Love Your Legs With Antistax + Balesin Getaway!

Restore legs as a means of human travel. Pedestrians rely on food for fuel and need no special parking facilities. 

–Lewis Mumford

We’re all obsessed about taking care of our face, our skin, and our body, but what about our legs? Have we ever stopped and thought about them lately? Sure, we shave, wax, and apply beautifying treatments to them to maintain their appearance, but we shouldn’t forget about their health as well. That tired, heavy feeling as well as those tear- inducing cramps shouldn’t be ignored- they could be early warning signs of CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency) and Varicose Veins!

Chronic Venous Insufficiency is a type of vein disorder that majorly affects women. Poor veins that cannot pump oxygen and blood properly back to the heart characterizes CVI in the legs. Physical symptoms would be swelling, heavy legs and ankles. If not addressed in its early stages, it could lead to conditions such as Varicose Eczema or worse, May- Thurner syndrome. Varicose Veins, on the other hand, is a problematic appearance that I’m sure you’re all aware of. Both disorders don’t only affect an individual’s overall health, but also his/her daily activities and confidence. With these in mind, I am happy to introduce you to the newest supplement intended for the legs called Antistax.

Antistax is a product of a pharmaceutical company named Boehringer Ingelheim, and it has just recently landed in the country. It's so wonderful to finally have this supplement in our country as it will truly benefit a lot of Filipinos since walking is part of our daily lives.

For the grand launch, celebrities, Press people, and Bloggers (including me) along with Team Antistax went to Balesin, Quezon. Balesin is a private paradise owned by Alphaland. Located off the coast of Aurora, Quezon, Balesin is a 500- hectare island that boasts of themed villas inspired by the best destinations in the world namely Mykonos, Costa Del Sol, Phuket, Tuscana, Bali, and St. Tropez. 

More about Antistax and Balesin after the cut!

We stayed in the Balesin Villas for the 2- day launch.

We also got complimentary flip flops in our room. It was perfect because I left my pair of flip flops at home haha!

After lunch, Antistax gave us a complimentary foot spa in the Bali Villas. I didn't take the foot spa though-instead, I wandered around the beach stretch, got a tan, and took a dip in the sea. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating that I felt all my stress was gone after 3 sets of 5- minute laps and hours of lounging at the beach front!

For active people, walkers, and just about anyone who wants to keep their legs in the pink, there is Antistax Supplement for all of us. It's made with a natural antioxidant called Flaven derived from Red Vine Leaf extract that helps keep leg veins healthy. It helps prevent CVI and the appearance of Varicose Veins, and maintains the overall health of the legs so you can walk, run, bike, jog, exercise, and shop in peace.

After the foot spa, we did a short hike from the Bali Villas to Mykonos Villas.

YES! MY LEGS ARE AMAZING, but tired haha! Even if it was just a short hike, the sloping trek proved to be a challenge for all of us!

But the trek and the effort was well worth! When we arrived at the Mykonos Villas, it felt like we were in Greece! It was absolutely stunning, and my desire for traveling to the actual place just became stronger!

All that walking could be a lil' stressful to the legs, so there's Antistax Cooling Gel that will help ease burning muscles and relax throbbing veins. It also contains Flaven and helps stimulate blood circulation so your legs can recover easily.

To end the day, we spent the whole night in the Bali Villas for the grand dinner and to meet the Antistax Ambassadors.

It was a picnic- style dinner and we feasted on great Mediterranean food.

The Antistax Ambassadors are Tweetie De Leon- Gonzales and Ruffa Gutierrez, and the host for the night was Chesca Litton. Tweetie said that as a Squash enthusiast, she's often at the risk of leg and ankle injury so she takes Antistax Supplement so her legs can keep up with the sport. As for Ruffa, who's a self- confessed high heels lover, she takes the supplement and applies the cooling gel after standing and walking in high heels for hours. FYI, the stressful feeling we get from wearing high heels can cause Varicose Veins!

After the event, we drank the night away in overflowing Mojitos and Margaritas at the Nusa Dua bar. I've met new people from the Press also namely Pola from Business World, Nikki from Manila Bulletin, and Aencille from Zen Health.

The next day, there was Yoga for all of us, but I didn't get to attend-had too much Mojitos the night before haha! So I just wandered around the beach again and checked my email because it was workcation for me! Here I am, posing at the infinity pool in the Balesin Villas.

Me and the pretty Enciso sisters, Vernice and Vern.

That's all for my Balesin Getaway with Antistax. Thank you so much for bringing me to another marvelous destination here in the country. I will muse about Balesin in another post!

Remember, your legs are just as important as the rest of your body so while they're still functioning properly, be sure to maintain them with the right supplements, treatment, and most especially, exercise!

Please visit ANTISTAX PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

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  1. Hello Ms.M is this for prevention only? How about to minimize the appearance of varicose veins ? :)
    This brings me back to wonder, can USANA supplements really help prevent varicose veins because my client's mother told me it helps blood circulate properly. :)

  2. again one of the neglected part of the body.. the legs.. and im guilty.. i had small varicose veins at the back of my thigh and legs.. sumasakit sila kapg sobrang lamig tapos parang nahihirapan ka maglakad kasi kumikirot sya =(

    loving your getaway post ms m.. meron pa rin palang ganitong kagandang lugar sa Phils =)

    very relaxing ang 2day events na ito pero talagang workaholic ka lang talaga ms m hehehe.. multi tasking pa din =)

    til your next post of your getaways ms m!

  3. Oh, this is amazing! Love how they of cool ways to advertise their products! I wana experience the picnic eating. Haha :)

  4. wow, this is a very nice place! very relaxing :)


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