Dear Readers: Used Makeup- Yay or Nay?

I was randomly browsing an international beauty forum last night, and I landed on this thread about used makeup. The gals were exchanging their sentiments on buying used makeup not only from friends, but also from strangers online. A majority were okay with the thought, some are fans of the deed, and others just think it's-for the lack of a better term-disgusting for it's tantamount to selling your used toothbrush to somebody else. (You get the idea)

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I like buying and selling used makeup, most especially when I was starting out with this Beauty Blog. It was a way for me to publish new reviews, especially on pricey makeup without having to shell out for the original price. It was also the easiest way for me to unload the products that I rarely used and bought on impulse, but realized I can't use anyway. Moreover, buying used makeup for me was sort of a fun way to interact with fellow makeup lovers. However, it's not without its risk: 

There was this seller who peddled her 30ml Davidoff Coolwater for only P500.00 in a local beauty forum. Descriptions said it was still complete (comes with the box and all) and there was 90% left of the product. I bought it right away because I thought P500.00 was such a steal for Coolwater, not to mention I didn't have the budget then for a new perfume, but I really wanted to buy a new one. When I got it, the perfume reeked of a strong, putrid alcohol-oil odor--there was still a hint of Coolwater's fragrance to it, but it was completely overpowered by that rotten smell. Suffice to say, the perfume I got was expired already. I complained to the seller about it, but she insisted it was new. I figured that there was no use complaining to a duper so I just let it go. And there are those who sell fakes and scammers, but they're another story.

I still proceeded with used makeup shopping 'cuz overall, I had a fairly good experience. It's just important to be wise and critical before purchasing. (always)

So how about you my dear readers? Are you okay with the thought of buying used makeup? Why or why not?

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Not for me. because I have sensitive skin and I don't know. I think it's because I just don't wanna take the risk. And I'm scared to buy used cosmetics.

  2. For a person like me who doesn't have enough funds to buy expensive and new products, it would be okay. You can always sanitize them to get rid of the dirt. I find it practical and budget-saving kase some of the products being sold are still in good condition. The price also justifies the item. I always do hunt for blog sales, tho I still have to be careful in terms of choosing the seller. Hmm does blog sale ever come to your mind, Ms M? I'm sure you got lots of unused makeup products there, but still in good condition ;)

  3. Depend on the item I think.. There are some makeups items that can be disinfected/cleaned.

    Foundations that come with pumps is definitely a yes.
    Pencils that can be sharpened are also good for trading/selling.

    It really depends on the packaging/use of the item.

  4. I havent tried that before pero ok lang naman saken. Wag lang siguro mga eye products at lipsticks

  5. i typed a long comment but had an error when i click submit (huff lol)

    my answer again is: no for lip and eye make up. But i guess it's alright for other kinds of make up. provided that you scrutinize the product and the seller first. I have no experience buying used makeup but whenever i purchase other 2nd hand products on line, i ask the seller if he/she is alright to meet up so I can check the product. If the seller does not have this option, then i dont buy the product anymore.

    Be wary too of sellers with high positive feedback rating. sometimes these scammers log on multiple accounts to give themselves positive feedbacks. some steal other seller's pictures showing receipt or proof of shipment

    Lastly, if it is too good to be true then it probably ain't. ;)

  6. I think it's okay to buy used makeup as long as the seller is legit.I actually just ordered thru a UK blogger friend.She just had her blog sale.I was really drooling on her items because 1.)the items were higher-end products 2.Way cheaper than buying brand new. 3. Some are actually brand new!(her reason of selling:she has too many,gifted to her but doesn't suit her skin type,hoards them but realized she doesn't need it)LOL..It's definitely a beauty steal if you ask me! ;D So yeah, buying used makeup is okay.But I suggest buying in blogs(active ones!) than in Multiply,Ebay etc.

    Are you going to have blog sale Ms. Martha?hee..


  7. I haven't tried buying used makeup but I'm open to it except for lipsticks. Buying one would depend upon the credibility of the person selling her used makeup. If I know that the seller has a good hygiene, I would buy her used cosmetics. So probably, I would first research about the person selling thrift goods because at the end of it, I don't want to risk my face/skin to any breakouts it may cause.

  8. Interesting topic. I have no experience in buying or swapping makeup and skincare with strangers, but I do this all the time with my friends!

    We exchange products that we have gotten tired of. It's fun to discover what works and what does not work for my skin without spending too much.

    Ang mahal kaya mag experiment! And it's a shame to see makeup go to waste. :)

  9. I'd buy it from someone I personally know...

  10. Before, I enjoy buying used cosmetics because I have trusted sellers online and selling used or tested cosmetics is totally fine. Now, I just buy liquid foundations or blushes. Those that can be kept clean and sanitary as much as possible. I make sure there are photos for reference. I can't remember if I ever bought used lipstick. Perhaps, I did. I would never buy a used lipstick now. I find it totally unhygienic.

  11. There was this online shop on Multiply that sells MAC lipsticks that are 10 - 20% used. I gave it a thought, but ended up buying nothing. I don't want to take the risk. Probably, I would if I knew from whom they came from or who used them.

  12. I am okay with buying and selling.
    I like to sell because I can get rid of things I do not use at all. But I do not sell or suggest anyone to buy lipglosses or anything that comes with a wand. It is difficult to wash it.
    I like to buy because I can get some LE items which I missed somehow. I always prefer other bloggers whom I can trust for hiegine . For eg, I will never buy from ebay any used product because I do not know how it was handled. Still, there is always a risk. I got a eyeshadow palette recently which was supposed to be 100% new and all but when I got it, I realized the paper seal was tampered. I got suspicious and when I checked properly, I could see finger prints on each color. Someone tried to swatch it! The sellers was not aware of it. Now, I do not know what to do! I will scrape off a layer of makeup before even touching it. You have any idea?

  13. Eyeshadow, blush and powder would be OK, I think? But having the cream or liquid form would not be as reliable as having a new one. I have also seen this type of selling, actually not selling but random people exchanging their used make up. It was quite exciting thinking that you'll be receiving make up brands not available in your country.

    Anyway, I think it's ok if the one selling is a trusted user. ;))

  14. Very interesting post! Though I dont experienced this yet,and I agree that this is practical on it's own way. But I think this depends on the used cosmetics that you're gonna buy. You have to take into consideration how these products are used and if you're able to sanitize it when you get hold of them.

    But if you have a trusted seller, the better. :)

  15. It depends on the product. Maybe if I were to buy a used cosmetic, I'm going to buy a pump foundation or blush. And I will never buy used lipsticks and eyeliners. Talking about hygiene.

  16. i havent tried buying perfumes online =) good thing that im contented with colognes =) and you were fight ms m. at the moment im loving the mustela cologne!


  17. I'm willing to buy used makeup on the condition that I'm buying it from someone I personally know. I'm ok with buying beauty tools but I'm still uncomfortable buying perishable items online and that includes makeup. Thanks for this post Ms M! I read several beauty blogs and this is where I first read a post such as this.

  18. I usually buy from Shen of Shen's Addiction :) and I also buy from those with good skin or those who looks trustworthy hehe :)

  19. i guess this is okay for certain items... and of course, if the seller is trustworthy but I really haven't tried it though...

  20. Rhain: Wee! Glad you loved it! :D

    Kris: Thanks for sharing dear! :D

    Cial: Hear hear! :D

    Sweet and Bitter: Thank you for your thoughts and welcome to my humble blog! :D Yes, that's what I do too to used powder products: Scrape off the top gently with a card, and rub the blush with my finger to get rid of the scrape marks. :)

    Jec: Great tips, dear! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Majorie: Ah, the makeup swaps. Never tried that because it wasn't popular in the country. Khymm, beauty blogger of Shopcoholic For Makeup, Sol of Digital Traincase, and I have put makeupswapph before, a local version of makeupalley, but it never took off. We got too busy hehe. :D

    Dana: I agree. Buying used makeup from those you trust also makes the purchase satisfactory. :)

    Donnarence: Hi there! LOL! Same here! Realized that buying used lipstick is quite unhygienic too :D

    Anne: Thanks for sharing! :D

    BrownOso and heyitsmeyani: I share your sentiments! :D

    Eloise: While buying used powder for me is a no no. Ack! I'm afraid of breakouts! :p

    Vien: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I agree with you. Those that can be "renewed" are the best ones to sell and buy. :)

    CJ: Blog sale, haven't given it a thought yet 'cuz I'm sooo busy! Maybe soon. :D

    Dianara: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Detsy: Wonderful advice! I prefer meet- ups too to also check the condition of the seller's skin. It sounds a little rude, but hey, i'm just protecting my skin. :)

    Desire: Thanks for sharing! Yes, I have a lot of unused makeup, especially skin care products. Thinking of doing a blog sale soon, but not in the near future haha! :D

    Leilani and Issa: Thanks for sharing dearies! :D


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