Fan Mail Fridays: Summer Fragrances (Spend or Save)

Happy Friday everyone! Our mail for today was from Marian. She asks:

Hi The Beauty Junkee!
What are your top fragrance picks for summer? Hope you can accommodate. Thanks in advance!

Hey Marian!

Thank you for your question! Hmmm...Can I say a lot? Haha! Actually, I do wear tons of varying fragrances every single day, but for summer (particularly this summer) these are the fragrances I use on rotation. To make it a little more interesting, I did a Spend or Save comparison.

Click READ MORE and see my picks!

You're looking for: A light yet fragrant fruity-floral combo that's more floral than fruity

SPEND: Bvlgari Omnia Coral EDT (P4,000.00+ for 65ml)
SAVE: Zen Zest Coral EDT (P200.00)

You're looking for: A new brand of baby cologne

SPEND: Givenchy Ptisenbon Tarte Chocolat (Mild) (P3,000.00+ for 100ml)
SAVE: Mustela Agua De Colonia Sin Alcohol (P500.00-P600.00)

You're looking for: A plain, fresh floral fragrance

SPEND: DKNY pureDKNY A Drop Of Rose EDT (P4,900.00 for 100ml; P3,500.00 for 50ml)
SAVE: United Colors of Benetton Cologne Cheering Rose Body Mist (P499.00)

You're looking for: A light-hearted scent that reminds you of the sunny outdoors, but doesn't necessarily smell like perfume.

SPEND: Jo Malone French Lime Blossom (Around P4,000.00+ for a 30ml bottle; P6,000.00+ for a 100ml bottle)
SAVE: Kiehl's Aromatic Blend in Orange Flower and Lychee (P2,585.00 for 100ml)

Another option for SPEND: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey (my ultimate favorite from Jo Malone's line)

You're looking for: An aquatic fragrance

SPEND: Davidoff Coolwater For Women EDT (P2,000.00+ for 30ml; P3,000.00+ for 50ml; P4,000.00+ for 100ml)
*It's by far the best summer fragrance for me.

SAVE: Zen Zest EDT in Marigold (P200.00)

That's it! Hope you liked this post! :)

The Beauty Junkee asks:

Share your top perfume/cologne picks for summer! :)

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow.. i super like this post ms.m =) i'll try that Mustela Agua De Colonia Sin Alcohol =) since im not into heavy scent perfumes =)

    thank you for this =) nagstart na ang splurge vs save sa bookmarks ko.. yay!

  2. Yay to this post! I appreciate the more accessible alternatives as far as my wallet is concerned. Thanks for making this post even more relevant by providing the cheaper equivalent of the EDTs! I'm excited to check out Zen Zest counters and test Coral and Marigold.

  3. Sniff* Ambango mo ms martha! Hehe :-)

    I am Jenniya

  4. Great! I love comparisons like this because I'm a frugal shopper. SAVE VS. CRAVE! Yaaaay! I'm looking forward to more of this kind of posts. Also, can you feature some makeup brushes that work well but won't cost me a fortune? I'd love to buy some Sigma brushes, but they are a bit too expensive for me. :(

  5. I love this post Ms. Martha! Nangangati na akong bumili nung DKNY pure essence of rose, but cant really squeeze it in the budget for now.

    More Spend and Save posts please!

  6. Great!I haven't tried any zen zest edt, maybe it's time to give it a try..:) Currently I'm using cool water, heaven scents cologne by avon (forgot what particular scent), bbw sweet pea and Estee Lauder Jasmine white moss.. :)

  7. i wear vs pink line in citrus & mint body mist during summer. the scent's so light and refreshing. i always get a LOT of compliment that i smell so good ^_^ if i have to go out in the evening with bf or friends, i wear curve by liz claiborne. perfect for summer night outs:D

  8. Oh, I've been hearing a lot of good raves about Zen Zest fragrances...Let's see, matry nga! :)

  9. I love how you compare and contrast products of the same field yet of different prices Miss M! Just like what you did with the makeup that were expensive and the other affordable. It helps us find an alternative for those pricey products. :)

  10. wow, my go to fragrance this summer really are baby colognes. gusto ko buy ng zwitsal baby cologne kaya lag cant find a dealer near me

  11. I was hoping you'd post a dupe for the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey! I've been searching for one but no luck!

  12. I was hoping you'd post a dupe for Jo Malone NB & Honey! I've been searching for one but no luck!

  13. You know, i have never even considered zen zest before. Maybe I should drop by and give their scents a try. Thanks for this post!

  14. Hi Martha! :) i've been a long time user of the Face Shop's Honey Suckle Shower Cologne - very light fragrance that's citrusy and cottony - perfect for the summer! At only 495, it's a steal! But this is always out of stock, so i make sure to replenish once i pass by a face shop store! :)

  15. Love the post! Will have to try the Davidoff for women soon! Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey is my all time fave too! Do you know where to buy Jo Malone here in Manila? Thanks!

  16. I super duper love this post because I am a perfume addict. Before I clicked the "Read More" link I promised myself that I will try my best to control myself. But I knew, deep inside, that it's not gonna work. LOL

    I'm definitely checking out the Zen Zest perfume.. wallet friendly! And the DKNY and UCB rose scents, because I'm on the lookout for rose perfumes right now :) I'm currently loving the Kiehl's Aromatic Blend in Nashi Blossom and Grapefruit. I got a sample and i am loving it to bits. I'm going to buy it in full size! I like the Orange Flower and Lychee too but there's something about the Grapefruit variant that makes me feel like a fresh and yummy slice of fruit. (What? lol) Can you tell that I'm super excited? haha

    Oh my wallet is so going to cry. haha.

    Thank you for this post! :) Sorry for the extremely long comment, it just really got me really giddy :)

  17. uuuy!! naintriga ako sa Kiehl's! I didn't know they have this! Intriguing din ang mustela! I love veeeeeery light scents..I tried ung Shea butter ng Body Shop, and until now that's what I always smell :) It lasts too!, I bought that along with the strawberry scent :) parang bata lng hehe :)

  18. I recently saw this at Fresh! ( and it cost around P316/360 (depending on what I heard, lol) and it smells pretty good :)

    Does the scent of the Benetton cologne last long on you?

  19. my perfume picks for summer are d and g light blue, lanvin eclat and davidoff coolwater.

  20. my perfume picks for summer are d and g light blue, lanvin eclat and davidoff coolwater.

  21. thanks to the sender, a good question indeed, this is super helpful post.


  23. Glad you liked this post, girls!

    Whimsical Child: Hi and welcome to tbj! Pretty much. UCB cologne lasts for a good 1- 2 hours on me. It's just a body mist so I can't expect it to stay longer than the stated time frame. :)

    Millicent: Hi there and welcome to tbj! thanks for sharing your favorite! Ah, Honeysuckle-truly one of the best summer fragrances in my opinion. I'll check this out when I pass by a Face Shop store. :)

    Little miss shopaholic: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :D I get my Jo Malone from PX stores in Cash and Carry and Singapore. There are sellers in ebay, but if you want to get the real thing, visit Cash and Carry. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I can't find a dupe for that Jo malone fragrance too. :( It's so unique!

  24. Hi! Where can I buy Mustela? Thanks😊


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