Sumptuous Sundays: Kitchen's Best

Mom and I had a date yesterday at Kitchen's Best in Karrivin Plaza, Pasong Tamo extension. We were supposed to eat at Terry's, which is located in the same building, but mom remembered, upon seeing the sign KITCHEN'S BEST', that somebody told her that it's a good restaurant so we decided to try it out!

Kitchen's Best, as the name implies, is a restaurant that offers homestyle renditions of various comfort foods and secret recipes. They have another branch in Bonifacio Global City. (BGC)

PRICE RANGE: P150.00-P600.00

I have always been fascinated by French- inspired interiors as they are very elegant, charming, clean, and feel homey-upon entering, I was instantly reminded of my bedroom! :)

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KITCHEN'S BEST HOUSE SALAD- Candied walnuts and bacon bits on a bed of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, drizzled with meaty, Asian soy dressing. It's a simple but tasty salad recipe that's going to be huge a hit amongst meat lovers like me, but I find that the dressing was too salty-or methinks they poured a lil' too much on our plate. :P

Mushroom Cappucino- Frothy, light yet filling soup with mushroom bits, perfect for this cold weather!

Baked Salmon- their best- selling seafood dish. The portion is perfect because it's long and thick. The texture of the dish was interesting as it was soft and crunchy at the same time. The lightly salty cream sauce accompanied the baked spinach perfectly. Overall, it's a very yummy, clean- tasting dish.

40 Cloves Chicken- Their best- selling dish. I love this dish because it's very simple yet sumptuous and the garlic cloves just melt in your mouth, although I think P285.00 is way too expensive for a small leg of poultry. :/

White Chocolate Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake- Smooth, creamy cheesecake in my favorite chocolate, white chocolate! This cake doesn't taste as if it economized on cream cheese, and the candied Macadamia chunks are absolutely yummy! It's very heavy though so I'd advise you share it with someone. FYI, this cake was awarded by the Philippine Daily Inquirer as one of the 24 Best Desserts in 2009.

They also have take away goodies such as biscuits, biscottis, brownies, and more.

So far, Kitchen's Best is one of the tastiest comfort food restaurants I have ever tried, but I think they can still do something about the portions of their food, especially the 40 cloves Chicken. I wouldn't mind eating here again because really, the food is good, but a lil' upsize wouldn't hurt!

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  1. Yay I've been looking forward to your Sumptuous Sundays post! Nakakagutom! :)

  2. love the ambiance ♥ and the food is oh so affordable. I will definitely check this out :)but they only have 2 branches? Aww.

  3. I shouldn't have read this post at 4 in the morning... Now I'm hungry and craving for something...

  4. oh dear.. i want to try the salad! and 40 Cloves Chicken! im into dishes more in garlic flavor! yum!

    kagutom hehehe

  5. White chocolate macadamia cheesecake = drrooolll :)))

  6. Blahblahblogchef: Hello and welcome back! :D

    Mary: It's gooooddd :) I can even taste it! :)

    Rhain: I'll try to recreate the chicken recipe at home. :)

    Anne_22: Haha. Same! :D

    BrownOso: Thanks :)

    Fati: Yup. Two branches at the moment. :)

  7. oh dear! looking forward sa recipe ms m =)


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