Kinda' Huge Fashion Haul + I found the comfiest Black Pumps!

Okay, this might not be of grand scale compared to some hauls by various bloggers, but to me, this is  A LOT already considering that ever since I discovered the joy of shopping, purchasing 2 pieces of clothing in one go is waaay too much for me already. I shopped mostly for essentials and a swell pair of black pumps to replace my previous one that literally feels like a rock against my feet. Every time I'll wear that cheapo pair of black pumps, I'd always have to endure pain, excruciating pain--as pretty as it is, I had to ditch it just because I couldn't take it anymore! 

Starting off with my clothing haul. Realized that I don't have clothes to wear already and yes, I mean it so I got some dressy tops (which I totally lack in my wardrobe) and some shorts.

This baby will look great whether with jeans, shorts, or skirt.

A sheer polo top with nice detailing on the shoulders. Incidentally, this is my first- ever yellow- colored article of clothing. No kidding! :D

From Plains and Prints' DNM Collection. It's a great weekender sleeveless button down.

Click READ MORE for my hauls and for the comfiest pair of black pumps! :)

A knit- like nude- colored shorts.

A black semi high- waist shorts with golden- lined lace. Great for night outs!

Random hauls from Beauty Bar and Marks and Spencers: From Marks and Spencers, I got my favorite Four Cheese Pasta Sauce, Clear Mints, and I wanted to try out their All Butter Scottish Shortbread Stars. I'm also trying out not.a.sponge Konjac sponge from beauty bar, a company that distributes Konjac Jelly sponge. I'm currently on a purely-konjac-cleansing regimen and I'm trying it out for three weeks-I'll let you know how it goes!

Jelly loafers from CLN that look expensive. It's P299.00 only!

Took this pair on a spin yesterday and sadly, it almost killed my feet. It's not for those who have wide feet like me. :p

And here's the star of my haul: Via Venetto Black Suede Pumps! It's my most favorite type of shoes simply because it goes well with all my outfits. I wear black pumps to events almost always, and I am in dire need of a comfy pair because most events that I go to are cocktails, (or standing up events) not to mention I'd have to walk to and fro the venue and parking lot.

What makes this fab girl so comfy? It has foams that are strategically placed underneath the shoe bed lining to cushion your entire footbed perfectly. I wore this to an event yesterday, had to walk for blocks, and my feet still felt fine. Of course you'll feel a little pain already when you're standing and walking in it for more than 3 hours. But 3 hours worth of walking and standing up in heels without limping? I'd take that! :D

That bumpy portion on the interior is a pillow- like cushion that supports the arch of your feet to avoid the straining feeling on that part.

It has 3 1/2 - inch heels and the entire thing feels very stable. It's made from genuine Italian leather, perfect for wide feet, and the edges of the shoes are seamless so no scratching on your skin! It's P3,900.00 though, but that's the price you pay for comfort. I am so loving this pair! Oh, in case you didn't know, Via Venetto is one of the oldest and most trusted Filipino shoe brands. My mom's Via Venetto pair from 1998 is still alive! By the way, you can customize any shoe pair you buy from Via Venetto for free: You can add more cushions inside the lining, widen the opening of the shoe even more, and insert heel pads inside the shoe bed for free!

That's all for my hauls! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the sleeveless on the third photo! everything is nice! And that black pumps must be really worth it! :) nice haul Miss Martha :)

  2. ang cute ng shorts :)) especially the black one.
    yung sa celine masakit pala sa paa pagkabasa ko na 299 lng napa wow ako kaso flat footed ako :(( check ko paren bka kasya.hihi..nice haul!

  3. I love the printed top! Paired with jeans and those heels -- it's perfect! :D

  4. I kinda relate going shopping, buying a couple things and feeling guilty about it! Haha. Probably because, even they're just a few things, I'm aware I don't have the NEED for them. :)

    I'm drooling over the four cheese pasta sauce. Hope you could do another recipe post :)

  5. Issa: I highly recommend the pumps! Thanks! :D

    Louise: Indeed! Now I want to go back to plains and prints again! :D

    Angel: That's why before I go shopping, I really ponder if I need to or not. :) Errr...just finished the pasta sauce already haha!

    Jenny: If you have small feet, it's gonna be perfect for you. :)

  6. I love Via Venetto!!! (my personal advocacy is to Buy Filipino as much as I can). Customer service is great. And yes, I agree, their shoes are comfortable and last a really long time (no need to buy dozens of shoes if these are high-quality classics like the pair you got) :)

  7. i love the black lace short ms m! any other color? =)

  8. I agree genefel! :) Let's buy Filipino and support Marikina made shoes :)


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