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I was recently invited to a private viewing of luxury eyewear brands in Makati. You all know how much I dig luxury stuff especially handbags, and my second favorite is luxury sunglasses.

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Hmmm...So what started my addiction to sunglasses? Well, I really like looking at paparazzi photos of Hollywood celebrities-I get lotsa' clothing inspirations from them, and one thing I've noticed is that they all love wearing fab, luxury eyewear. I've also noticed that their trick to looking glamorous in a snap even if they're wearing trashy clothing is by wearing a gorgeous pair of eye candies. When it comes to fashion, I look up to Hollywood celebrities so much that I have developed this sincere want for luxury eyewear--because just like a chic pair of shoes, the sunglasses, as the final touch, just pulls your look together or makes ordinary outfits seem a little extraordinary. That, and the feeling of owning something precious.

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Isn't it obvious? I love Mary Kate Olsen! :D

But style is just one aspect. Luxury eyewear is also damn sturdy! My Emporio Armani shades, which I bought around 2 years ago is still alive. One time, I accidentally sat on it on the driver's seat and lo and behold, it didn't crack! 

Going back, one of the reasons why I went to the private viewing is to check out the newest styles as I'm planning to buy that ultimate pair: something that stands out and will look good on almost anything. 

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Just like luxury handbags, you can find the flashiest, non-generic styles in luxury eyewear that are handcrafted to fashion perfection: from the cut down to the detail. Here are my brand and eyewear picks:


The great luxury accessories brand is famous for their intricate, bejeweled eyewear. This oh-so-fine pair is made with 50 real Swarovski crystals, proudly handmade by Bvlgari's artisans. It's a nice pair to add that subtle touch of bling to your outfit.

Also comes in two more colors! If you're going to ask for my recommendation, the white one is the prettiest! These blingy sunglasses retail at P18,000.00+ each.


Ohhhh....I am seriously crushing on this Sicilian Baroque pair. FYI, this pair was inspired by one of D&G's handbags. The huge, rounded-square frame is perfect for my face, and those intricate golden rose accents scream high fashion! Oh, I could imagine how good it will look on a clean- cut, solid- colored dress! And despite all the attachments, it still feels light. The Sicilian Baroque retails at P20,000.00.


Prada's more edgy and funky sister brand. This particular pair, Culte, is probably the most popular in the Summer 2012 collection. Sighted on A-List celebrities such as Rihanna and Miranda Kerr. One brilliant feature of this pair is it looks good on almost any face shape, and the star-esque shape makes it a totally unique find. I'm liking the gold one, but knowing my style, this is a little too edgy for my taste. :) MiuMiu Culte is at P18,000.00+.


My most favorite luxury label! Like what I said, Prada just fits my classic style. This incredibly lightweight pair of sunnies with cat eye frames is my top pick! It makes my face appear smaller, lightweight and compact, and the tint of the lenses are perfect for driving! It kinda' reminds me of Prada's iconic Baroque sunglasses, my most favorite pair from the brand. Almost bought this one right on the spot, but I remembered that I have to replace my decaying wallet first lol! This pair retails at P15,000.00.


Versace is a great brand for those who want a pair that's in between trendy and timeless. Versace's sunnies start at P18,000.00+.


The famous jewelry brand also does sunglasses! Did you know that Tiffany and Co. is the priciest eyewear brand of them all? Never thought of that too! Anyway, Tiffany and Co.'s pairs are inspired by flowers, gardens, and romance. If you want a pair with the perfect mèlange of vintage and contemporary designs, Tiffany and Co. it is! This is the particular pair that caught my eye: it has a modern pointy square cut and an amber-beige, polished lacquering. It will look good with a bustier and a high-waist pair of shorts! Tiffany Co.'s sunglasses start at P20,000.00.


The great American fashion label is best known for its chic, street- smart style like this Legacy wayfarer- type of sunnies. In my opinion, this is the only wayfarer that looks good on gals with round faces. Coach starts at P8,000.00+-it's considered as an entry luxury label along with Tory Burch.

Lastly, we have Paul Smith. Nope, they don't sell shades, but these clear spectacles, a very popular eyewear especially with men. They have those Gregory Peck frames!

What makes Paul Smith's glasses unique is they have individual quotes printed on the temples-they're a feel- good reminder whenever you're having a rough day, aye? Paul Smith retails at P12,000.00+ each.

Now it's a battle between Prada and Dolce and Gabbana. Argh! So hard to choose!

With the people from Branded Lifestyle and bloggers Angela, Camille, and Danika.

Any thoughts on luxury eyewear? What are your picks from my list? Share! :D

For the complete listing of these brands' Summer collections, please visit LUXURY EYEWEAR PH on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Woah. 20K for a pair of sunnies.

    The one from Prada looks gorgeous!

  2. My top pick would be d&g...i love the rose accent! Next would be that miumiu...sooo unique!but the prada really looks great on you Ms M! :) i wish you had a pic wearing the miumiu sunnies..:) wish i could grab one of these babies..but too bad i can only afford oakley shades..:)

  3. The Prada looks sooo pretty and classy as ever! BTW,I love your lipstick Ms. Martha...screaming pink...I love pink lippies nowadays...If I may ask what is it? Im thinking of pink noveau or candy yumyum

  4. Coach nalng classic. Tuats so expensive ugh pero watever mKes u happy id say go for it

  5. Oh I love the GIANNI VERSACE shades! I agree, the pair looks trendy and timeless a the same time. :)

  6. PRADA!!! It's like you are one of the stars of the movie "Devil wears Prada".. I like the cat like frames.. Suits you beautifully.. ;))

  7. D&G screams "ang mahal ko!!" haha! I vote that one for you!
    For me, sunnies or any eyewear should really be light. I find expensive sunnies kinda heavy for my nose and my wallet too!! haha
    or I am just not that experienced yet...hmmm

  8. BrownOso: IKR! But haaay...I love them all! Yes, the Prada's cat- eye cut is very unique that's why I like it! :)

    Majorie: Thanks! :D

    Leilani: True, and also "OUT OF THE WAY. I'M A SUPERSTAR." LOL!!!

    Kris: Yup yup! Gianni has other whimsical designs too. :)

    Eloise: Yah haha. :) Whatever floats your boat, use it! :D

    Elif: It's Candy Yum Yum from MAC. :)

    Jec: I came late and they just finished talking about the MiuMiu glasses so I was only able to take a quick pic right before they kept it. :p

  9. loving COACH! so elegant-looking!

  10. Nice post on sunglasses..Sunglasses give relief to our eyes and protect against many UV rays.keep it up with this type of post

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