Review: Shu Uemura Ultim8 Sublime Cleansing Oil

Here's a review on Shu Uemura Ultim8 Sublime Cleansing Oil

Price: P2,500.00 (150ml) P6,200.00 (400ml)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in the following Shu Uemura branches: Powerplant Mall; Rustan's Makati; Rustan's Edsa Shangri-La Mall; Alabang Town Center; Trinoma


I wonder, if King Midas were alive today, this would probably be his cleansing oil. Ultim8 is a marvelously divine, ultra lavish cleanser, truly fitting for kings and queens alike. As you slather it on, it's as if you're putting liquid gold on your face!


It is also tagged as the Mother cleansing oil, beating the four classic Shu Uemura cleansing oil variants in terms of potency. Why, you ask? Because it took ten years in the making, and it's a mash-up of all the 8 precious botanical oils namely Camellia, Shea Butter, Soybean, Ginger Root, Safflower, Corn, Olive, and Jojoba. So now you know why this thing is the priciest amongst Shu's cleansing oil variants-there's just so much science and powerful skin care extracts included in it!

Here's some information about the 8 botanical oil extracts:

Camellia- humectant; helps treat acne; helps smooth wrinkles
Shea Butter- effective moisturizer and conditioner; has natural sun protection; restores skin elasticity; helps with Eczema, Psoriasis, and to some extent, Rosacea
Soybean- Suits sensitive skin; great, gentle moisturizer; reduces skin blotchiness
Corn- high in Linoleic Acid, a good source of Vitamin E
Safflower- High in Vitamin E; improves skin's outer barrier, making it more resistant to environmental stresses
Ginger Root- Helps brighten skin; gets rid of epidermal toxins; antibacterial; antiseptic; relieves acne and blisters
Olive- High in antioxidants; non-comedogenic; anti-inflammatory; High in Vitamin A and E
Jojoba- relieves chapped skin; anti-inflammatory; antibacterial; prevents breakouts

If you've noticed, most of the botanical oils boast Vitamin E as their main ingredient, and I think it's a good product to support your Vitamin E intake from the outside.


Click READ MORE for my detailed review, most especially if your problem is skin roughness and dryness!

Just like the other cleansing oils of Shu, Ultim8 also comes with an open-close pump.

Sublime couldn't have been more perfect to call this thing: It's a rich, thick, syrupy, spreadable, luxurious kind of cleanser, yet it comes off easily, doesn't leave any heavy, greasy residue, and doesn't aggravate my already oily skin. One pump is enough to cover your skin since it literally melts makeup upon skin contact, making it an economical choice, but I sometimes go overboard-around two to three pumps-because I really like how it feels on the skin. It has a fragrant chamomile smell that is so relaxing. However, fragrance is a little strong and a tad perfume- like, so those who have sensitive noses may not like it. Best thing to do is to go to a Shu Uemura store and check if you can tolerate its scent.


I've been using it for more than 3 weeks now and I'm quite pleased with it. It's very emollient, and it moisturizes continually even after use-this is something that I didn't experience with the regular Shu cleansing oils. Some parts of my skin would normally become dry after toning, but when I've started using this oil, I could go on for about an hour or two without moisturizer or serum. It's very amazing on dry patches, soothing them instantaneously and keeping them at bay. I particularly love it for its skin softening properties: After every wash, my skin feels ultra smooth and plushy-I even think this has helped me get rid of the micro bumps around my face! I've also noticed that it imparts a slight, warm sensation, perhaps due to Ginger Root oil which is known for its warming effect--I actually like it because it gives me this feeling that the warmness of the oil helps open up my pores for effective cleansing.

I am very much impressed with this oil. It can actually suit a wide range of skin types, but for those with oily skin, I would advise that you rinse it off with soap and water as its thick consistency may clog pores. It best suits people with light to severely dry skin, and those with visible signs of aging around the face as its oil extracts will help minimize them in the long run. 


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love how it smells with all substance of oil extracts.:
    yeah how does it feel putting like a liquid gold in your face, ang lakas-maka-Queen:)

  2. Whats it like kaya no to b in your shoes hahahah. I could only dream of owning an expensive product like shu. Though i can buy it nakakahinayang haaaay.i had probpem s account ko s sample room i was not able to nab un cleansing oil nila dati.

    If i may ask do we really nid a cleanding oil?

  3. As always with Shu :) They produce expensive yet great and worthy products in the market. If not with the price, i would definitely and undoubtedly buy this product due to my combination type of skin where the dry areas are REALLY dry. I think it's because of the weather or with my lifestyle. What do you think Ms M? Do you have any idea what caused this? :)

    Anyways, thanks for sharing, Ms M. You've just helped those gals with dry skin who needs to have that dewy and normal skin. You're really great and I admire your way of reviewing products. Precise and in-depth! :)

  4. The way you describe this Shu cleansing oil makes me imagine it as liquid gold hihi. If it requires just a pump, then the price is worth it. And a decade of research? That's NOT something to belittle.

  5. from Shu's and from your description, this oil is really ultimate. since you said that it removed the small bumps in your face (I noticed some on my face and I can't get rid of them), I think I'm gonna put this on my to buy list. thanks for the fantastic review and for letting us know tads of info on different products

  6. I love the way you described it and this is a very in-depth review. This is really an ultimate oil and I think it's worth the price.

  7. before I only used soap in removing make-up but i find it quite tedious and I tend to over-scrub/rub. I tried out a drugstore brand of cleansing oil it was great on the first use but I felt super oily even though I rinse it off twice. :(

    nakakainggit that you get to use this great and expensive product.
    Does this come in a smaller and cheaper size? :p

  8. "as if you're putting liquid gold on your face!" I really wonder how it feels!:)) But its expensive, well considering that its 10 years in the making and its from Shu. Truly the mother of cleansing oils.

  9. When I was pregnant I was advised by my OB Gyne to use non salicylic products so I opted for olive oil from St. Ives for my facial wash, it never fails to make me vomit eaaaach time I use that product haha, I don't know why it smells that way maybe because it is made of 100% olive oil plus I don't think it makes my skin extra special, I should have used this Shu Uemura Oil instead because based on your review it's like putting liquid gold on the face so I assume it would make me as beautiful as Cleopatra right? haha, never mind the smell if that's the case :D

  10. sana meron din nito sa sample room.. so many can try.. packaging palang mukhang expensive na =) but you get the quality for the product you paid for.. though im not a fan of cleanising oils =)

  11. Josie: We have that St. Ives wash too and I agree with your comment on the smell. :p In general, Shu Uemura's cleansing oils are great-they don't only effectively rid your face of dirt, but also beautifies your skin after a period of usage. :)

    Monica: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Yep, that's true. It's really pricey, but I like how it works and that's what matters. :)

    Jec: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Kris: Indeed! :D

    Detsy: The cheapest and smallest size is the 150ml. :)

    Arya: Welcome! Let me know how it works for you once you tried it. :)

    Desire: Welcome! As for your question, there is skin type called combination-dry, so that could be your case. :)

    Eloise: You said it yourself that you prefer splurging on skin care rather than makeup, so I think you'd have to try Shu's cleansing oils. :)

    As for your question, not necessarily cleansing oil but makeup removers in general as simple washing can't remove makeup completely, especially long-wearing and waterproof makeup. :)

    Ohms: Tama! :D


Thank you for your comments!