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Price: P1,600.00
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I have been on a serious overdose of Freddie Mercury and Queen, singin' to the beat of their brilliant music with Rockateur Box O' Powder Blush.

If you're wondering who Freddie Mercury is, he's the main man of one of the most popular rock bands in the 70's, Queen. (If you know the song WE WILL ROCK YOU AND BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, they composed that!) To tell you honestly, I don't listen to contemporary music so much, although I have selected favorites. I'm hooked on Queen, Beatles, Depeche Mode and the latter rock bands of the 90's such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. Going back to Freddie, he's considered as one of the best performers of all time with a range that's four octaves higher than a regular male's voice range. And oh, THAT VOICE! It's so fantastic! Most singers nowadays are no match for Freddie's vocals. All music experts agree that Freddie Mercury is the undisputed rock icon in modern history. I would kill to see Freddie Mercury in action! Sadly, he passed away in 1991 due to Broncopneumonia resulting from HIV.


Back to this product! Have you ever been to a concert? Do you recall that sudden rush to your cheeks when you see your music icon come out of the stage and start singing your favorite songs, and this rush lasts until the curtain call. You're so ecstatic, and you have this unexplainable, beautiful, shiny, rosy flush on your cheeks. This is the idea behind Rockateur. It's the newest Box O' Powder to join Benefit's blush collection this 2013.


In terms of weight, this is the smallest box o' powder at 0.17 while the other Box O' Powders are at 0.25, but price for Rockateur remains the same. Benefit explained that the intricate design of the blush is the reason why it's smaller. The brush included in this blush is also intended for the jagged style of the product.

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When I opened this box, I couldn't touch it because I didn't want to ruin the design. Well, I don't want to see it rot and go to waste so use it I did! :D

Rockateur is a Rose Gold shade, which I think is exactly the way to describe it. To break it down, it's a mix of beige, pink, and dusty rose with a mellow shimmer overlay. Looks pretty light in this swatch, but it colors my cheeks just right. Pigmentation is medium and doesn't become intense even if you layer it on. I like its finely- milled texture because it doesn't need to be blended so much to look nice-you can even swipe some on your cheeks without a mirror and while walking and trust me, this powder will still look good! What I dislike is the strong scent that somewhat reminds me of lychee or passionfruit.


Two layers of Rockateur

The thing about this blush is, when you look closely, coverage seems blah.

From afar, you finally see that it imparts a gorgeous rosy hue with oh-so-natural looking shimmer. It's very flattering on morena skin tones, but might look a wee bit darker on fairer skin tones. I can't get over how the shimmer would highlight my cheeks naturally, aside from the fact that it's golden and it wonderfully enhances my skin color. Staying power is pretty average, and lasts around 3 hours max on oily skin so I'd always need to retouch it during wear. The powder, by the way, has this nice, creamy texture and I think it will also feel comfy on dry skin. Aside from being a blush, I also use it as a regular highlighter to improve the look of my matte blushes or to coat my skin with shimmer. 

After wearing it for a few times, I realized why it's called Rockateur: It's inspired by that mix of sweat, oil, and natural flush on your skin after getting that high from watching a concert-doesn't sound too nice, I know, but it's pretty and cool and it's one of the perfect looks of happiness (You could relate if you've been to a concert) Well, Rockateur is definitely a neater interpretation.

Just so you know, my most favorite Box O' Powders are Hoola, Bella Bamba, Dallas, and Rockateur is joining the list! :D


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ang mahal niya. :)but that looks very natural to you Ms.M :)

  2. Aw, only three hours of wear? That's rather disappointing. I do like the natural glowy effect it has on your skin though, looks super pretty. And I don't think I would have issues with the smell.

  3. I first thought this won't suit me, pero bongga ang effect mars! i like!

  4. Meh. I'd have preferred the other boxed powders if this one has less product. On another note, Freddie Mercury and Queen should never need any introductions!!! Haha foreal though their greatness should encompass any genre and generation.

    Was just wondering if you had a review on the Collection foundation/concealer in 1 thingy that I saw on instagram a while back :)

  5. hmmm.. bit pricey ms m =) can you reccomend a dupe in cheaper price please?

  6. ohh, this really looks gorgeous! ganda ng effect Miss Martha!

  7. I only knew about Freddie Mercury way back year 2006.. and that's because of my love for the band My Chemical Romance in which they sang Under Pressure..

    Oops, anyway I love the color on your cheeks.. would you do a rocker chic look with this, something like heavy smoker eyes.. \m/

  8. Stephanie: True, but in my experience, Benefit's Box O' Powder lasts for more than a year even if used everyday so it's worth it. :)

    Majorie: Freddie Mercury rocks! :D Yes, this would be a nice touch to any rocker makeup look. will try creating one soon. :)

    Rhain: Will try swatching some few affordable products and I'll let you guys know. :)

    Issa: Thanks! :)

    Iamsutil: I could imagine how nice the rose gold will look on your pinkish white skin. :) Perfect highlighter for your skin type, I guess. :)

    Kissandmakeupbeautyblog: Oh, how I wish I could tolerate the smell haha!

    CJ: True that! The generation today should be exposed to sensible music and sensible lyrics from the past and of course, I'm talking about Queen! :D


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