Review: Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Orange Flower and Lychee

Here's a review on Kiehl's Orange Flower and Lychee Aromatic Mist

Price: P2,585.00
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Other Locations: Available in the following Kiehl's branches: SM Mall of Asia; Greenbelt 5; Alabang Town Center


If you're going to ask me what my most favorite perfume brand is, it would be Jo Malone. I like the brand's simple, straightforward yet standout scents: The formulations are pure and familiar, ergo choosing the scent that you prefer is easy and more importantly, you definitely know what fragrance to expect. What I like most about Jo Malone's colognes is that they are so distinct: I own three Jo Malone colognes, and each of them has their own character and admirers. When it comes to fragrances, I guess when you just trust the ingredients to work on their own and don't try to become commercialized, (lol) you come up with beautiful and unique products. However, not everyone can and are willing to shell out 6k+ on a bottle of cologne. So to those who want to experience something that's similar to the pureness of Jo's world- famous fragrances, you guys might wanna check out Kiehl's Aromatic Blends.


What's an Aromatic Mist anyway? It's actually a cologne/body mist, but has better staying power. The thing is, pricey body mists/colognes such as Jo Malone and this one are not literally like colognes--it's just that they have the airy, light aura of regular colognes, but have the staying power of an EDT.

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Where was I? Oh! This cologne. Orange Flower and Lychee opens up with a zingy burst of Lychee, and then the trail of Orange Flower starts setting in at the heart with drippings of Honey in the background. Finally, the base note is rounded out by a dash of Moroccan Rose, the perfect inclusion to tame this ultra energetic scent. The composition is just simple and clean, and you won't be overwhelmed by too many notes. If you want a fragrance that doesn't necessarily smell anything like a perfume, (if you know what I mean) you might like this.

I was a little half hearted about this fragrance the first time I used it as it kinda' resembled Harajuku Lovers' Angel EDT, but it just grew on me, especially when I smelled Moroccan Rose in it. This fragrance stays light and cheerful all- throughout with a hint of spice, and its exoticism encapsulates the colorful culture and sights of Morocco. (I've always wanted to go there!) It's a fragrance that's perfect for the liberated and bohemian at heart, or just about any unconventional chic and dude with a flair for adventure. (Yes, I categorize it as a unisex fragrance) On the technical aspect, staying power is okay for a mist- it lasts for about 2 hours on me. Bottle is a little bulky though-you might wanna transfer it to a smaller and more compact atomizer bottle. :p

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends line may not be as extensive and impressive as Jo Malone's selections, but I find that its array is good enough to match a variety of tastes and preferences. If you want something that literally reminds you of fields, trees, and anything green, go for Fig Leaf and Sage. If you prefer something that takes you on a stroll in a pretty flower garden, go for Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit. And if you want something that will take you on a night time journey in a starry desert, go for Vanilla and Cedarwood.


How about you? What's your dream destination? :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. If not because of this post, I would never know that Kiel also offers body mists! Well, maybe because I'm not so familiar with their line, and just knew skincare products from them. I love to spray body mists in the evening since it has lighter scent than perfumes. I remembered Michelle Phan when she said she often spray a lot of perfumes at night and wake up with your favorite scent that last long. Parang you're marinating yourself. LOL! :D Btw, thanks for sharing ms m :D

  2. As I read before, Cheska Garcia also uses Jo Malone...

  3. meh 3.5 lang ang staying power? youre so well versed when it comes to perfume reviews, question mis m, did you take a course or training for this?

    ive heard so many good things about jo malone, even celebs love it, that and the creed line

    as a sidenote- i also want to go to morocco to get the best argan oil there is!!!!

  4. That line you dropped about Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit makes me dreamy! I love flowers, kahit anong klase pa. Thanks for your description Ms M, we don't need to smell the fragrance right away to evoke visual images of Kiehl's scents.

  5. You made me curious about Jo Malone more than Kiehl's Mist. lol! Not so bad for the price and am I right that the staying power of a fragrance really varies per person/activity. :p

    Another perfume for me to whiff Ms. Martha, keep em coming! :)

    Dream Destination: Germany (or Westoros lol)

  6. PS: I would love to go to Parissss! ♥

  7. im not much into perfume.. i have this habbit of sneezing in the morning when i smell strong scents =( but i love spritzing cologne =)

  8. I never heard of Aromatic Blends, thank you for clarifying the diff Martha :)

  9. i have sensitive nose and would definitly sneeze on strong scents (I hate going to the perfume section of malls and always give a horrified look the SAs who suddenly sprays perfume on me) but I love the smell of greens, newly cut grass so I'm all for Fig Leaf and Sage though I'm hoping that the staying would last for a whole day

  10. May: And so is Gretchen Barretto.It's her fave! :D

    arya: Staying power is pretty okay for a mist--around 2-3 hrs, or depending on your body chemistry. :) Fig Leaf and Sage--it's a unique fragrance! :D

    Desire: same! :D

    Jaja: It's just their fancy terms for their mists. :)

    Rhaindropz: This is a little like cologne. :)

    Detsy: Yup, staying power varies depending on your body chemistry, the type of fragrance, and its formulation. :)

    Kris: Thank you Kris! Nashi Blossom is such a sweet, pretty scent. Maybe you'll like it. :)

    Eloise: Actually, for a body mist, 2 hours is long already! :D Nope, didn't take any training. I just like writing my perfume reviews as a narrative. :)

    Desire: Glad to know that this has been informational for you. :) Michelle's tip is cool, but I'd rather not do that because perfumes attract mosquitoes. You'll end up smelling good in the morning, but with lots of mosquito bites. YikeS! :p

  11. Very first perfume from Kiehl's? Parang clinique fresh>


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