Review: Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks

Here's a review on Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks

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There's a new lipstick line in town and it's called Ultra Color, a new addition to Avon's noteworthy lipstick collection. You probably know by now that Avon is my go-to brand for affordable but great lipsticks. Suffice to say, I was excited for this collection and I couldn't wait to swatch and wear 'em when these samples landed on my lap!


Avon said that this collection features the True Color Technology with self- renewing pigments that help the colors stay true for a long time. It contains Shea Butter, Omega Oil, Arctic Berry, and Vitamin E to nourish and moisturize lips instantly. It comes in a new packaging with a clear window at the tip of the cap to allow you to see the true colors easily. It comes in 13 shades. What I got are some of the best- sellers, so click READ MORE now to see the swatches!



Carnation is a milky blushing pink shade with a hint of warmness and coolness.

Oooohhh...thought that this shade wouldn't look too nice on me, but it did! Best paired with a smokey eye makeup look or just a pair of pink cheeks.

Country Rose

Sorry for the messy application! Only saw it while editing! :D

Country Rose is a rosy red shade with a wash of silver shimmer.

Country Rose is a casual kind of red, and I think teenage girls will find refuge in this. It has the essence of the classic red lippie without looking over-the-top and bold.

Lava Love

Lava Love is a red orange shade.

Lava Love is a fiery shade that looks great for daytime and night time. It has awesome skin brightening properties, and makes lips appear fuller.


Hibiscus is a bright pink shade with cool undertones.

Hibiscus is one of the prettiest shades in this collection. It's got the right amount of brightness to give you that statement lip look, but still remains casually cool and easy. On medium to dark skin tones, it appears warmer while on fairer skin tone, it fares a little brighter. Nevertheless, it still pops beautifully on any complexion!

Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango is a bright orange lipstick with warm undertones and a wash of gold shimmer.

Tangerine Tango may be so last year, but a vintage orange lipstick remains timeless! Tangerine Tango is my most favorite in the bunch because I've found the EXACT orange lipstick I'm looking for in this shade-reminds me of my grandma's orange lipstick when she was still alive. It looks so nice on warm skin tones, albeit has a tendency to appear a tad bit reddish on fairer skin tones, but it still remains orangey after all! :)

Rich color, rich texture, and rich shades-these are the best things to describe this collection. True to what is advertised, colors remain true, but intensity fades gradually throughout the day. Consistency is just like the rest of Avon's lipsticks: soft, creamy, not draggy, non- drying but needs a lip liner to inhibit color bleeding. I still love it anyway because it's so affordable and the colors are very, very nice. :)


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  1. These look lovely! You really suit the colours you have picked! My mother in law is an Avon lady, I must get her to order me a few next time she is sending away her books! :) x

  2. Hala, bakit lahat sila bagay sayo Ms.Martha? I love them all, specially the formula :) It looks expensive! And I think your darker hair suits you. You look younger!

  3. Hi Miss Martha! hibiscus and country rose suits you so well! :D

  4. Lolli K: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :) Yes you should! :D

    Jenny: Haha. Thanks! :D Yup, thinking of keeping my dark hair for long. :D

    Je E: Thank you dear and welcome to my blog! :)

  5. Wow the colors suits you well! I have Hibiscus and I must say I love the colors a lot! I wanted to try Country Rose. Thanks for the review! :D

  6. I love the Hibiscus shade! Everything looks great on you :)

  7. Omg carnation is so gorgeous :)) I'm a bit apprehensive about Avon lippies though. I have one, and its staying power is sooo weak. Wears out in less than 2 hours without eating/drinking.


  8. Maica: Thanks! :D

    Angel: Same experience here. :p

  9. Great posts. Keep up the good work!

    I have a question for you about Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks. My last purchase of these lipsticks took place when they were in the fat round tubes. Looking at these newly-packaged lippies in the square tubes with the see-through tops, it would appear that there is less lipstick. Do you mind posting the weight?

    The weight on the original ones in the round tube are 3.0g net wt 0.106 oz. How much product are you getting in the square tube version? From the looks of it, my guess is less than most lipstick brands provide. I really hope I am wrong.


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