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Here's a review on Seowoo 3S Pre-Glued Lashes in Lovely

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I cannot apply false eyelashes perfectly to save my life. Whenever I have to use falsies, I'd have to prepare at least 15 minutes earlier than the usual that's why I hate wearing them, but my eyes just look soooo nice if I have false eyelashes on, especially in photos and during special occasions so even if they eat up so much time and effort, I still wear them.

Two weeks ago, I had to attend a big event in Hong Kong for Mary Kay Philippines and clearly, a pair of falsies was a must-thought there would be tons of picture taking and the event was semi- formal. While packing my stuff, I was choosing from my falsies collection and decided to bring this Seowoo Pre-Glued False Eyelashes pair-it has been sitting in my stash since forever so I thought of using it for the first time. I swear to the heavens, this product converted me into a false eyelashes lover--Who would've thought that they don't have to be tedious and frustrating?


Seowoo, which seems like a Korean brand to me, specializes in pre- glued false eyelashes. The 3S series comes in varying styles and thickness. Each pack comes with an instructions pamphlet so you'd know how to use the lashes and the spare glue strands.

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The false eyelashes have individual stands to preserve their shape-they also have the spare glue strand stuck in them.

Its hair fibers are synthetic, but very lightweight and natural- looking. Didn't experience any poking, scratchy, and itchy feeling when I wore them. The base of the falsies is where the glue is at.


Application time: 3 minutes (FOR REAL!)

It's as easy peasy as pull out the lashes carefully from the base, stick onto your lash line, do some adjustments if necessary, and voila! You're done!

The base of the lashes feels quite sticky and the hair strands are delicate so be extra careful when handling it. Its length is patterned after Asian eyes and I didn't have to cut the edges for them to fit my eyes snuggly.

Seowoo's styles are very practical, thus you can even wear them during daytime like this pair I have called Lovely. However, the natural oil on your fingers may minimize the tackiness of the glue if you keep on touching it (it's quite inevitable) during adjustments so as much as possible, try to get it right the first, second, or third time. The only con is, this pair will be rendered useless when you use up the spare glue strands or unless you buy Seowoo's Spare Glue Strands set (Saw it in Bonjour, Hong Kong) as it's good for one use only, especially if you use it on eyes with too much eyeshadow or eye liner (Shen is right!)-the glue just absorbs every pigment it touches and its tackiness disappears. But you take the good with the bad: you dispose it right away and save your eyes from all sorts of deadly bacteria.

They stay put pretty much all day and are pain- free to remove. The label said that it's Speedy, Safe, and Smart--yup, exactly the best words to describe this product. It's so convenient, (you can even wear this in the car!) definitely a time saver, and best for eyes who are sensitive to all sorts of false eyelash glue-You're also spared from accidentally putting sticky glue onto your lashes and lids. In general, it's not that economical because you have to throw it away once you use up your spare glue strands, but for me, it is because I only use falsies during special occasions and oh, I love the convenience it brings! I just got a back up during my Hong Kong trip. I gave it to my mom who went to France yesterday for a business trip and she just messaged me and said that she's amazed by it! I'm buying more! :D


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow. That certainly makes wearing falsies less intimidating! :D I do have a question though; when you wear falsies, do you still wear mascara? and when should you apply mascara, is it before, or after applying the false eyelashes?


  2. How many times can we use it before the adhesive wears off? :)

  3. I love this! Perfect for my short eyelashes! I've never tried this before, hindi kasi ako marunong :)

  4. Agreed!even i havent put false lashes on my own lids. But i have tried putting to hubby, when he joined contest haha and to my sissy, it took me 10 to 15 mins ngatal pa haha. Kaya i prefer mascara na lng hee hee

  5. April: I really recommend this product because it's just pure awesomeness. :) Ideally, that is what one should do to let the natural lashes blend with the falsies, but I don't like doing that because it shortens the life span of the falsies. :) You apply the mascara after applying falsies. :)

    Louise: You don't need pro skills with this one, trust me! :D

    Rhain: Well, I won't wear falsies on a regular day, but Seowoo would definitely be my go- to brand when I need to wear falsies! :D

    Angel: sadly, around one to two only. :p


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