Off The Hook: Krave Cosmeceuticals

On the other side of the fence called Beauty Vlogging, they've been raving about Krave Cosmeceuticals, another rising Filipino organic/cosmeceutical brand of makeup and skin care products made with 90% lesser chemicals and all- natural extracts. (Actually, a handful of beauty bloggers have been raving about it too) Krave's products are being manufactured in the USA.

 Krave Cosmeceuticals was founded in December 2011 by Katrina Chua (CEO for the brand) and in as little as two years, they have already expanded to overseas markets namely Japan, Australia, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, and United Kingdom. They got a lot of certifications and accreditations under their belt such as the USDA Certified Organic, Cruelty Free, Kosher Certified, and US FDA to name a few, and they're also a proud affiliate of PETA (People's Ethical Treatment For Animals), World Trade Center Manila, Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and Natural Ingredient Resource Center. *Gasp! That's quite impressive for a barely three-year old brand, and it's definitely seeing a bright future!

Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals in 2011 (They used to use the word Minerale in their brand name and got rid of it eventually)

Really, it's just my first time to be acquainted with the brand even if I already knew then that it exists. I wanted to try it out last year, but I was channeling my inner Buddha and practiced Deferred Gratification so no impulse buying for me that time! :D (Which reminds me, I've to flawlessly execute my delaying gratification act this year!)

Anyway, Krave Cosmeceuticals has had a major packaging revamp, and they added a couple of new, intriguing products in their ever expanding line- up. Click READ MORE and see the all- new Krave!

Ladies, meet Krave Cosmeceuticals version 2.0: From their cutesy, teenybopper packaging, they did a 360-degree turn and transformed it into a chic, mysteriously alluring one, which I think is more apt since they are a Cosmeceuticals company. Also, I think they're currently the only Filipino cosmeceutical beauty brand in the country. (Of course, feel free to correct me. :D) 

Dear readers, we got the following: Upgrade HD Concealer, Fruittie Poreless Toner Spray, Misty Spritz Makeup Setting Spray, new Upgrade 12 HD Liquid Foundation, new Vegie-Lash Volumizing Mascara, and the repackaged Oil Eliminator HD with Superfruit.

Cosmeceuticals, (a mash up of the words Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals) by definition, are double strength beauty products containing higher and extra doses of active ingredients, rendering them more powerful and pricier than regular beauty products. Surprisingly, Krave's products-which they claim as advanced cosmeceuticals-are quite affordable. I dunno, maybe some ingredients nowadays are made more affordable, but that's already another topic. I'll just test these products and let you guys know how they work! :)

By the way, here's a glimpse of their skincare range:

Triple-P Whitening Mask (Orange Papaya, Green Papaya, Pineapple)

Detox 2P-3G Silt Mask with Pseudo-Collagen and Papaya, Pineapple, Green Tea, Ginseng, and Gingko Biloba

Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash with Mulberry Leaves

Anti-Zit Splash With Melaleuca Oil and Salix Nigra Extracts

Moisture Visage 6-in-1 Night Cream

Please visit KRAVE COSMECEUTICALS on Facebook for more details about the brand.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oooooh. It's my first time to hear about Krave but their products look interesting.

  2. i chanced upon this brand last night when i saw a beauty vlogger use the correct and conceal stick on her no make up look. i will be watching out for your reviews about their products ms. Martha. :) super affordable nga! :)

  3. Wow!intrigued much!...looking forward on your in-depth reviews Ms. M particularly their whitening and silt mask..:)

  4. I'm familiar with this product because I see it featured in a Filipina beauty vlogger's channel but I haven't tried any of the products yet. It will be interesting to read your thoughts on the products.

  5. I really want to try their products but it's so hard to find a reseller! :(

  6. Yeah I want to hear your thoughts on it also.. I've been wanting to try it but I am also channeling my inner Buddha hahhaha!! But if you say its a great product then.. I'll forget Buddha hehehehh

  7. I've been seeing and wanting to try this since early this year. Like you martha I have been channeling my inner Buddha so delaying it. But if you'll be raving about it, then I'll give it a go.

  8. na excite ako sa pore minimizer! Pls do a review on that soon.
    Actually my sister bought a set from its sister company(?) ABSYNTHE. and they really have great products as well. My sister only bought a tinted moisturizer (?) from Krave. and she says maganda nga daw and it didn't give her pimples.

  9. Setting spray for makeup pls do a review ahihihi. This company reminds me oxf snoe dhil s success nila ha so good job. I havent tried anything from them yet

  10. Woot woot! I'm so glad you now have KRAVE!!! I will definitely be waiting for your reviews.. ;))

    ps.. I have been using Oil Eliminator and Fruttie Poreless for almost a year now and it works great on my skin..

  11. Hi girls! Will try to review the products soon. :D

    Katherine: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Oh you'll really benefit from channeling that inner buddha. :D

  12. i dont think that Krave is comparable to Snoe, I LOVE SNOE!!!! tried their poudre phenomenon HD, and its super nice!! oil-free the whole day :)


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