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Here's a review on Absynthe Bath and Beauty Pure Intention Serum

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By far, I think this is the most affordable serum I have ever tried and it's pretty good and mild. I have a lot of readers who asked me about this serum when I blogged about my Absynthe Bath and Beauty Royal Loot so here's what I think about it.


Pure Intention is a versatile for-all-skin-types serum that promises to banish dullness, wrinkles, roughness, unevenness and fine lines. It comes in a brand new variant, now made with more beneficial plant extracts and whitening properties. I prefer this version better because it's non-whitening and my face is a wee bit fairer than the rest of my body already so thank you very much. :)


Ingredients are very minimal and you can pinpoint easily which is doing good (or bad) to your skin. It's absolutely free from synthetic chemicals and Parabens.

There are two ingredients here that may be quite new to some of you: Ferulic Acid and Elemi Essential Oil. Ferulic Acid is derived from Rice Bran and it supports Vitamin C and Vitamin E, making them more potent than ever-it sorta' acts like a chain for the two vitamins. Elemi Essential Oil is extracted from the gum of the Elemi tree and has been used in premium skin care brands such as Chanel. Elemi is known for its anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin renewing benefits.

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Bottle comes with a controllable pump and in an old- style brown- colored bottle. I like that the bottle is tinted because it inhibits sunlight and prolongs the life of the product-this is an important packaging aspect to look for especially if the product contains Vitamin C, which turns rancid easily if exposed to sunlight. However, the mouth of the bottle accumulates product and the pump slides off from the bottle-wish they'd replace it with something that fits securely.

Pure Intention has this one-of-a-kind lightweight liquid gel consistency that's more emollient than hydrating. It leaves skin with a filmy barrier that looks a lil' oily in the beginning, but disappears when the product has settled. Absorption takes a while though so I only use it before going to bed. Scent is hard to describe: it's a mix of citrus and floral with a hint of citronella, which is possibly coming from the Elemi extract. It's not fragrant, but not bothersome either. Scent goes away after a few minutes.


Skin after two months of using Pure Intention Serum

Finished the bottle already and it lasted me for around two months because I use it on my neck as well. If used sparingly and on the facial area only, it could last up to 5 months or more. Consistency is very spreadable so it's definitely economical. Upon application, skin feels and looks very moisturized. As I said, it yields a semi- oily finish in the beginning, but it didn't worsen my oily areas. After about three weeks of usage, I noticed that the tiny bumps on my forehead were minimized and my skin looked more renewed and healthy. Can't say if it banishes fine lines though as I don't have any. A little over one month, the bumps were gone, I had this more even glow, and my skin looked more transparent. No breakouts have occurred during usage.

To sum up my journey with this product, I got healthier- looking skin and it erased the bumps on my skin surface. I didn't know that I don't have to spend thousands of bucks on serums all the time to get nicer- looking skin, until I used this one. I'm willing to repurchase and I recommend it to those with normal, dry, and semi- oily skin, who want to combat the mild signs of aging, and those who want to include some form of "skin vitamin" in their current regimen. For those with sensitive skin and extremely oily skin, use with caution.


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Sounds pretty awesome! Thanks for the review :-)

  2. I will try it pag naubos na yung Elixir ko from HHN. :) I read that they help din women to start a small business thru direct selling of their products. :)

  3. A bit expensive but I love the ratings! ;) I love absynthe! :D

  4. I would love to give this a try ms m after emtying my mk night serum and i must agree this one is way cheaper than my current serum.. the only downside is the availability of the brand

  5. I was thinking of giving this a try until you said that you recommend this for semi-oily skin. Lol. Anyway, I look forward for more Absynthe reviews. Been intrigued with this brand for quite a while. :)

  6. Kissandmakeup: Thank you! :)

    Itsmefati: Oh for a good serum like this, 700+ is affordable already. :)

    Rhain: You can order directly from their Facebook fan page. :)

    Rizza: You have extremely oily skin? This will still work though, provided that you use it during night time only. :)

    Stephanie: Yes they do! :)

  7. i bought this just after i finished my human nature elixir (which did not give me noticeable results)i used up around 3/4 of the product content already and i like it. i cannot pinpoint the exact effects but my facial skin generally looked healthier. I tend to use more than just a peasize kasi super bilis nya ma-absorb and mag dry so i feel like i haven't put on anything so i put more. i have oily skin and it works well for me and it even dries up my acne. i just put some moisturizer on top during night use kasi paranf dry siya,..i have the new formula so maybe that's why. i believe it's great for day use kasi ang bilis maabsorb,..

  8. Reading this because it really works! Thanks for the review, now I can explain it easier to my mom.


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