Beauty Haulin' 2

And 'ere goes the second part of my beauty haulin':

The BF's big sister just came from Australia for a 3-month vacation in here, and she got me two tubes of my fave all- around ointment, Lucas Papaw. (happy dancing!) Lookie! She also got me TimTam and Cadbury whites! :D

If my Beauty Haulin' post last week featured drugstore finds, this is the high- end counterpart. :D

WOWZA! New Giorgio Armani makeups. Incidentally, these two are part of GA's newest makeup collection. They're from my mom who recently came back from her HK-Beijing business trip. She knows how much I love GA's makeups and she makes it a point to always grab some of it for me whenever she goes to HK. Sweet! :D

Went to Duty Free last Saturday and I got the following: Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Tourbillon and Tommy Hilfiger original.

OOOOOHHHH. Victoria's Secret finally at Duty Free ParaƱaque City. It's a sprawling pop- up counter that carries VS perfumes, colognes, body lotions, lipglosses, bags, accessories, and undies. It's such a very cute, pinky store! :D

THAT'S IT! No more beauty haulin' until I've finished reviewing all the stuff I got! Happy Monday, loves! :D

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love your beauty haul! I'd love to try Lucas Papaw. I've heard a lot of raves about it.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the VS at Duty Free Paranaque. I always check out their shelf at Landmark but the choices are so limited. I hope I can visit their other location.

    I haven't tried TimTam yet but I saw a beauty vlogger eat it with milk by turning the bar into a straw. I want to duplicate what she did with TimTam, see if it works :)

  3. Sweets!sweeets! :) your mom is really really cool Ms M! :) ooooh!original tommy -> miss that one! Looking forward on GA review!saw it in ur IG post..

  4. jealous! when will you do an armani review?

  5. I would love to try Lucas Papaw. I 've read so many great reviews about it.

  6. BrownOso and Leilani: Yup! Lucas is such a wonderl multipurpose balm. I think I can't go on without it haha. :D

    Kris: Yeah, that mode of eating has been going around, but I find that it's too gimmicky and it kills the moment haha! It's good on its own so no need for that, or if you want to eat it with milk, just dip it in milk, ala- oreo style. :D

    Jec: Trying 'em out this week. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Will try them out this week. Hopefully I come up with a review around may. :) Please keep on checking back for that. :D

  7. Love your mom. Can sh3 pls adopt me and ill just get those items n u dont like n?hahah

  8. Thanks Ms M for the warning. Actually simply dipping chocolate bars in milk is failproof :)

  9. Miz Eloise: Pwede! Haha! :D Actually, I want a sister lol.

    Kris: Yup! I still do it everytime! :D


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