Not A Sponge Volcanic Power Puff Review

Here's a review on Not A Sponge Volcanic Power Puff.

Price: P450.00
Bought From: Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5
Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar stores


Aside from beautiful packaging, you know what draws me in to a certain product? The brand name. It would take a quirky and catchy name for me to try a product, especially for those that I have never encountered before. So this widely common sponge wittily named Not.A.Sponge. called out to me.


Not.A.Sponge is a Western skin tools brand that specializes in Konjac jelly sponges. Claiming to be made with the help of an artisan who specializes in quality sponges, Not.A.Sponge Volcanic Power Puff is 100% all natural and infused with pure Volcanic compounds from Jeju Island Korea that may help with skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. It comes in other variants such as Bamboo Charcoal and In The Raw (pure Konjac sponge), and in Body sponges too.

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Unlike the other Konjac sponges I've tried, this one came dry. It's also the biggest one I've encountered.

When you soak the sponge in water, the rough and tough texture begins to soften. It has two sides for your preferred kind of cleansing: The domed side is smooth, while the flat side is a lil' gritty, which can substitute for regular facial scrubs.


I like that this one retains water better, and doesn't get too crinkly and shrink even if I've completely forgotten to soak it in water for at least 3 days. Its size is perfect because it can cleanse a huge part of my skin in one go, and works well with any type of facial cleanser be it gel, cream, or mousse. I've used it on its own with just plain water and without the interference of cosmetic cleansers for three weeks to know how the Volcanic compounds will work miracles on my skin. It was a pretty good experience as I felt that my skin was renewed and it developed better defense against acne. I'll write about that experience in detail this week.

Overall, it's just like any other Konjac sponge because it's from the same source and pretty much has the same ingredient. I can't say if its skin- caring effect is better than the other Konjac sponges I've tried because the latter, I've used with facial cleansers. I just like it because it's durable and huge-I wish it were cheaper though.


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This product is new to me. But i want one! Its so cute and using it in my face makes me want to buy more. Hihi. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. It looks so squishy. *squish squish*

  3. Hello Ms. M is this the same sponge sold at Marks and Spencer? :))
    Will wait for your 3-week journey with this. :)

  4. new to me ms m =) i thought this sponge is different or it is medicated because it is not just like any other ordinary sponge we use..

  5. It looks yummy when it's dry! haha. Reminds me of that pandan cake from Regent. hihi Anyway, it's the first facial sponge I encountered. Waiting on your review regarding the acne defense factor. :)

  6. It looks like a fluffy cake! It's so cute! I've never used a konjac sponge before. But I do use a sponge when cleansing my face. I'm going to try this soon :)

  7. Mary: welcome! :D

    Tellie: Looks like mamon to me! Omnomnom! :p

    BrownOso and Ravene: Same thoughts! now I'm craving for mocca cake haha!

    Rhain: It's just like the other konjac sponges though, in terms of ingredients used. :)

    Stephanie: Oh! I didn't know M&S has a konjac sponge! Nope, this one is from beauty bar. Will write about that today. :)

  8. Which is better Ms. M, this or the one from The Face Shop (can't remember if that's a sponge though)?


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