New Year, New K-Palette

My favorite eyeliner brand, K-Palette has got some new stuff for us this 2013!

The classic favorite Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliners have a new and improved formulation, and the Real Lasting EyePencil and 1 Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara has now hit our local beauty shelves!

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Smudge- proof, waterproof, and sebum- proof, yet comes off easily with lukewarm water. These pencils have a soft tip, making them perfect even for those with sensitive skin around the eyes. Not only that, they also contain three beauty essences namely Hyaluronic acid Na, Water- soluble Collagen, and Swertia Japonica Essence. Looks like it's a dream line for those who love eye pencils!

Super Black
Deep Brown


My HG liquid eyeliner just had a little boost! After two years of painstaking research, K-Palette has developed a better formula for their best- selling multipurpose eyeliner: Real Lasting Eyeliner now has better pigmentation and staying power, dries up faster, and is infused with beauty essences that help soothe skin during wear.

Super Black
Deep Brown


This is what I'm particularly excited about-Actually, Volumizing mascaras excite me always because it's one of my makeup necessities!

Apart from volumizing, Volume Curl mascara also promises to help curls stay longer, just like K-Palette 1-Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara. It also contains four beauty essences namely Panthenol, Hydrolyze Silk, Red Algae Essence, and Swertia Herb, plus it comes off with just lukewarm water.

Which of these products are you lemming for? Let me know on the comments section below! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow this would be perfect gift for my mother..

  2. K-PALETTE 1 DAY LASH PERM VOLUME CURL MASCARA is to die for!! More volume equals more drama!!
    "plus it comes off effortlessly with just lukewarm water" ??
    Definitely "TryWorthy" product!

  3. Hi miss M! the products sounds promising! I have been looking for a great eyeliner for soooo long! where can we purchase products from this brand? I would really want an eyeliner that won't make me look like a panda in a couple of hours. :)

  4. Id love to get my hands on the fluid eyelinerm kanebo pala meron ako at hindi k palette. All along akala ko theyre one and the same.

    I have a question though, why would anyone want to use a prncil liner e meron na ngang fluid one?

  5. Ay gusto ko ng Lasting Eyeliner nila. But I still have to save for that one. I'm swayed by your description of the improved formulation. Ms M how long did your HG liquid liner last you? I just want to have a better idea of its value for money. Thanks!

  6. K-PALETTE 1 DAY LASH PERM VOLUME CURL MASCARA! I need youuu. My lashes are awefully straight and lifeless and *insert horrible description here*. I'm contented with my Maybelline the Colossal Mascara but I really want to try that one. Wooooot If not with its price then why not? Thanks for sharing MS M. All K-palette products are lovely and promising :)

  7. Ms M please try on the mascara! I am excited to see how it fares. I like the pencils for eyelining. I haven't tried this yet but so far everybody's saying this is HG material.

  8. Wow! Real lasting eyeliner in deep brown + lash perm volume mascara for me. Volumizing mascara is also one of my necessities Ms. M, my lashes badly needed it.. :)

  9. Ahhhhh not a new K-palette product! I haven't bought the much-raved liquid liner.. I'm so outdated... I wanna get my hands on them soon huhuhu

  10. the liquid eye liner! i think it just looks better than the pencil type. :D

  11. Mayla: My mom loves it too! :)

    detsy: Still my favorite K-Palette liner to date. :)

    Dana: LOL! Great investment, in my opinion. :)

    Jec: Then you should be checking them out now! :D

    Leilani: Road-testing the eye pencils now, but I think I'm ready to give my verdict anytime next week. :)

    Kris: The first k-palette eyeliner, you mean? I got it last 2012, although I can't remember when. If I'm not mistaken, I've had it for more than 5 months now and it's still working! :)

    Eloise: Pencil eyeliners have better pigmentation than liquid liners, hence you get better definition. Liquid liners are quite pigmented too, but the shiny effect gives them the illusion that they're not, if you know what I mean. :) Also, pencil liners are great for newbies and for those who like it matte. :)

    Jill: Beauty Bar dear! :)

    Shopping Diva: Trying it out tomorrow. Hope it's worth it! :)


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