Light and Easy: Yishion Summer Collection

China's top clothing retail brand, Yishion, has just introduced their new, juicy summer pieces in our country.

Light and Easy: These are the operative words for Yishion's summer clothing collection. What they've got are mostly breezy tops in lightweight and sheer (but not see- thru) material-you don't have to worry about sweating underneath all that fashionable clothing as you go about your day. What I like about their summer collection is it has a lot of tops for daytime wear.

Click READ MORE and let's take a look at the entire collection!

Women's Section: If you're looking for basic, laid-back pieces in summery colors and prints, you'll find a lot here! They also have rompers, maxi dresses, and structured dresses in fancy floral prints that are great for night outs.

Tribal prints, anyone? And oh, they have big tops too-I got the one in the middle because it reminded me of one of my fashion icons, Mary Kate Olsen. :)

Of course, the basics will always be there. Well, they SHOULD be there since they are...basics! :D Tank Tops are a summer necessity, and Yishion's versions are ultra light and flexible-you can wear them on their own, layer them on, or top them either with a boyfriend or denim polo.

Want a pop of color for your corporate outfits? Here you go! That yellow structured sleeveless top will look great with a high- waist pencil skirt, blazer, and bronze accessories!

Oh! Matilda- inspired dress! How cute! I so wanted this dress, but unfortunately, this large size was the only one left. :(

Boho bags are in season! These two would surely look stunning even on a plain ensemble!

Bright Boys: Yishion dares men to experiment with bright and sunny colors this summer. C'mon, guys, it's okay-a splash of color wouldn't hurt because colorful is the new black! :D

Got this neon yellow boyfriend polo from the brand. I like baggy polos because they're very easy to wear, not to mention you can use them with casual to smart casual pieces!

So tell me-how would you wear this loudmouth boyfriend polo? :)

Please visit YISHION PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their summer collection

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  1. Aha id wear that neon polo during the rainy season para id stil stop trafic khit umuulan

  2. Ang ganda ng variety nila. Looks like there's something for every taste.

  3. Eloise: LOL! Or when you're biking at night time para iwas roadkill!

    Kris: Yup! I'm liking the dresses. :)


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