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The first- ever lip gloss I owned was from Lancôme and it was the iconic Juicy Tubes. Color was a bright kind of pink and I remembered how lovely it smelled and how much it prettified my lips. I kept it and used it oh so sparingly until its oil started to separate from the entire mixture. (That's how much I loved it!) I'm not fond of lip gloss now, but if I'm going to invest in this makeup product in the future, it will always be Lancôme.

Lancôme has a new range of colors called Gloss In Love, which is like a supporting line for Rouge In Love lipsticks. Juicy Tubes is still alive though, but it wouldn't hurt to try something new! :)


Gloss In Love is a range of sparkly and ultra shiny lip glosses in an ultra featherweight formula. Available in 18 shades.

Candy and Shimmer Land! :D

Currently, I have five colors. My, I can stare at this pretty photo all day! :D

The tubes I have, btw, are minis. I don't know if our local Lancôme counters and stores are carrying this though. Its applicator has a fountain pen- shaped tip for precise application-The chiseled edges perfectly fits the corners of the lips and minimizes messy application.

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L-R: 383, 144, 146, 383, 385

Lancôme, in my opinion, has the lightest and non- stickiest lip glosses. Gloss in love has a very light fruity fragrance, but doesn't leave any taste in your mouth. Pigmentation is medium and texture is very smooth, thus it glides on easily on the lips.


383 is a very sheer pink shade with oodles of fluorescent pink glimmer.

383 is the shade I thought I would never like, but turned out it's my top fave! It's just plain gloss to me, but the pink shimmers gave it a nice twist: Since it's highly reflective, it blurs out lip lines, and makes your lips look plumper and sparkly. Looks great on all skin tones!

146 is a milky peach shade.

146 is a MLBB lip gloss shade, albeit I find its texture rather streaky-it's a common characteristic with milky shades though. Shade looks great on medium skin tones, but I think fair- skinned gals will look equally nice in it too. You can pair it up with a smokey eye because it's the kind of nude that won't wash you out.

383 seems like a subtle dark pink shade with silver shimmer.

383 is perfect for those days when you just want your lips to be lightly tinted, although its my least favorite shade among the five as I can't figure out what it really looks like.

144 is a sheer coral shade with gold shimmer.

144 screams spring! It's perfect for easy, casual strolls, and even for school!

385 is a hot pink shade.

My most favorite shade in the batch! It's bold, but the finish makes it look very fresh. Great for gals who love sporting the natural look.

Gloss In Love fades gradually during wear-to be more specific, it can stay intact for around 2 hours. I also like that the formula and shimmers don't settle on the borders of my lips after a few hours. The secret to the lasting power of any lip gloss is its stickiness, but this brand breaks that rule. Gloss In Love is like your go-to, classic lip gloss that you can always rely on when you just want something simple but nice.


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  1. Im guessing you have thousands of lippies in your collection! Haha. I like 146 because its a mlbb. haha. I love mlbb lippies. Its screaming im naturally beautiful :) haha

  2. bet ko yung 144 ms m =) yay its non sticky and heavy on lips

  3. I like 146 Ms.M :) I have glosses too from VS might try that color din , di ko pinapansin kasi baka magmuka akong pale lalo. :)

  4. Mary Chua: A lot, but not close to 1k haha! :D

    Stephanie: Cool choice! I love the first one. :D

    Rhain: Yup yup! You really get what you pay for. :)

  5. Yay! 146 is perfect for office wear. I think, I'm starting to love lipglosses. :)

  6. I like 144 and 146. Very nice shades and I like glosses that are not sticky too! :)


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