Review: Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

Here's a review on Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

Price: P1,050.00-P1,100.00
Bought From: Kiehl's, Greenbelt 5
Locations: Kiehl's Branches in: Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Powerplant Mall


Another stupid cystic pimple grew right in the middle of two dried up pimples on my face. Do you sometimes get this? It's irritating, right? You think the war is finally over, then all of a sudden, a graver zit pops out and says: "Not so fast, beeyotch." ARGH!

I've noticed that the best product to use on cystic zits are gel spot treatments as they're pretty concentrated and water- based, hence effective and non-comedogenic. However, it's hard to find a gel- based pimple treatment that doesn't contain Benzoyl Peroxide, so this makes Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment a great find.


To the uninitiated, Benzoyl Peroxide is the ingredient that dries up zits and causes your skin to sting and burn big time. Actually, Salicylic Acid is enough to kill and dry out a zit, but since Benzoyl Peroxide is the cheaper ingredient, most affordable pimple treatments would use more of the latter. Also, BP is the culprit behind post- acne marks, dry, flaky, and aging skin.

What I like about this treatment is it's high in Salicylic Acid and more importantly, it doesn't have Benzoyl Peroxide! There's also Glycolic Acid which may help minimize dry skin, a side effect of Salicylic Acid usage, and a bevy of natural extracts such as Witch Hazel, Ginger Root, and Cinnamon Bark, that are well- known for their abilities to minimize acne on the skin.

Click READ MORE and know why you should have this if you want a safe, effective, and mild pimple gel!

The product comes in one size only. For comparison's sake, it's as big as Eskinol's Spot Clearing Treatment.


Texture is a thick, spreadable, semi- sticky kind of gel, yet it dries up quickly. However, I won't advice it to be used underneath makeup as concentrated pimple treatments such as this may more or less cause makeup products to cake. It reeks of a strong acidic smell initially, but it goes away after a few seconds to a minute.

Some of you might say that it looks just like your fave drugstore pimple clearing treatment, but to use is to believe-it works quite differently than cheap spot treatments. For one, it does not sting like hell. Yes, it does sting for a bit, but the stinging sensation goes away after a minute or two and it's not the type that makes you feel as if your skin is being burned--Well, it also depends on your pain tolerance. It dries up zits fast (For small zits, it only takes a day, but for bigger, cystic zits, it takes around two to three days) and leaves no dark spot on your skin. The only con of this product is since it's very high in Salicylic Acid, it causes the skin atop the pimple and even the surrounding areas to become dry, especially if you've been using it for a long time. The best way to go about it is to apply the product on the affected area only to prevent dryness.

I love this product because it is downright effective and doesn't aggravate hyperpigmentation. It's pricey, I know-it's actually the priciest pimple treatment I've ever bought, but at least I got what I paid for and it has all the qualities that I'm looking for in a pimple clearing gel. :)


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh is this still because of the facial treatment you got before? Hmmm good thing you found a good solution for this Ms M. Kiehls is really one of those skincare products I wanna try. Heard from reviews of notable and reliable beauty bloggers on how effective is this to them. Too bad for its price tho :| |Ano pa ba mga chemicals na we should check before buying acne treatment gels/creams Ms M? So far po kase Salicylic Acid lang yung alam mo. Not even familiar with Benzoyl Peroxide. Thanks in advance Ms M and thanks for this review too :) I find this beneficial to those who are suffering from tolerable to severe acne :D

  2. I've been looking for this in Rustan's Cebu but didn't find it...and so I ended up buying Mario Badescu drying lotion...Have you tried it? It stings too but really effective...But it does leave an ugly post-acne mark...:(

  3. I don't use any spot treatment for my pimples because they appear very rarely now. I'm more concerned with my post acne marks but they don't bother me too much as to lose sleep over them. I notice that Kiehl's, no matter the product, always reaps praises and recommendations from credible beauty bloggers. At first medyo nakakapanghinayang yung price but the more I read reviews on their products, the more I'm convinced na reasonable naman ang price points nila. I want to try the Corrective Dark Spot Solution for my marks.

  4. I have yet to try any spot treatment product because i just usually use freshly squeezed lemon juice to dab on my cystic pimple(s) using a cotton ball but it stings a lot!

    Thanks for this great post Ms. Martha. Nice to know to that it's worth every peso! :p

  5. One thing I'm thankful of is that I dont experience much cystic pimples but I do have what they call fairy kisses (that's what my mom always tell me, hahaha) they are small little bumps that usually comes out before my period. But I never tried to treat them and good thing that they just go away..hahaha! But thanks for sharing this one Ms. M atleast i know what to use when I have that annoying zits... :)

  6. I haven't tried this one. A friend of mine told me to use Eskinol overnight pimple gel and it works great on me and it definitely dries up pimple fast!

  7. My zits became terrified when I read this hehe.

  8. Parang Eskinol Clearing Gel nga :) But this one doesn't have Benzoyl peroxide & high in Sacylic Acid kaya siguro mahal.
    Ikaw ba Matha kelan ka nagkaka-pimple? Pag may mens din? Usually nawawala din naman agad kaya di ko sinansanay ang fez ko sa mga ganito. Believe me, the virgin coconut oil really works wonders!!! I use it for my baby's heat rashes, sa scalp nya, and I use it for my face and feet and sometimes I apply it all over my body for 15 mins before taking a bath. Ang sarap ng feeling. I guess it's because nagsosoft talaga skin and nawawala rashes or fungals hehe. But it's true--wonder oil talaga just like sunflower oil.
    Try using it sa fez mo everyday! Kung magka pimple ka man mawawala din agad, soft pa ng face :)

  9. hello there! wow, ive used so many things for my pimples! effetctive saken ang proactiv kaya lang so expensive. Ive also tried using tea tree oil kaya lang i dont see the effect. now i'm on beauche, pero if dry na un skin ko ng sobra, i alternate it with sebame anti pimple gel. in college when i didnt have money for my beauty products, i used to apply calamansi extract on myface. super hapdi kaya lang effective! nakakatamad na nga lang gawin. bench used to also make spots gel, its teatreee based, nagwork siya kaya lang phased out na yon.

    regular derma visits lang talag for me. kaya lang ang hirap pumunta sa derma ko dahil ang layo. i have qualms of switching to anothr doctor kasi.

    for girls on a budget, try beauche. this is what the PAL flight attendants use to keep their face smooth.

  10. Redshoetraveller: Hey there! Unfortunately, Kiehl's is not available in cebu yet. :( Yes, I've heard about mario badescu and a lot say it's really effective, but I'm really a Kiehl's gal so....:)

    Eloise: I've heard of beauche.Thanks for the info regarding it as being used by PAL FAs. :) Oh no, if Beauche dries out your skin so bad, it might harm your skin in the long run. :(

    Josie: I've used VCO before but nah, not effective on me as much as Salicylic Acid when it comes to treating pimples. Besides, I find it a lil' greasy. I do get pimples during my mens, and now, I have a lot since I sleep very late too. But my face is healing now, thanks to my skin care products. :)

    May: LOL! :D

    Marjorie: Used to swear by that too, but it darkens my skin. :(

    Jec: You're welcome! Haha! nice name for cystic pimples! That made them sound less serious. :)

    Detsy: You're welcome! And nice home-made acne solution! :D

    Kris: Ah, that solution is amazing! It gets rid of zits gently, doesn't sting, and it does prevent reddish and brownish marks as it zaps the zit! :)

    Desire: Yah, I guess. Plus my period and lack of sleep. For the chemicals, just benzoyl peroxide for acne gels since they really burn the skin!

  11. Miss Martha, is this better than the Kiehl's Daily Skin-clearing Treatment? The one you used before? Thanks! :)

  12. Which is better this one or Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot? I'm afraid to try this kasi nagbreak out ako nung ginamit ko yung Blue Herbal cleanser :(

  13. Aisa: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Works just the same. Just had to shift to this one as I've been using the former for a long time that my skin stopped responding to it already. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Oh if that's the case, go for clearly corrective. But ask for a sample first and do patch testing. :)

  14. Hi, thank you for your review. I've been looking for acne solution for a couple of year. I used to use loreal pure zone, that was the most effective product, but it was discontinued :(.. it contained salyclic acid also, so i'm wondering if kiehl will have same effectiveness, guess i'll have a try.


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