Majolica Majorca Presents: Fantastic Fantasy

The third Chapter of Majolica Majorca’s 10th year anniversary makeup series is finally out! Welcome to the third chapter, Fantastic Fantasy.

On the other side of the mansion door,
An astonishing quirky tea party was being held

Is that a reflection of her whimsical desire?
It’s a story of a girl charmed by a fascinating world full of surprises

The theme for the third chapter is all about colors that warm up your skin in the cool Autumn season. Fantastic Fantasy also introduces a brand new Lash Expander in a washable formula! Eeep! Who’s excited for that?! Click READ MORE to see this collection!

The Little Humming Book III (P795.00)

A palette of shimmering, warm colors for blushing lips and complexion.

Powder Eyeshadows: Antique Berry and Table Napkin
Cream Eyeshadow: Brick Wall
Lip Gloss: Tomato Jam

Lash Expander Edge Meister F (P795.00)

Majolica Majorca’s best- selling lengthening mascara with 4mm hair fibers, liquid lengthening base, gloss oil for shiny, jet- black lashes, Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oils, now in a long- lasting yet washable formula. Removes easily with warm water!

The Little Humming Book series is about to come to an end. I’m looking forward to the last chapter! For more information about this new collection, please visit MAJOLICA MAJORCA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I really cant wait to have money to buy their mascaras! Its one thing im craving for right now. Haha. Parang food lang. :))

  2. wow! I love the humming book 3 colors! ang light, lakas maka-bagets nito! pwedeng pang-everyday look. :D

  3. I really love Majolica Majorca for their Mascara! I love the quality despite of the price. Super worth and Im looking forward of having this baby.♥

  4. mas bet ko yung shades nito ms m kesa sa nauna nilang irelease =) more on natural shades good for every day look =)

  5. Mary: LOL! Their mascaras are awesome. I would suggest Lash King to you :)

    Rhain: I like the second humming book! :)

    Fati: This would be an awesome christmas gift then! :D

    Anne_22: Yup! The peach eyeshadow is very unique. :)


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