ba?
    Aminin natin nagdadala talaga ng fez ang lipstick kaya keri na ring mag invest diba. Ako pag ala lipstick yung feeling ko eh natural pink na lips ko, pagtingin ko sa mirror parang lalaki labi ko so no no, kaya as much as possible sa work and sa mall nagsusuot talaga ko lipstick, i think this fushia looks great sa daytime?

  10. Statwmwnt lips and statement lippie!ang susyal ng dating m oh if youre going to take dat lippie out of your bag

  11. You have such a beautiful summer glowing skin. The lipstick shade looks flattering on you. I want that, too. LOL! I'm into plum/fuchsia/pink kind of lips so I'll give this a try.

  12. I'm quite unsure about this since it has a violet undertone. But, hell, I have tried MAC's Up the Amp and I think I was able to pull it off with the right combination of makeup. So, yeah, maybe I could give this a try :-)

  13. I always enjoy your post about lipsticks specially pink ones! :D this will surely be in my to-save-for-list. :)

    You are right, i can definitely see wearing this color everyday to school, mall and perhaps at night. Lovely post ms. Martha. :D

  14. Ohms: Thank you! :)

    Detsy: you're welcome! Yes, this color is indeed great for day or night. :)

    Prudence: The violet undertone is just very minute. :) Overall, it's still a midtone fuchsia pink color. Looks good on any skintone. I have up the amp too and I quite like it! :)

    Marielle: Hi there! Thank you! :) You have nice golden skin too so I'm pretty sure, this will look smashing on you. :)

    Eloise: True! #LikeADonya lipstick! And I think it's not so bad to invest in at least one pricey lipstick naman. :)

    Josie: Couldn't agree more with what you said! :) Yes, this lippie is good for daytime...and night time too! :) What I meant with buttery texture is it's soft and glides on easily onto the lips. :) Nope, not oily but more of creamy. :)

    Jec: Give it a try when you visit a mall. :D If you won't like this color, at least you'll love the texture of the lipstick! :)

    May: Haha! Thanks! :D

    Arian: I could imagine. Fuchsia will really pop from your fair skin tone! :)

    Rhain: Thank you! :)

    Kris: True that! Speaking of YSL, I miss the brand! :(

    Desire: Thank you for your thoughts, dear! Have a great holy week too! :)


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