Review: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil in Jet

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil in Jet

Price: P1,450.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in the following Bobbi Brown counters: Ayala Center Cebu; Essences, Powerplant Mall; Shangri-La Mall; Rustan's Makati


Oops! I've completely forgotten about this product as I've sooo many eye pencils in my stash-It's been a while since I used eye pencils for eye lining as I went back to using liquid eyeliner. Blame K-Palette, my dear eye pencils! :p

Anyway! I'm reviewing Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Eye Pencil in jet from the namesake collection.


The shade I have is called Jet, and it's described by as "A blackest black" shade. It is also dubbed as the pencil form of Bobbi's famous Long-Wear Gel Liner, although I can't do a comparison as I've never tried the latter.

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Consistency is rich, soft, and ultra blendable--it goes on smoothly, and the softness of the eyeliner makes it great for people with sensitive eyes. Its pigmentation is comparable to a gel liner: One swipe imparts intense color coverage onto my lids. Finish is matte, and it settles quite fast!


Its jet- black shade and matte finish gives my eyes better emphasis as compared to liquid eyeliner, and deepens them effectively. It stays pretty much intact with minimal fading at the end of the day, although it smudges for a bit on my lids around midday. If you have hooded or semi- hooded eyes like mine, this ain't your best bet. If you have normal skin on your lids, you won't have a problem with this product. If you have dry skin on your lids, its creamy consistency will inhibit flaking, and its soft tip will glide easily on your skin type. For gals with oily skin on the lids like mine, it's best used with an eye primer.

I find that it's a better eyeshadow base, especially if you want to achieve a stunning smokey eye. I'd like to try the original gel liner as I've heard a lot of good things about it. :)


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the review Ms M! When I try eyelining, I'll be going for a liquid or a gel eyeliner. My friend has a quality pencil liner but I use that only for practicing.

  2. something as expensve as this, i would have expected a performance rating of at least 4. if im not mistaken kasama to sa beauty swag mo right? speaking of that, i was trying to go back to sleep last night heeheh i was dreaming of the loot bags.

    anyways, i stil prefer un liquid type liner. for oily lids like mine, i need something really long lasting. although this type, medyo maganda siya ismudge for that quick smokey eye look

  3. I think I'm gonna stick to a gel/liquid eyeliner. But what I like about this is the matte finish and how smoothly it glides on your lids. Hope you'll be able to review Bobbi Brown's long wear gel liner soon. Thanks Ms. M. :)

  4. Ang galing mo maglagay ng eyeliner, Ms. Martha. :) Mapa-liquid, pencil or gel liner, ang ganda ng pagkaka-apply. Hihi. Nahihirapan kasi ako magline ng eyes using pencil e. Kaya I love my K-Palette eyeliner e, mas madali kasi gamitin. Hihi. .^_^. Thanks for the review, Ms. Martha.

  5. The color is very pigmented!! I guess it would be a great investment if your a MUA although Staying power might be a factor.

    But for me when it comes to eyeliners, I'd still go for the smudge free type of liner.

  6. wow.. this liner reminds me of my L'oreal HIP Crayon in black =) super love this one!

  7. please make a review on Bobbi Brown's long wear gel liner soon :)

  8. It indeed is expensive, I guess there are cheaper alternatives for the same result. Thanks Miss M!

  9. I was on liquid liners, but it looks good at you and thanks for sharing the review, I wanted to try this one too.

  10. I think i'm not good in applying pencil liners if it's not sharpened or whatsoever. Also, I want a pencil that is smudge-proof and pigmented. I want to get this but sayang kase I have semi-hooded eyes which goes unnoticed at times.

    I love gel liners for it is the one that Im using at the moment (Fanny Serano) coz my liquid liner seems expired already. It gives that stingy/horrible scent which is one of the factors to consider in keeping your cosmetics at ease.

    Thanks for sharing and the review MS M! :D

  11. I remember a makeup artist friend explaining to me how Bobbi Brown and MAC are two great brands that work differently. I don't own any Bobbi Brown products YET as I'm more into buying drugstore prods, but reviews like this one are really helpful.

  12. Hi Ms. M! I envy how precise you can apply a liner :) I usually have uneven thickness :(

  13. I have hooded eyes but I am in love with crayon-y gel eyeliners. Even though they smudge a lot in the middle of a hot and busy day. I reapply na lang. LOL

    I have tried using liquid liners and even though they won't budge as much as the creamy pencil counterparts, I feel weird using them. Not that they make me feel uncomfortable. It's just all in my mind I guess. haha


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