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I've met a couple of people who berate those who love shopping. Their reasoning is, "Instead of shopping, why don't shopaholics just put their money into something good?" Well, that may be true for some people, but I fervently believe that shopping itself is good, especially if you buy products that support a particular advocacy and enable us, the consumers, to reach out and do good unto others. There are numerous brands and even micro entrepreneurs out there who utilize their resources and influence to help save the world one cause at a time, and here are a few:

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One of the pioneering socially- responsible brands known for their "Community Fair Trade" principle, an ethical business approach wherein the merchant pays the suppliers (mostly small- scale farmers, artisans, and co-ops) fairly to encourage ingredient sustainability, employment, and independence. Founded by Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop was originally built to inspire people to use sustainable, eco-friendly products. Over the years and along with the brand's expansion, The Body Shop has created groundbreaking campaigns that condemn animal testing, child trafficking, domestic violence, and raised funds to further support fair trade and environmental organizations.


PUREDKNY A Drop of Rose assists CARE, a humanitarian organization that aims to uplift the poor from poverty. This particular PUREDKNY variant brings livelihood to the women of Isparta Valley, Turkey.


MAC Viva Glam lipstick line is geared towards providing emotional, financial, and educational support to people living with and affected by aids. Every centavo of Viva Glam's selling price goes to various organizations that help aids- stricken women, men, and children all over the world.


An all- natural, France- based, environment- friendly brand. Julie Ducret's Pulpe De Vie remains small in order to prevent the exploitation of natural resources. The brand also supports Un Toit Pour Les, (A Roof For The Bees) an organization that promotes the preservation of Bees, one of earth's endangered species.


One of the revolutionary footwear brands in the world. Blake Mycoskie, a native of Texas was inspired to create TOMS during his trip in Argentina, where he has witnessed the unfortunate conditions of children living without shoes. Since its inception in 2006, TOMS has given out 2 million pairs of shoes to poor children through the ONE FOR ONE MOVEMENT. (When you buy a pair of TOMS, you give a pair of shoes to a child in need)


Rags2Riches is an ethical, eco- friendly local brand that was born out of a collective desire to improve the lives of poor families by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, and providing them with fair access to the economy. (Much like The Body Shop's Community Fair Trade principle) It all started when the founders (one of which is Reese Fernandez, current CEO of the brand) of Rags2Riches visited Payatas: Payatas is home to a group of female rug- weavers who scavenge scraps of fabric and turn them into rugs and rags to make a decent living. Over time, the industry was abused by middlemen who controlled the supply, and the women's share of the business and access to the market, causing them to earn measly income for themselves and their families. 

Rags2Riches had formally employed these women and taught them how to create competitive products such as bags and home accessories using what else? Scraps of Fabric. The brand has successfully empowered 450 women across 21 communities in Metro Manila (and still counting) by means of skills, financial, and health training, as well as providing them with proper assistance in merchandising.

I've known Ann Ballesteros for quite some time now as I've worked with her in a few collaborations concerning beauty. Ann is a chill, quiet, nice woman-so easy and interesting to talk with. Little did I know that behind her gentle personality is a big dreamer, one who aims to improve society by encouraging livelihood amongst poor people. hANNdmade, Ann's business, is a small, local bag brand that is driven by fair trade as well, and the bags are being crafted by a group of poor artisans in Bulacan. Ann is living proof that you don't need fame, power, or loads of cash to help others-just a burning desire and authentic courage!

Indeed, shopping is not only a therapy for the self, but for humanity as well. :) Hope you liked this post! If you know of any similar brands or products, type them in on the comments section below! Have a great Saturday, everyone! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is a very interesting post Ms. Martha. I agree with you that buying things is not inherently bad. That is, the purchasing of things one does not really need which turns buying into consumerism. I have always told myself that I should buy things made locally but let's face it, it is very hard to find out which things are filipino/handmade unless they are marketed well.
    As of brands, I know of friends who make accessories on their own, some print t-shirts too. this one is my favorite.

  2. Thanks Ms M, I appreciate this post very much. Actually shoppers don't need to defend themselves but this is enlightening information to those who see shopping in a negative light. I like this post because it's for everyone, no matter the skin type, skin color, beauty problems, beauty budget etc., anyone can gain from this post. Thanks for highlighting the brands that are both ecological and humanitarian in their own ways. I'm familiar with some of them and I support these brands. By the way, just a little note, I think it's Un Toit pour les Abeilles. :)

  3. Kris: You're welcome dear. :) I wrote this post because I was reading the PR material of Pulpe De Vie and I really like the mission and vision of the brand. :) By the way, the PR kit only said Un Toit Pour Les. :)

    Detsy: Thanks for the reco dear! :) And thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. Awww it must be good if uve worked qitg it up close. I trust u miss m. . Kaya lang be wary din kasi some big conpanies use the word charity or goodwill to attract their market.

    Excerpt from (10 worst reasons to buy makeup)
    Cosmetic companies identify with charities that they know their customers will like (children, animals, nature, aids, woman related issues), donate a miniscule amount to the charity’s high visibility PR programs and write off their expenses against taxes.
    Want to really help charity? Skip the mediocre lipgloss, let the cosmetic company pay their due in taxes that help propel the nation’s growth and donate straight to the charity of your choice without commercial intermediaries.
    Try and be instantly gratified for empowering micro entrepreneurs who try to make a difference or bahay amihan, a foundation that helps empower solo parents.

  5. Thanks Ms M for the confirmation. I must have confused Un Toit pour Les with the other one I'm familiar with which is also associated with Pulpe de Vie :)

    @Miz Eloise : That's true, some brands abuse charitable organizations by using them to gain the sympathy and loyalty of consumers. But we are becoming more intelligent so it's not that easy anymore to fool us :)

  6. This reminds me of our company's social responsibility, its like allocating a fixed amount of sales to institutions taht would improve the life of the underprivileged, yes? Ive never really an active participant of these and usually I would auto delete all emails from the workforce regarding this. But your blog help me understand the importance of this advocacy when u say that this would reach out and do good unto others (sounds like the golden rule lol) while having fun the same time, of course you will get what you want or buy the products u desire and in return you help that cmerchant with their advocacy. Unlike sa work na parang ala ka naman makukuha in return, well peace of mind I guess :) and pride :)
    Anyway, The Body Shop campaign which reminds me of their environment something campaign everytime I drop by in their branch in Gateway Mall Cubao made me realize that high profile brands like them do still care for the environment and in fairness nakaka aatract talaga ang Body Shop kasi quality made talaga products nila whenver they go on sale I never forget to buy atleast 1 or 2 like their famous body butter (which I used for my tummy when I was preggie) and their body wash.
    TOMS first heard of this from Bianca Gonzales, she's a fan and collector of this footwear brand but little did I know that they also have a very good advocacy until I read your blog. Imagine giving out 2 million pairs of shoes to poor children through the ONE FOR ONE MOVEMENT.
    Wow that's a lot! Hoooray for that!

  7. Glad you made a post about this! It's very informative and I'm happy to know that I somehow participated in helping some brands' cause by purchasing some of their products. :)

  8. Peachy Pink: You're welcome! :) Happy to know you're a super hero shopper lol! :D

    Eloise and Kris: Good point! I think the brands I've included in this post are true to their mission insofar as truth is concerned, and not a lot of non-profit organizations too keep their word. (Please look up this non-profit animal orphanage in the US that was established by a woman, and everybody has later on found out that she has used the donations of companies and people to buy her houses, cars, luxury bags, and properties, while the animals in the orphanage were left to endure horrible conditions)

    If there are indeed non-profit or for- profit brands, charities, and organizations that only use their advocacies as a front to milk consumers of their money, I still believe that the truth will eventually come out no matter how they conceal it. :)

  9. Spending, I heard can actually be good for the economy. I'm no economist but I think someone said that it is good for money to be in circulation. And we shopaholics can help in that!

  10. Glad to know that through shopping I could be a hero also... :)

  11. One of the brands i know who help other people and those in need is the Human Heart Nature, they were featured in Power House =) they were helping gawad kalinga =)

  12. Two thumbs up for the Rags2Riches founder. Their advocacy is really great! I got a chance to hear the story of Rags2Riches from Father Xavier Alpasa. It's nice that they were able to give job to those who are really in need. I admire those people who find a way to help people like Nanays in Payatas in their own way. I am really wondering why the government could not find a way to help those people to earn money by giving them jobs.


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