Sumptuous Sundays: Kuppa Roastery and Café

I don't know if Kuppa is a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant, but to me, it is because for one, I never knew it existed and when I ate here, I was utterly satisfied that I went back for three times in a week.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P700.00

Anyhoo, Kuppa Roastery and Cafe, from what I heard, hails from Bacolod and is one of the most popular dining places in there. They offer a bunch of comfort foods such as pizza, pasta, and other personal dishes, but I think cuisine is overall Italian. Kuppa's well- known for their coffee too. Their Manila branch is located in Bonifacio Global City and has this rustic, kitchen feel-just perfect for the type of food they serve, if you know what I mean.

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Iced Tea- Seems brewed from loose leaf tea and tastes 'healthier' than powdered iced tea. It comes with sugar syrup on the side, but you can opt for sugar substitutes if you want lesser calories.

Wimpy's Burger- Oh, this burger is so evil yet so good! It's an open faced burger drizzled with lotsa' cheese and gravy. Great for you if you want something that's very, very rich.

Frutti Di Mare- Or seafood pasta, one of Kuppa's best- selling pasta dishes. You can have it either in cream or tomato sauce, but here's a tip: You can have it in both and it tastes awesome! :) They didn't skimp on seafood and that's just great! :)

Cristina- Kuppa's signature pizza. This one has a mix of salty-sweet-smoky flavors. It comes with Fig, a sweet, citrusy kind of fruit with a crunchy texture. It's good, but a lil' too sweet for me.

Quattro Formaggi- My most favorite four cheese pizza to date because I could truly taste that they put four kinds of cheese in it, and it was oozing with blue cheese, one of my favorites.

What keeps me coming back to this restaurant is their high- quality meals that are so easy on the pocket. If you're going to eat here, better bring a huge appetite or be with friends or your family because their servings-especially for the pizza-are good for 3- 4 people. Kuppa is currently one of my favorite dining spots in BGC because I like the location (roomy and tucked behind the busy streets) and of course, food is superb.

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  1. argh!! the cheese the cheese the cheese!!!
    Lesson to self: Never read Sumptuous Sundays when hungry.
    Now I want a burger. waah!!

  2. That burger looks sinfully delicioso! haay.. ako din nagcrave haha


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