Caronia Expressions Nail Polish Collection for Summer

Renè Descartes said: "I think therefore I am." The same thing can be said about individual style, but let's tweak it for a bit for fun: I AM THEREFORE I WEAR. 

When it comes to fashion or even makeup, it is a given that we should sport what looks good on us, but let this not limit us from expressing ourselves and our style. I used to think that vampy and earthy colors are the only ones that would look good on me, but when I finally dared to touch pinks and purples, I was quite amazed to know that they actually suit me, and they have helped me connect more with my sweet side.

So step out of your bubble--Wear whatever you feel like wearing or trying, experiment, and explore! In the end, you might just surprise yourself. :)

Since we're talking about expressing ourselves, Caronia has a new nail polish range for us this Summer called Expressions: A trio of colors that will compliment and bring out our different sides. Rosy Glow is for your sweet yet naughty or romantic mood, Blue Chill when you are feeling a little arcanely chic or if you wanna go Bohemian, and Fresh Mint for your I'm-Feeling-Active moments or to channel your inner adventure- seeker. Or, you can wear all colors and make a statement!

Caronia Expressions is now available in all leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets nationwide.

My most favorite is Rosy Glow. What's your pick? :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I still wish na sana mag big3 free ang Caronia. I used to use it before pero not anymore. Hindi naman ata ganun kahirap ireformulate kase meron ding local polishes name big3 free (Sassy) or at least nung binasa ko yung label at ginoogle ko ang lab nila it didn't list Toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. If makakaya ng Caronia name maging big3 free I think they can compete with the international polishes. Until then hanggang nail polish remover at cuticle remover long from Caronia for me.

  2. I also like the rosy glow color. :)

  3. Thanks for featuring local nail polishes Ms M! I have several bottles of Caronia. Out of the 3, I like Rosy Glow and Blue Chill.

  4. Yungreen nalng siguro. I dontlike frosted finish spolish e

  5. The green color reminds me of shrek.! i love shrek , memorize ko na ang mga lines don hehehe. the blue one reminds me of the polish i wore during my junior prom! though ayoko na ng ganyang finish and kulay ngayon kasi medyo frosted

  6. Wow! Good to know that the color I'm wearing on my toes are IN for the summer!! ;))


  8. I tend to lean on blues, so I'd say blue chill. I paint my nails when I'm bored that's why my nail polish collection is getting bigger and most of them are from Caronia and Bobbi.

  9. Somilge: Thanks for your thoughts! I guess if that will happen, Caronia has to increase their prices. :)

    Ohms: Great picks! :)

    Dana: Thanks for sharing! I'm fond of coloring my nails too and same prob as yours, I need bigger space for my growing nail polish collection! :)

    Eloise: My second favorite too. :) And I love shrek too! :D

    Marjorie: and what color is that? :)

    Anna Luisa: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Cool choice! :)

    Jec: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Kris: Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Bobbie is 3-free but affordable, if Bobbie can create 3-free polishes at affordable prices maybe Caronia can too without increasing their prices.


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