Holika Holika Debuts in The Philippines!

Another Korean beauty brand lands in the country! It's Holika Holika!

Holika Holika is a brand with a sultrier and darker (but still cute!) spirit. Holika Holika is like an incantation, a magic phrase that you say if you want to be beautiful-this is their cute story.

I went to the launch of their first- ever store in SM Fairview. Click READ MORE and let's check out their products! :)

Nail polishes

Lip products. Their lip scrub is very gritty, by the way-felt like it could really slough off those lip flakes!

CC Cream in different packagings. There's one in the traditional tube and one with a roller sponge applicator.

Don't Worry Bee skin care line for sensitive skin.


Pore Cover Mousse starter which is like Shu Uemura's UV Underbase, and Oil Queen Cotton Makeup Setting Spray.

My most favorite Holika Holika product! Oil Queen Cotton Translucent Powder! It's in my favorite powder texture, does not leave any white tint, and has a superb skin softening effect!

Prime Youth Placenta Cream with a free face massager

A cute skin care series called Pig-Nose. :D It's a line intended to remove Blackheads.

Bubble Hair Color

Medi-Medi face masks infused with vitamins.

Gonyak Soft Perfect Bubble Foam, a foaming facial cleanser with a rubber brush at the cover. It's a line for dry skin.

Soda Pore Cleansing B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil (which piqued my interest) and Cleansing Soda Water or basically, cleansing water. It's a line for oily skin.

Other Soda Cleansing products include an oxygenated foaming scrub, powder facial foam, and cream facial foam.

Pore Sea Stem, a line that targets pore problems.

The best- selling Magic Pole mascara, with a wand that reminds me of my favorite Givenchy Phenomen'eyes.

Finally, we have here Miracle Real Skin Finish, which seemed like a moisturizer/primer to me, but a kind follower in Instagram informed me that it's considered as CC Cream. Well, I guess it works both ways! This cream has options for Normal/Dry skin and Oily skin.

That's all! I really like the products, but I was on shopping ban mode because I'm going to Hong Kong next week and I definitely have to allot some cash for that. I hope Holika Holika expands to somewhere in Ortigas and Makati! The products I'm interested to try are the Soda Cleansing B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil, Magic Pole Mascara, Pore Cover Mousse Starter, Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, and of course, the Oil Queen Cotton Loose Powder! :)

Visit HOLIKA HOLIKA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their products.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Too bad they're in SM Fairview I really wanna visit their shop. Waa

  2. Oh gosh, this would be like heaven to me!

  3. About time! Can't wait for one to open near me :))) I'm super lusting over their cute heartshaped lippies! I think they are called heartful moisture lipstickm, ahhhh ^_^


  4. Wow these products look great! Will check em out :)


  5. the nail polishes are heaven. pero mukhang malayo pa tong dumating sa Cebu. :)

  6. OMG! SM Fariview, so near. :) Will definitely check them out, I like to try the jelly BB cream. Thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  7. Everything's so gorgeous! Too bad it's so faraway from home :(

  8. Me and my friends visited the shop few days after the opening and we were like in a makeup paradise! Everything is affordable and very cute. I am eyeing for the strawberry primer :D But I wish they could open a branch near Alabang.

  9. wow, another interesting brand from Korea :)

  10. I've been waiting for this brand to come here!! Thank you for the informative post!!!


  11. wow! I so wanna visit this soon! thanks for the info. :)


  12. Would love to visit this!!! But dang it is so far.

  13. i agree gina! hehehe sana meron sa alabang area =) i want to try their mascaras!

  14. I hope they open another branch at Mall of Asia, I would so love to try the Bubble Hair color and pore serum.. ;))

  15. Yette, louise and Peta: Me too. I wanna go back but.....

    Majorie: I think that's part of the plan. :D

    Trina: Welcome! :)

    Azure: Welcome and thanks for the visit. :)

    Issa: True! One of the popular brands there. :)

    Gina: I love the Cotton thingy makeup series, especially the powder! :D

    Maica: Welcome! I want to try that too but too bad, I don't have a shade! :p

    Henley: Let's cross our fingers for that! :D

    Renata: Same! Welcome to tbj! :D

    Angel: Now you have more reasons to visit manila lol! :D

  16. I think I saw myself in one of the photos! :)

    Thanks Martha for featuring one of our clients! I hope to see you again soon!


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