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Here's a review on Shiseido Ibuki line.

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I'm currently on my third week of usage with Shiseido's Ibuki line, and I'm here to let you know my first impressions and the differences I've observed with my skin during my trial.


To summarize all the science behind this line, Ibuki is designed for the skin of today's generation, specifically those in the age range of 25-34. Built for all types of skin and on the principle of Ibuki which means "Inner Strength", this line reinforces skin's resistance so it can resist problems on its own. It contains Yuzu extract, a Japanese citrus fruit that contains a high dose of Vitamin C, Lamium Album extract that helps in the production of NMF and aids collagen regeneration, and Trimethyglycine from Beet Molasses that gently sloughs off dead skin cells.

A detailed introduction on the Ibuki line HERE.

Know why I call this line my breath of fresh air after the jump! 


- Creamy foaming cleanser that washes away dirt and impurities.


This product lathers up really well and you only need a very small amount to create a rich foam. It's very soft, fun to use, formulation is very gentle, and doesn't leave any residue when you rinse it off. It really takes away every single trace of dirt and oil, thus it can be a lil' drying for normal skin so always follow up with a moisturizer.


Oh did you know that Shiseido is the leading maker of skin softening emulsions? It traces its roots way back in the 1800's, when they pioneered the first softening emulsion to address lead poisoning in Japanese women due to face powder with high lead content.


This unique toner has got to be my most favorite item in the line: It immediately softens skin and soothes itchy, dry areas and keeps my skin moist for a long time-it's very hydrating that I sometimes think I already have moisturizer on my skin! It also removes excess dirt. It has alcohol, but doesn't sting and dry up skin so much as compared to other alcohol- based toners.


- Light, non- sticky moisturizer ideal for daytime and can be used under makeup.


The mouth of the dispenser comes with a built- in stopper to prevent accidental leakage.

This oil- free moisturizer is indeed great for day use because consistency is very milky, light, and gets absorbed really fast by the skin. It imparts the right amount of moisture that softens skin, but won't interfere with makeup. It has a decent amount of SPF, and does not leave any white cast.


- The star product of the Ibuki line. The key product that goes deep down to fix weakened skin.


Unlike the Protective Moisturizer, this one does not come with a stopper, but the pump can't be pressed that easy so no need to worry about spillage!

This luxurious moisturizer is quite sheer, yet moisturizes like a boss. I think its formula is very concentrated, so I treat this as a serum. It leaves skin with a filmy barrier that feels a lil' oily so I only use it during night time. It gets absorbed completely in about 3- 4 minutes. This formula suits combination-oily skin (preferably for night time use) and may be used during the day by those with dry to extremely dry skin.


- Refining Moisturizer in cream form.

This tub is pretty huge and I'm guessing, it can last me for a year! It comes with a spatula as well.

I like this better than the liquid Refining Moisturizer because it's so rich and luxurious: every time I use it, I feel like my skin is getting a treat- always. It doesn't leave a filmy, semi-oily residue unlike the liquid version, but rather a soft, lotion- like barrier that feels absolutely nice. My air- conditioning feels much colder recently due to the cold weather, and thanks to this, my skin remains hydrated and supple (but never oily!) even if I've been under cold conditions for more than 8 hours! It takes a while to be absorbed so I use it during night time as well. This is best for those with severely dry skin, but can be used by normal or oily skin types as a night moisturizer.


- Addresses fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness, and helps under eyes recuperate from stress due to lack of sleep.


This highly moisturizing yet lightweight eye cream gets absorbed pretty fast and dries into a matte finish, which makes it great to be used with concealer. It has a light pinkish tone to it that helps minimize the appearance of dark circles instantaneously, has a slight cooling effect, and I've observed that it kinda' tightens and lifts the under eyes a few seconds after application.

All products are laced with a very light and calming floral fragrance that goes away after a few minutes. Ibuki is simply a master of hydration-this is the most significant thing I've noticed with this line. 


In my first week, I kinda' noticed that small bumps and a few cystic zits popped out from my skin, and I thought that it was breaking me out, but I continued. (Courageous, right?) On my second week, the cystic pimples all became flat and were almost healing-that was pretty strange and new to my skin because when I get cystic zits, they take more than a week to heal, sometimes, a month. This got me thinking, could this be the last hurrah of my zits before my skin undergoes complete reinforcement? (In other words, purging) Too early to tell, so I continued using.

Third week. The zits I got in the last two weeks are dry already. I even got a few, new ones (cystic ones, to be exact. That's Adult Acne, delayed period, and super late sleeping habits for 'ya) but lo and behold, they heal super fast, like three to four days. Amazeballs. One time, I checked my skin closely in my 4x zoom mirror and noticed that my skin looked finer-almost transparent and very smooth. The pores on the sides of my nose became sealed, although they're still kinda' visible. My skin got really soft and overall, felt really healthy.

To summarize my three- week trial, my Ibuki regimen is like having a wonderful breath of fresh air. I wear makeup every day and for very long hours, and when I get home, I just want my skin to breathe and Ibuki gives me that experience. The next day, my skin just feels super Ready For Anything! Will continue using and will report back with my final results. :)

P.S. Please check back at 1:00 P.M. for my major, major Shiseido Ibuki giveaway! :D

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ohmyyyyy. This has got to be the brand i would want! Its so luxurious and so rich. Huhu if i oly ahve thye money to buy them. I like how their simple packaging has something to hide :) oh, cant wait for the giveaway too :)

  2. Yey! Shiseido Ibuki Giveaway! :) Great review, Ms. Martha :) The whole line looks very promising (I'm eyeing the cleanser and refining moisturizer). I have a feeling that the line is going to work for oily but dehydrated skin. It would be such an amazing birthday present if ever I win this giveaway though teehee :3 Again, very informative! One of the reasons why I just love your reviews! :) More power, dear xoxo

  3. It is so expensive but totally worth it. :) We all need to hydrate our skin, my face is dry and flaky cause by the AC at office and my make up makes it worse. Urgggh, sadly my current moisturizer is not doing its job. I might want to check out the SHISEIDO IBUKI REFINING MOISTURIZER ENRICHED :)

  4. I was also able to try a sample of these from Sample Room and it's really awesome. For just a few days of using it, keri ko na kahit hindi mag makeup sa pagka-bright ng skin ko! Though medyo nakakalito sya kasi ang daming products, i think i'll just have what i think are the necessities (cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream)

  5. The whole line seemed flawless. You do give the best reviews! :) hay kelan kaya ako makaka afford nito :/ wish they have free samples hehe

  6. fullsized!!!

    before ms m tamad talaga ako maglagay ng kung anu anu sa muka.. but after learning the importance of skincare from shiseido makeup workshop na-enlightened ako na if you would love to have a good and young looking skin kahit umeedad ka na you would really invest sa skincare.. then second na lang ang makeup..

    sa una tatamadin ka talaga magpapply ng mga product sa muka pero once na nakasanayan mo na sya mawawala na ang tamad mode.. and ang reward.. improved skin na mas napapansin ng iba =)

    from shiseido line, i want to try their eyecreams!!!

  7. I would love to see the results on you, although I may not afford the whole line, haha I want to try something from it. I'm eyeing that Eye correcting cream since my eyes always look tired

    Oh and that's a huge giveaway too. Thanks for always sharing your blessings to fellow beauty junkees! hehe

  8. Ravene: You're welcome! Please join! :)

    Rhain: I'm loving the eye cream, so far. :D The cooling effect is the bomb! :D

    MJ: You can try it out in Shiseido's Oxygen Lounge. :)

    Anne_22: Yup! Those should be good. :)

    Stephanie: Let me know how it works on you :)

    Patty: Thank you dear! Good luck! :D

    Mary Chua: Giveaway is up and hope you can join! :D

  9. yaaay for the giveaway! joined already... :) i got samples from sample room.. i think i'm breaking out... but it was still my first day using yesterday... hope this gets better... :)

  10. Hi,

    I got the protective moisterizer and I also got lots of zits on my chin. It's not a pretty face to see, but I was wondering. It really stopped after using it for 3weeks? Because I am using it now for 4 days and actually want to stop using because of all those zits. But this moisterizer does feel awesome on my skin

  11. Hi

    I was wondering. Did those zits popped out after using the moisterizer? Because I am using the protective moisterizer for 4days now and I have a lot of zits on my chin. Actually want to give up using but the moisterizer feels so good on my skin


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