The 5 Beau-Team Mates of #TeamMarthaMajolica Face Off are...

This is it guys! I've finally chosen the five lucky ladies who will join me in the test of persuasion and selling skills this Saturday at the Majolica Majorca Big Mascara Face Off!

Before I proceed, a BIG, BIG, BIG THANK YOU to all those who rooted for me via Twitter and to all those who signed up for my beauty army. It is so heartwarming to know that all of my readers are helping me win! *crossed fingers 

Click READ MORE and find out who the members are!

The Three Participating Members of my beauty army are:

1. Angela Eracho
2. Jam Hilario
3. Mirzi Sarte

The Two Cheerleaders/Supporters/On-Counter Persuaders (LOL!) are:

4. Eloisa Mago
5. Dianara Nicdao

Alright, ladies, please wait for my email today. Don't forget to reply to confirm receipt. Otherwise, I will be choosing new Beau-Team Mates on Friday. :)

Beau-Team Mates and my lovely supporters, please keep on tweeting until Saturday because the number of Tweets will affect the final decision of Majolica Majorca Philippines together with the team performance on Saturday. Make me the Mascara Queen! Thank you soooo much! :D

The Big Mascara Face Off is open to everybody, so please drop by to witness and join the event! Compare your current mascara with Lash King and let's find out who will win! Mark your calendars: May 18, 2013: Landmark Makati Beauty Section:4-6 P.M. See you there! :D

Please visit MAJOLICA MAJORCA PHILIPPINES for more updates on this event.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Good Luck Team Martha! If I am an expert, I'll join you but I am not hehe

  2. Best of luck to all the winners! :) xx

  3. Good luck, Team Martha! I wish to be there, kaso we have an Alumni Dinner... =(

    Go, go, go!!! ^__^

  4. Goodluck team martha!!! Lezzz do this

  5. Good luck Team Martha! Go ftw! :)

  6. Thanks to all those who rooted for me! :D


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