Review: Kerastase Cristalliste Shampoo and Conditioner

Here's a review on Kerastase Cristalliste Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: Shampoo- P1,200.00; Conditioner- Around P1,000.00+
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Who on earth has angered Apollo for him to cast this pore- clogging, oil and sweat- inducing, nerve- wracking heat on humankind!? Somebody offer him a dance ritual or something! LOL! Eh, looks like this intense weather will go on for a while so the best way to cope is to bring all things lightweight to the forefront: Light makeup, light perfume, light shampoo, light conditioner, lightweight clothing, light-heartedness...LOL!

Speaking of light shampoo and light conditioner, I am loving this new line from Kerastase called Cristalliste: It's so mild and ultra light! (even lighter than the lightweight shampoos and conditioners I've tried) Not only that, they act like makeup for the hair too!

Click READ MORE for my detailed review, especially if you have fine or dull- looking hair!


Cristalliste is categorized into two types: For fine straight hair and thick straight hair. Bottomline, it's intended for straight hair, although I think it can be used on other hair types too.

The products are charged with Aloe Vera Illuminator that gives hair a dose of shine, Anti- Dry Magnet Polymers that coat cuticles and prevent dryness, and Oil Solubilization system that traps every trace of dirt and grime and takes 'em away, leaving your hair soft and as light as a feather.

Cristalliste shampoo is an awesome cleansing shampoo. The unanimous decision was, (by some beauty bloggers including I, for that matter) it's just like baby shampoo: Both have the same lightness and gentleness, but the thing is, its formula is well- suited for the needs of adult hair. It purifies my scalp and cleans my hair thoroughly. Unlike baby shampoo and even other basic clarifying shampoos, it doesn't leave my hair strands dry and up in tangles.


This is actually my most favorite product between the two!

Meanwhile, Cristalliste conditioner has an exceptionally light, spreadable, gel- creme texture that softens and detangles hair effectively like purely cream- based conditioners, yet it rinses out easily and leaves no residue.


Cristalliste Conditioner

The line where I said "they act like makeup for the hair" may have piqued your interest. What did I mean by that? Well, I've noticed that this duo sort of acts like a highlighter: It fakes shine and healthy hair by coating hair strands with an illuminating, smooth barrier from root to tip. However, it doesn't really control fly-aways.

Both products make my hair comb- friendly. Ever since I started using them, I've noticed that my hair isn't surprisingly sticky, heavy, and clumpy anymore whenever I sweat--And when sweat has finally evaporated from my hair, it just goes back to its light, bouncy state. It also makes my hair shiny and manageable all throughout the day. It's a dream duo for those who have fine to extra fine hair, and people who are dealing with lackluster hair. It's my second favorite next to the Kerastase Chroma Riche line!

For more information about Cristalliste, please visit KERASTASE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow, hmmmm pang fine hair lang yan. sa mga resistant hairs tulad saken hahaha ayos na ko sa snoe. i would guess na since light siya hindi siya silicone laden siguro so hindi siya nakakapagpabagsak ng hair?

    although ang dream product ko is kerastase elixir un yellow.

  2. This product is really promising Ms M. However, I don't splurge on hair care products tho my hair is my 2nd problem next to my weight. hahah Hopeful to try this soon. But I have to try the ones from Snoe kase more affordable and I heard a lot of good reviews too! (:

  3. ive been wanting to try keratese for my hair, and when ive got the chance sa sampleroom.. grabe oos agad.. so ive been looking for a smaller version just to try it out.. i read great reviews about keratese and i want to try it out for my self.. thank you for these review ms martha =)

  4. I'm all out for lightness this hot season. I agree that most beauty bloggers' reviews I've read likened this duo to baby shampoo. But I'll pass this time because I'm using a cooling shampoo na effective naman. Thanks for this post Ms M! Happy weekend!

  5. It's nice how a light shampoo & conditioner does wonders to our tresses. Our crowning glory deserve a "light" treatment anyway. Such a great product from Kerastase!

  6. Hi I like the color of your hair, what shade is that?

  7. I've always taken my hair for granted maybe I could try this one out soon. Great review Ms. M and thumbs up to Kerastase! :)

  8. Jec: You're welcome. :)

    Josie: It's golden brown with golden highlights :)

    May: Indeed! :D

    Kris and Rhain: You're welcome! :D

    Desire: Yup! Snoe's Hair Heroes is great. I like that too. :)

    Eloise: That's right. The shampoo is sans silicone, and the conditioner is non-cream. :)


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